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Counting Keishas

Another Friday can only mean one thing—another Foto Frenzy, everybuddies' favorite feature. I want to thank you all for the numerical suggestions you picked last week. No one wants TW to have full power over picking the fotos we use, which is a good thing. We have some good ones this week.


I want to thank Truffles from Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries & Meows for picking such a stunning foto to begin this week’s Foto Frenzy—#908. I was waiting to play rockets and TW was making me wait while she used the flashy box. Cropped in closer, this is a winner. I loved the Tree of Pain when it was situated here; but, of course, TW had to move it. How rude is that? Most of my best fotos were taken on this platform. The light was great and I loved to play up here. Yeah, we have a ladder in the living room. Wanna make something of it? When you have 15-foot ceilings, you need a tall ladder and this is the only place we can keep it.


It was a dark November evening in 2012 when TW snapped the foto (#2707) chosen by Flynn. This is one of the fotos she cheated by lightening the exposure and it’s still crappy. The subject matter is stunning; the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The peeps moved this tree into the spot vacated by the Tree of Pain. I rarely ever sat up here so when I did, TW was ready to snap, snap snap the shutter. She tried to play rockets with me up here but I wasn’t buying.


#3581 was picked by my wonderful burd-hating furrends, da Tabbies O’ Trout Towne. I love those guys and, uh, Dai$y Queen of Cats too. Wait, am I having a nightmare? Please tell me it’s not Autumn again! I want this to be Spring. I want Summer. I’ve had enough of snow and ice and cold. OK, I’m back now. I believe TW set this photo op up. She carefully placed that strawman next to me when I was innocently siting on the table.

Tell me, do you like to Travel? Tomorrow I’ll be a travelling cat. Relax, it’s only fiction. I’ll actually be stretched out on the bed biting Pop sleeping.

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  1. CK, we think ALL of these photos are stunning! You're right, the light is purrfect and beautiful on your tree of pain. It makes your eyes sparkle. : )


  2. You are stunning at any number, My Darling. Still, I must say you look very disapproving in those first two photos this evening.

    What is that strange pom-pom thing in the center? I'd stay away from it if I were you--I don't trust it.


  3. Guess what, CK? While you're hanging out at home, I'll be a traveling kitty for REAL! I'm going someplace called Portland, OR for a cat show and meetup with other cat bloggers' humans.

  4. I think I've missed the history of the "Tree of Pain"? I think in the middle one you show excellent disapproval! xx

  5. BOL! We agree, put that dang pumpkin away and bring out the daffodils! Also we don't call it cheating when we hit the 'boost' or 'enhance' button on a photo or even the overly ambitious 'advanced effects'. We call it using your resources :)

  6. You seriously have quite a collection of stunning photos CK!

  7. All very stunning photos, CK. An especially good collection this week. Don't worry -- spring is coming!

  8. All photos are very stunning!
    Don't worry, it's not autumn again and spring is coming :-) But the strawman is very nicely placed next to you. TW got great shot!
    I wonder where you are traveling tomorrow. Happy weekend!

  9. Our mom says all those photos look fabulous but we know it's our jobs as cats to pick apart the lighting and setting so we think you did good! Happy spring thoughts!

  10. ck...

    grate foto choizez by everee one....N like tell uz... if we dinna haz sum day ja view ...with de hole fall
    theme ....{ sinz popz lovez R post thanx bee giving post....inn deed... tell him ta bee lookin for it 12/3/2015 }

    N we hope ta cod wear ever yur travels take ewe.... therz knot a bass terd burd in site

    heerz two a zingel…zander…ziege…kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  11. We're loving these fotos, CK! How 'bout 2221? Has that one been done yet?

  12. No photo with you in could be crappy CK. You are not called Stunning for nothing.

  13. Very pretty. Very pretty indeed.
    Lola and Lexy

  14. Great photos- I especially love the first.


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