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Waiter, There's No Duck in my Duck Sauce

It was very cold again today so when Ma went out for the her walk, she decided to buy some soup for lunch. She decided on egg drop. Ok, that sounds pretty yucky; however, they gave her crunchy noodles and something called Duck Sauce. "Duck Sauce." Let it roll off your tongue. "Duck Sauce!" Score! I didn't know that they made a sauce out of ducks but my mouth was watering. Talk about disappointment!

"Hello? Better Business Bureau? Yeah, I have a complaint. THERE'S NO DUCK IN THIS DUCK SAUCE! It's got fruit stuff in it. How can they get away with the misleading name?"

My apologies to @GeorgetheDuck and @Nippers_Duckie.

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  1. Personally, I am glad duck sauce does not have any ducks in it. It's a matter of perspective I guess.


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