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Can I Be Losing My Edge?

It's true! This little ghetto cat may be losing her edge! Or maybe TW and I have finally reached a truce. That must be it. I haven't bitten or scratched her badly since her birthday and that was a long time ago. It all started when TW bought home a toy from Walgreens the day before her birthday. This toy was like no other and totally interactive. In fact, it was a human toy but just MADE to energize a cat like myself. This toy has helped us bond, na mean?

The story begins a long time ago. Pop said he'd love to buy one of those planes that fly around and you control them with a radio control or something. He wondered if I'd like to chase it. While shopping at Walgreens, TW saw this Cyber Shot Sky Prop, which is a plastic gun that shoots round discs through the air. Since it was on sale for only $1.49, she bought one just to see what I thought of it. We both know that dogs and cats shouldn't play with human toys because animal-specific toys are made with special dyes and stuff that are safe for us and human toys aren't. Since I don't nom on the discs, TW isn't worried.

Those discs shoot from one end of the apartment to the other and almost touch the ceiling, which is about 16 feet high. First time she tried it, I was after it like a shot! I then started crying for her to do it again and again, all the time running after those discs. I've never played so actively with any cat toy, except maybe my tunnel. I use my tunnel in this game to because I run through it to get from one end of the living room to the other. It's great exercise so you won't have to go on one of those kitteh diets that I keep reading about.

Look at this LOOT! My new toys are SOOOOO much fun!
Gotta admire that cheap toy. It lasted 3 days of heavy use. Then TW started buying toys that resembled it and—you guessed it—the price of that toy has shot way up if you add together all the knockoffs she's bought.

The latest knockoff is a Foam Force Rocket Ship. This is the best one yet! Sorry you can't see it in the photos. She only bought one and it's currently in use. HAH! Since the rockets are foam rubber, they're soft and they BOUNCE when they land, which gives me a perfect opportunity to pounce on them and smother them like I've just recovered a fumble in football. Your peeps should have no problem getting these toys in the air for you. If TW can do it; anyone can.

Come on over and play with me! Click on the picture to biggify it.
Today, I got a package from Nip & Bones that contained a toy that is almost as enjoyable as those Sky Props. It's a Neko fly wand and Cragonfly. That is a ton of fun too. I can practice my jumping skills for the next Olympics. Of course, I don't try to nom the fly, I go for the string. I'll review that one another time.

Being the good furrend that I am, I'm gonna give YOU a chance to win one of these super-duper toys, that are fun for both you and your human. Just comment and let me know which one you want: the Sky Prop, the Space Shoot or the Foam Force Rocket Ship. Since these toys travel great distances, they're not recommended if your peeps keep lots of breakable stuff lying around the house. At the end of the month, I will pick a name out of my Yankee hat to win. For extra credit and a better chance, please go to Sparkle Cat's blog and vote for A Call 4 Paws—my charity—halfway down the right-hand sidebar. Make sure you let me know that you did. Believe me, I can check to weed out impostors. Don't forget to vote for Sparkle's excellent blog, which is nominated for a Pettie Award. Please also vote for my furrend Mr. Puddy, who's up for funniest blog. Last, but not least, unfortunately, I can only send these toys within the continental USA because of the high postal rates. Good luck!

You can win one of these toys for yourself because I'm so generous!
Is this post done yet, Woman! I want to play with the foam rockets or Neko fly.

Would you like to comment?

  1. oooh,oooh, I wanna win. I wanna win! I alredy voted for dem but I'll go doit again. I will also look for your charity.

  2. I would love to have any one of those toys, but Mom won't let me enter. That stinker brofur of mine chews everything, so Mom doesn't want to take a chance on him getting sick from people toys. He's such a spoilsport.

    Glad you're enjoying them so much. TW can't be all bad if she buys you such pawsome toys!

  3. Ooooo...these toys you talk about...would they help me avoid that diet thing too? Mom seems to want to put me on one. We just might have to send mom to the store and see if they have any of those flying discs :) love your blog & keep us informed as to what other toys she gets you!

  4. I already had voted too. Hey, you're not losing your edge, far from it!!!

  5. We don't want to enter but thank you for a great contest though. We just wanted to say how much we LOVE the Neko Kragon Fly and their Fuzzy Mouse.

    The Kragon Fly and Mouse are Cody's favorite toys!

  6. Enter me! Enter me! I don't even care which toy--whichever one is left is fine. I want me some toys that fly through the air, dammit!!

    CK, I am intrigued by the comment you left, but I thought you were "involved"???

  7. he he - you never lost your edge CK - you is just waiting for the right time to use it! he he - looks like you really like those toys.

  8. Oh yes, I'm heading over to vote for your three recommendations right now. Actually I has been voting every day too.

  9. What a pawsome giveaway! And thanks for mentioning me and Mr. Puddy for the Petties. P.S. I am not voting for any of charities on my sidebar myself (even though I have my favorites) because I want to leave it totally up to you guys! I think it's cool, all the creative ways humans and kitties have come up with to get out the votes for their choices.

  10. Those looks like terrific toys. I think they would scare us to death. We had already voted for the feral cat places. We also have voted every day for Sparkle and Mr. Puddy.
    Also thanks for the suggestion of the bacitracin for the kitty with the abscess. I have been putting neosporin on it and I think it is helping. Love your pictures.

  11. Those are great toys, CK! I'm glad you're having fun!

  12. Ok, now maybe I'll trade the nip seeds for one of theese cool toys...Deal? Yep, it's great Lil Em got her forever home, huh!

  13. Hello dear stunning CK--perhaps you'd let me teleport over and teach me how to play with your toys, heh heh?

  14. Shame on me ! So late here !

    MOL for your explanation about the toys such as " It's great exercise so you won't have to go on one of those kitteh diets ", " It lasted 3 days of heavy use" . Love your sense of humor as always : )

    And thanks so much to mention about vote for me, You are the best friend forever !!!!

    Kisses Kisses

  15. No, Beautiful Girl, You are most certainly NOT losing your edge. But your blog staff is slacking a little.

  16. You ARE generous! And you're hilarious! I would love to watch you play!!!

    I voted for your charity A Call 4 Paws, and for Sparkle & Mr. Puddy too. :)

    If I win I'd really like to try those foam rockets, plus mama says I really need the exercise - I gained a lot of weight since Jim passed away. :(

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a fun prize! XoX ~Andy

  17. How fun for you! We are pretty bitey so we would definately chew doz up. Simba loved da foam balls we had to chase and play soccer wif and den one day he started eating dem and barfing up da foam pieces. *sigh* we need ruff tuff toys. I love your Island theme on your bloggy right now.


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