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Anipal Photo Hunt: What the heck is that?

What the?? That's HHGutt

What the??? I love these photo hunts especially when TW has run out of ideas. The peeps haven't done anything blog-worthy in ages! Those same peeps tell me that this is a cat but I'm not so sure. In fact, I'm sure it's not. Cats don't like lollipops and we'd be smart enough to open it before we licked it. Besides, it's the ugliest cat I've ever seen.

Hmmm, but they're taking it to the V-E-T since it's polluting my PTU. Get that smelly thing out of my PTU! Heads are gonna roll over this! Could I be so lucky that they're giving it away? YESSSS! What the heck is HHGutt doing in my blog again???? He's NOT my brofur and he will be shredded!

Bonus What the Heck is That?
What the heck is that? And why am I so dark?
Small pic is my cousin, BB, with a little orange rock.
What the heck is the big orange rock doing in my blog again? Oh, I'm supposed to be doing an advertisement. Like I'm in a commercial? *Sweet voice* Hi everyone. This is a photo hunt and I'd like to show you this big orange rock. Not only is it the perfect night light to set a warm glow for a romantic evening, but it's also an air purifier. When it heats up, negative ions—what the hell are they?—are released and they bond with the pollutants—which have positive ions—neutralize them, and knock them out of the air. Asthma and allergies symptoms can also subside from these magic rocks. The negative ions—there they are again—combat Electro-Smog caused by electronic devices, such as this computer I'm typing on. Now they even come in animal shapes like the cat in the sidebar. They also have a line of personal care items. And—this is the best part—if you click on this link or the picture in the sidebar and buy something, this little ghetto cat gets a 10% kickback so I can support my furrend's ChipIns! Everyone wins: you get an orange rock, I get a kickback and some charity gets the dough-re-mi.

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  1. I think your food is safe sweetie, that cat looks stuffed!

  2. OMC! MOL hehehe we just luvs your bloggie posts my furriend! Momma so silly she starts giggling and can't stop. What da heck is dat fing in your PTU? And dat big orange rock??


  3. I like your Magic Rock ! grow in the dark : )

  4. Better THAT cat go to the vet than you, CK! Those salt lamps are cool.

  5. Dat orange rock is kind of scary CK. Is it halloween and I missed it? Oh, the ooman got behind dis week and we almost missed your post. SIGH! Just don't know what I'm going to do with dat M.

  6. I clicked the link 50 times so do you get 500%? My math skills lead a little bit to be desired but I think you might be rich now. If you send that stuffie thing to my house I can promise you it will be gutted in 24 hours.

  7. Them look like alien pods! eeek! I like lollies, uh, I mean candy canes. What the heck is a PTU?

  8. Oh we gots theese orange rocks all over the place at my house too! I guess a little negative ions can't hurt, huh? Good advertisement Cathy Keisha, especially the *sweet voice* theese was a clever touch.


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