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Newsday Tuesday: Welcome to the 20th Century!

We've got some new stuff around our house. Of course none of it is for me. We got a new kitchen trashcan because the pedal fell off the old one—and, in a surprising turn of events—I didn't get blamed for it. I never open the can so they couldn't find a way to blame me. This new one is just my size. Too bad it has a lid or it would be smorgasbord night every night for me. Remind me to tell you the one about Nicky and smorgasbord night some time.

We also got a new computer! Yes, another i-mac that's even bigger and faster than the old one. It's bigger than our TV! This computer has a wireless keyboard and mouse so I won't be tripping over wires every time I climb on the desk. And TW has sprung for Adobe Suite 5 because she thinks it'll help her keep her skills up. It comes with Dreamweaver so we can learn to put up our own web pages and make cool animated graphics! OK, so she may never learn that part but I can dream. You know what they say about never teaching an old dog new tricks. HAH! Anyway, that hasn't arrived yet so stay tuned.

YooHoo! Remember you have a CAT?
She's been a little slow at getting my pictures loaded into this baby and I guess it's because she suspects her photographic ineptitude will be even more obvious! This just in!! TW can't find the software disk to load pictures from her camera into the computer! Gasp! Can't you believe they'll be no more stunning pictures of moi? Gasp! Not only that but we decided not to import the bookmarks that we exported from the old computer so I don't even have my favorite pimping picture sites! Gasp! Pant! I'm now axing my friends to hook me up. We've found a couple but not one of my faves.

Spring also brings the new baseball season. You all know what Yankee fans this family is. With the games on the TV every night and the TV in the other room, I won't be around Twitter at night until at least October. In fact, I'll be totally ignored around here. The peeps have the Friday season tickets plan so it'll be a condo party every Friday if anyone cares to stop by. I know where the nip and Luna Tuna is stashed. All this means I won't be DJing #Nipclub every week. It'll be more like every other week. Since I have my WCAT sidebar on this blog, you won't miss my music too much.

Speaking of Nipclub, myself and @LilyLuWhoT want to start a Nipclub softball team. All the clubs and companies in NYC have teams We're gonna try to get some Jerseys and each wear the hat of our favorite team. If that sounds like something that would appeal to you, let us know. I'm thinking about playing SS or 2nd base since I'm the speedy type. I can also play centerfield or pitch if they need me.

You may notice that now when you comment on this blog, it doesn't appear instantaneously. I've had a bunch of span recently so I had to moderate comments. Believe me, I don't want to do this. I have better things to do but some people are jerks and morons. Those are the kinds of people who burn and torture innocent animals.

Guess that's more than enough for this Newsday Tuesday.

THIS JUST IN!! MASSIVE COLLAPSE IN CK'S APARTMENT!!! OMC! I'm glad I didn't go to press earlier. I was sitting in my mauve thing—otherwise known as my kitty bed—when the world came to an end. Or at least I thought so. There was a piercing scream—and then a huge crash!! I jumped down, my tail full and bushy and rushed to see if TW was OK or if I could get some good blog material out of it. Bless Bess, what a mess! There were items all over the floor! Toothbrushes, razors, bottles of shaving cream, and the like and we don't even have pictures! Hmm, someone isn't a very good journalist and I'm not giving TW a name. TW was shaking and didn't want me anywhere near the carnage. When she calmed down, I found out that she'd opened the walk-in closet to put some clothes hangers away when the metal shelves that hang from the door collapsed. They almost fell right on top of her. You know I would've laughed had that actually happened. Anyway, the big metal structure was blocking entrance into the closet and Pop was on the bus on his way home. Not being able to lift those shelves back up, TW actually shooed me out of the room and shut the door. Now we all know my rule about no shut doors in the house. TW tried to figure out what to do about the mess. She was panicked that Pop would have a fit when he got home.Of course, he expected a quiet evening where he'd come in and put his coat in that closet and change out of his work clothes. He didn't expect Fibber McGee's closet to await him. TW met him at the door with the bad news—no not that it didn't hit her on the head—and do you know what he said? He said "Oh that happens all the time." Unfortunately for me, he didn't get upset and start screaming at her and maybe throw her out. Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

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  1. Wow, there has certainly been a lot of excitement at your house! But all my human cares about is that she is totally envious of your human getting Adobe CS5 - we are still on CS4. Do you know she barely even opened Dreamweaver? She learned to hand code in the late 1990s, and taught herself css some years later, and she has never gotten used to the tools that make it all easier to do!

  2. MOL! Whoa, you've had a busy day! *baffled and trying to imagine a computer bigger than her TV*

    Bummer your closet fell apart. BTW, when you put it back together, did you happen to find my mittens? I've lost them....

  3. D'oh! Almost forgot - Yah, I wanna play baseball! Put me in cold, I'm ready to play, today!

  4. ha ha - I know we shouldn't be laughing at TW almost getting knocked on the noggin, but what a closing write up. We're happy she wasn't hurt, but what a mess! We're laughing extra hard cuz M was trying to pull a ream of paper off a closet shelf, and of course she didn't take time to close a file drawer that was open. Well, she almost filed herself, and almost dropped the ream of paper on her head. Maybe we should send TW & M off somewhere together and you and I take over the running of the house. We rule anyway!

  5. Love your spring look on your blog. Glad you weren't in the room when the shelves fell. You could have been flat CK. Oh, and your mom doesn't need the disk that came with the camera to load the pictures. All she has to do is hook up the camera to the computer and the computer will do the rest. She no longer has an excuse not to load your pics to the computer. MOL Happy Spring!

  6. CK, you are SO entertaining! I may want to join the softball team probably as DR (designated runner) since that's about the only thing I do really well!
    Luv you!

  7. WOW! That was quite a report, new stuff and crumbling stuff...all with no picture software! You need a video camera next!!!

  8. U iz a pawsum reporter and ur loyal readers r gald u waited to go to press so we had dat hot off da presses news!

  9. Wow you have a lot going on! We have been away a while - we can't even imagine what else we missed because you have a ton of stuff going on in this post alone!!


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