Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Too Many Distractions

Hola kitties! As I'm sure you know, I am a picky eater. The pickiest of eaters. I'm the epitome of the finicky feline. This finicky feline lives in an apartment in the middle of our floor, right by the elevator. My food dish is in the foyer not far from the door. TW has to stand—well, preferably KNEEL or squat—right next to me while I eat. I'm gonna take you through some of my thoughts as I eat.

Too Many Distractions

Too Many Distractions

Lick lick lick.

Too Many Distractions

CK: *Looks up* Is someone in the hall?

TW: Don't worry. They're not going to come in here. The door is locked.

CK: Ohh, it's the little brat down the hall. They go in and out all day.

Too Many Distractions

Nom nom nom.

Too Many Distractions

CK: *Looks up* What's that?

TW: Someone is throwing their trash. They're not coming in here either. Eat.

Too Many Distractions

Nom nom nom.

Too Many Distractions

CK: *Looks up* Are they gonna vacuum out there again??

TW: They don't do it nearly enough. Eat. *mumbles* Why do they always vacuum while she's eating?

Too Many Distractions

Nom nom nom.

Too Many Distractions

CK: *looks up* Was that the elevator?

TW: A neighbor is going out. They're not going to come in here and if they do I will protect you. Eat.

CK walks away after hardly making a dent in her food.

TW actually tried to take a video to show this but—history in the condo!—no one was in the hall to disturb me.

Are you a picky eater? Do noises disturb you while you're trying to eat?


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

YOu do have a lot os distractions.

Summer at said...

We are decidedly not picky or nervous eaters! We don't care what is going on if there is food in front of us. Especially Boodie, and she is supposedly the shy one. But she hoovers her food, no matter what.

Carma Poodale said...

Sounds like TW needs to put on some nice music to drown out the sounds of outside. I don't think I could live with constantly hearing the neighbors.even in hotel rooms we keep the tv on or the air fan on.

Brian said...

Sometimes the package delivery humans show up at meal time and that's scary and we won't eat if that happens CK.

edie said...

We're all food hogs here, so distractions don't bother us.

Three Chatty Cats said...

It's so hard to get through a meal in peace! Most of my kitties are good eaters, but yes, I'd say that Sophie gets distracted the easiest and is the one to NOT clean her plate most often.

Purrjamm said...

Yeah, our fursis Lilly has these issues with eating too. She's such a nervous kitty. Mom thinks she would prefer to be an only kitty, not happening! We gotta admit you sure do have a lot of noise going on. Yoga music helps. Purrs

Eastside Cats said...

CK, Manny and CB stop at nothing, when there is food in their bowls!No noise, no activity, no slamming car doors, no fire truck going down the street… Prevent them from eating!

The Indulged Furries said...

I eat on the floor in the kitchen and if the humans are being too busy in there I leave and come back later. But little noises don't bother me. Do you think if you were fed higher off the floor you would feel more secure? We used to eat on a counter so that our dog brother couldn't eat our food.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

my stars CK; we should get together at meal times to watch each others back; I have purrfected the: eat sideways with one eye on my dish the other on the hall turn up the volume in both ears and have my jet pack set to mach 1 should I need to escape..... plan.....hugs from Dai$y =^..*= ♥♥☺☺

Rene said...

Our Benny is a slow and distracted eater. We shut him in our office to eat and to prevent our "piggies" from stealing his food (Sadie and Lucy).

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

You're too funny, CK! I'm sure you must aggravate TW though. Mudpie doesn't really get distracted while eating. Since she's a grazer she comes and goes to her bowl as she feels like it. (Of course, I do keep track of how much she's eating each day.)

Tamago said...

That is so funny! And of course nobody would be in the hall when TW is trying to take video lol. My kitties don’t like large delivery truck coming when they are eating.

pilch92 said...

I can see you are easily distracted. Most of my cats are too busy chowing down to notice any sounds.XO

The Island Cats said...

CK, I got you beat. The mom says I have ADD when I eat. She has to put me in a bedroom with the door closed so I don’t get distracted from eating and even then I manage to find something to distract me. ~Wally

meowmeowmans said...

That's a lot of distractions, for sure, CK. Ava does NOT get distracted when she's eating her wet food. The plate is always, always licked clean. :)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Nothing would put Eric or Flynn off their food!

Anonymous said...

Tee! Hee! NOTHING stops me from eating when I start. Mom says I am a kitty food vacuum!