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Won't Get Fooled Again

Hmmmm. I know that's a strange way to begin a blog but there's something fishy going on in my fish. TW thinks I don't suspect a thing but I'm wise to her. She's been adding WATER to my Luna Tuna and Island Illusion. Yes, she has.

Like all cats worth their salts—whatever that means—when a new pouch of food is opened, I lick all the soup out and leave most of the fish. TW has been taking the leftovers and adding WATER to make it juicy again. Then I come by later and think there's more soup and lap it up. What a revolting thought. Me—drinking WATER. You've reached a new low, woman! Remember, I don't get mad; I get even!
I'm looking to ship myself to someone who doesn't spike my food
I used to enjoy drinking out of the sink but those days are far behind me. Now I only drink the stronger stuff at the Nip Club. Barktender, keep the Niptinis coming!
Maybe if you spent more time playing with me, I might work up a thirst!
Now I ax you: How can someone sink so low as to spike a little kitteh's food? How despicable can TW get? I'll bet HHGutt put her up to this. He's been very quiet recently.
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
Mews and notes: Art and So Forth won the contest for the Kitty Treats with 260. Thanks for playing along.

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  1. You look beyond incredulous and I don't blame you one bit! But...your Mom is just trying to help you get more water in your diet. It is healthy for you! xoxo

  2. Whoa! How sneaky! Of course you caught on right away, CK! What makes your human think you wouldn't?

  3. Oh my, but at least your on to it now!

  4. "Like all cats worth their salts—whatever that means" are one savvy kitty, Cathy Keisha!

  5. OMC! How did you discovers dis? You must put our address on da label and comes on over MOL. TW might consider getting you a 360 fountain, momma says dat once kitties get use to it, dey prefer it and loves to drink lots of water. Lots of kitties lap up da gravy and no eat da food so momma gets da canned food dat is not chunks in gravy for me AND guess what she is putting Bonito flake sprinkles on it for me too!! Nom nom nom, its a new product we are going to carry in da shop, dey sent us a sample to try.


  6. Oooo...TW asking for trouble for sure! Why don't you "drink" the diluted water and gingerly crawl up to her face and spit it out! I'm sure you'll think of something!

    (For last week...I left an email, but here is another one in case the other trashed it - so I can send my address: gym_lizard at yahoo

  7. Your Mama recycles your food?!!! What? Is she broke or something? That is so not fair!

    By the way we do think you're a stunning cat! Its like you're half ceiling cat and half basement cat!

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