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You Can Make a Difference!

I wasn't planning on posting today cos I have a big announcement to post tomorrow but when I looked through my comments from yesterday's post about Blind Cat Rescue, I noticed many of you said you wished you could take the kitties home with you. You can and it's easy!  Boots will tell you all about it.

Hi! I'm Boots and I recently had my bad eye removed but don't feel sorry for me. I'm a survivor. You can help me by going to Blind Cat Rescue's web site and SPONSORING me! I'm FIV+ and would really appreciate if someone helped defray the costs of my medical bills and maybe bought me a toy. For $30 a month (that's less than the price of 1 cup of Dunkin Donuts' coffee a day), you can sponsor me or one of the other kitties and know that you're making a difference in the lives of another one of God's furry children. I know you'd take me home if you could, but this is the next best thing. CK tells me that her blog followers are the very bestest! She also said that many of you are having money problems right now so don't feel bad if you can't. Click on the name of  the cat—ME! ME!— you wish to sponsor and then click on the "Please Sponsor Me" icon. There's some information to fill out and then you're the owner, er, sponsor of a wonderful special-needs kitty without changing a single litter box! I only have one sponsor while some of the other cats have more. My furrends and I could use your help. Oh yeah: VOTE FOR KATIE ON SEPTEMBER 11-14! SHE ROCKS!

Thaanks, Boots. Gimme a high paw! We know firsthand how satisfying sponsoring can be. Pop used to sponsor the cows at the Popcorn Park Zoo in NJ. Every year he'd get a Christmas card from each cow, with a picture and update. It was tres cool.

voting runs 9/11-9/14

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  1. What a great post, CK! The sponsor program at Blind Cat Rescue is a WONDERFUL way of helping out a special needs kitty. I've read stories of sponsors that have even traveled to North Carolina to visit the kitties and meet their sponsored kitty.

    Warms our tiny kitty hearts.
    xo, Katie

    PS - who needs a month of Dunkin' Donuts coffee anyway! ...OR, if you can't live without the coffee, think of it as buying a friend a cup of coffee each time you go. Caffeine or no caffeine, it's all good!

  2. Great post again , CK !
    Great that they have a sponsor program at Blind Cat Rescue for special need cat´s !
    Som shelters in Sweden have that too :)

  3. That is a great post about the Blind cat shelter. Sure wish we could help but just can't do it right now. Hope you get some help Boots. You sure are handsome. Take care.

  4. What a great post CK. M said she's love to have Mr. Boots - She's going to think about sponsoring him. He is a cutie.

  5. Great post CK! Yous a great campaign manager! And Coffee, me only likes the cream that goes in it!

  6. That was wonderful and I would still take them...if someonemgets us a bigger house :)

  7. An excellent post, my dear. It's so good that you and Miss Kaite are looking out for these angels.

  8. CK It matters a lot that you are pointing out that those who can't have a cat for some reason (allergy or nasy landlord etc.,) cam help other cats.

  9. **sniff, sniff** We shouldn't have read this just after Gabriella Giffords lead the Pledge of Allegiance! Our Mommy wishes she could help efurry kitteh she reads about. PUrrs.

  10. What a wonderful concept - programs like this could really help a lot of shelters. I can just picture schools and other organizations raising money to sponsor these cats. It is a terrific way to educate about compassion, special needs, and helping cats. Great post - thank you for sharing!

  11. Well, that was a real tear jerker CK. Mom is gonna hop over to BCR and give Boots another sponsor. She already adopts a wolf , well, Dad gives it to her, anywho the wolf is at Wolf Haven. So sponsoring Boots is a no brainier, paw pats, Savvy


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