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25 Amazing Facts About CK

Ever see those dumb Facebook memes? You can learn a lot about your furrends that you never knew. Occasionally TW will fill one in since she really believes those who have friended her want to "know" her. Not likely. I've told you before, Woman, no one reads your FB page! If you're smart, you'll delete it. The memes are stupid but I thought I'd fill one in from a cat's perspective. I''m doing it here cos FB isn't supposed to know I'm a atkay. Some of these answers may give that away.

25 Amazing Facts About CK

This one is supposed to be answered with just one word. I actually tried to follow the rules.

1. Where is your cell phone? Pop
2. Your hair? grayandwhite
3. Your dad? missing
4. Your mom? feral
5. Your favorite food? tuna
6. Your dream last night? worlddomination
7. Your favorite drink? pumpkinsoup
8. Fear? none
9. Favorite shoes? paws
10. Favorite way to relax? sleep
11. Your mood? playful
12. Your home away from home? home
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. Something that you aren't? domesticated
15. Muffins? no
16. Wish list item? SleepyPod
17. Where you grew up? CommuniPAW
18. Last thing you did? eat
19. Favorite thing to do? play
20. Your TV? bah!
21. Your pets? ontheneck/scruff
22. Friends? cats
23. Your life? famous
24. Missing someone? @BuzzLucas
25. Something that you are? stunning

Who else is game to try this?? You can answer in the comments, on my FB page—provided TW gets this up there—or on your own blog if you have one. If you like my doing these, I'll have another for you soon. There's enough to go around. I like to learn more about my furrends.

25 Amazing Facts About CK

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  1. Your answer to # 19 surprised me. I didn't know your Favorite thing to do was play.

  2. This sounds like fun... but I think there needs to be a totally kitty centric one!

  3. Nice to learn these facts about you, CK!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. Cheers to world domination! You have my support.

  5. I think a lot of kitties dream about world domination. Thankfully, they are too busy napping to actually take over the world.

  6. Now these are purrfect answers, CK! I'm going to make my mom type in my answers for my Friday post. How fun! Purrs, Eddy

  7. Yes, a Sleepypod is on our wish list too!

  8. Your dad = missing. LOL, this gave us a giggle.

  9. ck ...sure we due knot haza face book pro file but mumz de werd if any one
    askz uz if ewe izza cat....spiez R everee wear....

    we wooda bet de farm we due knot own, that ya answered BITE on number 18 !! ☺☺♥♥

  10. Great answers, CK. I always like to learn more about my friends.

  11. Enjoyed reading the list! I love answers # 9 and 12 :-)

  12. The mom actually did this one on FB. We didn’t think anybuddy cared to read it either.

  13. This is fun, nice to learn more about you. I will try to answer on FB. XO

  14. Those are great, CK. "Where is your cell phone? Pop." Hysterical!

  15. It is fun to learn more about you, CK. I did not know your favorite drink is pumpkin soup!

  16. We like learning more about you, CK! Maybe we will try to fill this out for a post nexxt week :)

  17. This is fun CK! I, Marvelous am going to do it on Caturday!
    I LOVED your answers.

  18. Cool CK. Wish we had known 'bout it sooner. Mommy never lets us purrticipate on facebook. 'Course, we can't seem to get there but ever once in a blue moon. MOL
    1. chargin', 2. mostly white (both of us), 3. Dunno (both of us) 4. Typin' fur us, 5. Pizza (both of us) 6. No Raena /Dezi luvs me, 7. nip tea (both of us), 8. Storms / Nuffin', 9. mommy's mocassins (both of us) 10. sleep / play 11. luvvin' (both of us) 12. mommy (both of us) 13. mommy's lap (both of us) 14. fat (both of us) 15. sure, 16. BlogPaws / Double Stroller, 17. here with mommy (both of us) 18. Rabbit (both of us) 19. luv on mommy (both of us) 20. Who cares / Luv it 21. their dead / huh?, 22. everypawdy (both of us) 23. pawsum / Amazin', 24. Sis Lexi / Uuuuuuhm 25. gawjus (mommy says so) / me too.
    Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  19. Hehehe all good answers CK though on world domination us Bunnies are a head of you there after all we have already infiltrated the white house.xx Speedy

  20. I love these 25 facts CK and must participate next time you have them. The fill-ins are good too.

    Shoko and Kali

  21. A Sleepy Pod would be on our wish list too!


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