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Meow Meow Meme

I was tagged just as TW was getting sick by the sexiest cat alive George (swoon) Clooney over on his blog Clooney's Num-Num Fund. Hey, if you had a num-num fund, you might be sexy too. MOL. Seems I need to answer some questions about myself, which happens to be my favorite topic and why not? I AM the World's Most Stunning Cat.

Chillin wif some good nip.
1) Where do you like to hang out?

That would be the #NipClub. When I'm not spinning tunes, I can be found cozying up to Mariodacat when he's barktending or pole-dancing with Duchess Crabtree. When at home, I like my Pop's bed during the day and TW's bed at night. I can also be found on one of the kitchen chairs, when I don't want to be found.

2) Who is your favorite kitty crush?

Too numerous to name! HAH! I like to play the field. My main squeeze, BuzzLucas, and I have an open relationship, although I tend to be the jealous kind and sometimes get huffy when he gets too friendly with some female feline.

3) What is your favorite scent?

Getting comfy on one of Pop's fave shirts.
This is gonna seem strange but it's my Pop. I adore Pop and LOVE rolling on his shirts after he takes them off cos they smell just like him. Second to Pop, would be that whole rotisserie chicken TW buys every week. It's so juicy and nommie. *Drool* Clean that mess off the keyboard, Woman! Sorry, I have to keep after her if I want anything done.

How am I doing, Cloon? Your answers were so good that you set the bar pretty high. This is my first in-depth interview, you know, or maybe I shouldn't admit that.

Come a little closer, my pretty!
4) What is your favorite TV show?

I love watching Bird-tv, although we may not have that channel in the coming years, if the zoning board approves the sale and extensive renovations to the place next door. Nothing like getting up at 4 a.m. to watch my fave show, "The Early Bird Gets the Worm." I also like to watch the Microwave channel, especially when it's cooking something I like to eat.

5) What is your favorite movie?

Well it would've been Ratatouille, which I begged my peeps to buy for me; but could they do this little ghetto cat one little favor? NOOOOOOOO! They haven't even let me see it on TV. So, the answer, sadly, is I don't have a favorite movie. Pop watches a lot of scary crappola and TW only watches ballgames.

6) What is the best piece of feline wisdom?

Well, anything that comes out of my mouth is a rare bit of wisdom, even if nobody realizes it at the time. But if I may quote a song I wrote "When I was just a little kit, my Poppa said to me, 'if you bite your Momma now, you can bite her once for free. Don't bite her on the leg,' he said. 'Bite her on the arm. If you bite her on the wrist, you can do a lot of harm'." BTW, it's sung to the tune of "Lemon Tree."

I also like "Get the nommies up front." If you don't, you'll be sorry.

I have to tag three other bloggers and they are:
Crazy Fusa so this will give him an excuse to blog
Herbie Cat ditto
Sebastian the Sensitive Soul

Whoa! only 6? I was just getting on a roll. Yeah, Pop, I know. You wanted me on a bagel. I'll leave you with that inside joke.

Until, I can get The Woman to indulge me again, may all your nommies be tuna!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers and I really liked your Lemon Bitey Tree wisdom!

  2. Great anwers, CK! Except for #4, that is kind of a bummer about Bird TV.

  3. Cathy Keisha! Hello there. So I guess theese character Buzz Lucas is my main competition, huh? You of course did FANTASTIC on the meme! And how funny you are girl! Microwave TV made us chuckle! Your feline wisdom takes the cake, that's for sure! Glad you are passing it to Herbie, we love his blog and it will be interesting to see his answers. (Thanks for your concerns about me, going under was tough on my bod and I'z still recovering.)

  4. Great answers - as usual we're laughing over here. So happy you passed it to Herbie! His read should be good for a few hoots too. So much gong on tonight at #nipclub that I forgot to give you your drink with the usual SMOOCH. You'll get two next week - drinks and SMOOCHES.

  5. MOL hehe luvs all your answers my furriend! We always love getting to knows more about the world's most stunning cat. Bird TV is the bestest! *nosetaps*

  6. Ah. Lemon bitey tree ! I love the sound of it and the idea! Fanks you, you beautiful stunner you xoxox

  7. Since I never heard of Lemon Tree, I made my Human sing your version to me and I LOVED it! I have not bitten her today, but I did scratch her a little earlier. Does that count?

  8. A well deserved award! Sorry we have been away from blogworld so long but we're back! I think my new sisfur Alexis is growing into your catitude but she is a real pal to me unlike those others!

  9. Thanks for dropping by to play fevvers today, CK. You really **ARE** stunning!

  10. Those are just purrfect answers CK. We hope that TW is feeling better now. We love bird TV too and hope that yours doesn't go away. Have yourselves a really fun day.

  11. Back again to thank you for putting Lil Em on Facebook. I don't know yet just how she is with other cats. I haven't let her loose with my cats that stay in the house but I am going to do that soon. Thanks again.


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