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Easy Like Sunday or a Blog About a Blog

Some of my readers have been wondering why I only blog once a week. My typist, also known as The Woman (TW), is supposed to be spending much of the week sending resumes and writing cover letters so even though I'd like to, I can't monopolize ALL her time. I'm also a world-renowned Twitter DJ, who spends vast amounts of time shopping for outfits and preparing theme set lists for our weekly #Nipclub events and monthly #Pawpawties, that have raised over $50,000 for animal charities worldwide. (BTW, anyone have any suggestions what to play to honor Wisconsin?) Anyway, if TW doesn't haul her booty back to work soon, we are heading toward the Poor House at an alarming clip. This is fact! This little kitteh may be out on the mean streets again, peddling contraband nip and swinging her tail looking for action. A lot of thought—as well as a lot of words and my entire heart and gall bladder—goes into each blog to try to make it as entertaining and satisfying as I can, like a fine wine or home-style cooking that sticks to your ribs. I've known people who actually smoke cigarettes after reading some of my better blogs, if you get what I'm driving at here. MOL! Fact is, I think my readers have come to expect a level of excellence—as I myself do—and, frankly, if I'm not satisfied with a blog post, it doesn't go to press. I'm about quality over quantity. I don't mean to lecture because I truly LOVE everyone who reads this little blog—and most of you do post a quality blog daily, but CK feels she's stretching herself too thin these days. I also, as you may have noticed, can't be brief if I tried and all this thinking takes a lot out of me. With that thought, I'll rest cos I'm easy like Sunday.

I'm not gonna mention that nothing exciting goes on around here,
plus I'm a wordy sort of cat who couldn't be brief if I tried.

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  1. KC, Tell your human take it easy !!!
    My mom have to reduce my day of blogging too if you notice. We don't do everyday anymore. Cause she is so tired ( I think main reason she is getting old...MOL )
    And we think your human is doing great what she is doing. And we always be here to keep update with you.
    Have a great week

  2. CK - We love you, your oomans, and your blog. Your mom hasn't been feeling good on top of all your other problems. Your oomans and you have to be first priority in life. If you need to take a break, then take a break. Believe me, we will miss your blog because you are so very entertaining. But I'm sure you and CK do put a lot of thought into it because it is so very well writtten, unlike mine that is sort of thrown together in about 5 minutes time. You do a lot for the nipclub and for the monthly pawpawty - that's important work because we raise money for so many anipals all over the world. M always tells me that looking for a job these days is a full time job all by itself. We'll all be waiting right here for you CK to read uour amusing bloggy whenever you and CK gets a chance to write one.

  3. I know how twitter busy you are and how dedicated you are to the cause! Hey, just so we get to see you...we're happy!

  4. The blogging does take a lot of time and a lot of thought to try to keep the posts interesting or entertaining. Our Mom really needs to learn how to use Twitter. We can all do just so much. Take care.

  5. Well, I think the problem is that we all find your musings so very entertaining, we just can't get enough of you! But the well-being of TW must come first. We all love you no matter how often you post!

  6. I think it's great that you work so hard on the #PawPawties, CK! When I decided to blog every day, my Twittering really suffered - it's hard to focus on more than one social media thing! And with your human assistant searching for work, it's even harder! I hope she finds a job soon, it sounds like you guys really need that to happen!

  7. CK you are one of the HARDEST working kitties that we know!

    As everyone else said you work your butt off on Twitter!

    As for blogging every day? It's highly overrated!!

    We do a minimum of 3 a week, usually a maximum of 6, hey we gotta have a life and often we are firm believers in "less is more!"

  8. Quality over quantity, baby! And you folks are very busy with the tweeting too. CK, you made my Human laugh out loud with your smoking comment! Awesome. We always enjoy your posts so much. Did we tell you we like your new header and blog look already, cause we do. We will keep TW in our thoughts for the right and perfect source of income for her. Have a great week CK!

  9. Why hello, my dearest beautiful friend! (And, say, that picture is, well, STUNNING!) I completely understand. My Human works in a high school so during the summer we have more time to blog and visit, but when the school year gets busy...not so much.

    I'll be patient, since you ARE all about the quality :-) Hope you had a great nappy.


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