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A Look Back on the Holidays

To celebrate the Epiphany, I find myself looking back at my Christmas and realizing I did pretty darn good for myself. And now as I sit here drinking nip nog and wait for the woman to play with me, I'll describe all the loot I got from furrends and family.

Ma and Pop gave me that super great tunnel from SuppliesJust4Pets that I run back and forth through about a hundred times a day, plus some smousy toys and kitty treats. I got a nice smousy toy from my Aunt Pauline and her 4 cats and Aunt Mindy and Uncle Muggy gave me some jingly balls (which seem to wind up under Ma's big feet all the time) and a scratching post with a feathery toy on it. I've been scratching on it but Ma hasn't captured it on film yet. I get a kick out of Ma's screaming every time she slides on those balls.

If that loot wasn't enough, my pawpawty prize came from SidtheCatahoula on the day after Christmas! Sid and Lisa sent me treats, toys, TUNA, even a collar! I am so lucky to have them as furrends.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did. I had my Pop home for over 2 weeks and a real tree in the house. I didn't put on any weight, unlike the Peeps. BTW, that real tree is actually growing shoots from all the branches!

If I haven't mentioned it, my Gotcha Day is at the end of this month, so I expect even more loot to come my way! Salúd, dear furrends. I hope we can end animal abuse and find homes for all the shelter kitties in 2010. Peace out!

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