Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smorgasbord Night

Back in the days before civilization as we know it, cats used to come out and enjoy smorgasbord night. A smorgasbord is something like a buffet only it sounds classier and it harder for TW to spell. MOL! To continue my story, back in the days of yore, people didn't use those big black plastic bags when the threw out their garbage. As a matter of fact, they were frowned upon. People used to throw open kitchen bags into what they then called "ash cans" which is short, I guess, for TRash cans. You didn't dare put a lid on the can because the "garbage man"—now called, I believe, a Sanitation Engineer—would eat it for breakfast. You'd never see that sucker again—the lid, I mean. You youngsters out there can see where this is heading, I presume.

Nicky before one too many
Smorgasbord night used to be a big night for the kittehs before there was social media, blogs and pawpawties. All the strays, the alleys and even the house cats used to gather at the curbs every Sunday and Wednesday night to see what delectable morsels their neighbors tossed. PAWTEEEEE!! The peeps' cat Nicky was no different. Neither were the Calicos who lived upstairs—Gertrude, her 4 kits—and Wendell. Each would would beg to go out on those pawty nights. No self-respecting cat would miss this chance to hang with their fellow cats and stuff their faces. There was leftover chicken, beef and fish scraps right there in those cans. There must have been pastures of plenty! What a pity to let all that food go to waste! I'm sure there were many fights over those scraps, to be sure. Sigh! I wish I was around in those days! You can bet, I'd be first in line!

22 1/2 lb Nicky after many smorgasbords. MOL!
Nicky would go by the door and cry pitifully until he was let out to pawty. He was the only one of the peeps' cat who ever was allowed out. The peeps adopted him after they found him wandering on the front porch of their old house. He liked the outdoors and was allowed out until the night he came home with an abscessed back paw from a cat bite. He'd gotten so fat from eating the neighbors' cat food that he couldn't sneak under the fence anymore or outrun the cats whose food he was stealing. Since Nicky knew which neighbors left food out for the strays, every day and night was a smorgasbord for him and it showed.


  1. Oh my, dat Nicky sure was a big one! Every night is buffet night out our house. We don't eat out of da trash can but mom lets us eat whatever she's eating. Last nite I had chicken. She said as long as I don't get too fat it's OK. So far, so good. Zoe likes tortilla chips and mayonnaise. My favorite is fish, but especially prawns!

  2. Poor Nicky, so much food and so little time! Nope, nothing on Precious yet :(

  3. Me, mom gives me about 2 Tablespoons of skim milk (for being a good girl with my medicines) and I get a few shards of bacon when big brother bean is here. I get hams and chickens..just tiny bits.

  4. The cat before me was the Queen of the trashcans out behind the apartment where my human lived when she first got her. She battled her way to the top. Then they moved to a house, and the trash cans had... lids!!! And they were stuck in the garage until garbage day! She (the cat before me, not my human) was desolate until she realized... she could KILL things instead. And then she became the Murderer on the Hill.

  5. I think I remember those days from when I wandered the streets for a bit before being turned in to the shelter. I think it's better living in a forever home tho. Dat NIcky was a very handsome boy. Kinda reminds of or Boris.

  6. I had forgotten about those types of trash cans....no wonder they were always full of maggots as well. No plastic garbage bags then...(I think)....I am sorry but all I can think of are the maggots!

  7. Actually, I do the same as Nicky every night ( Scratch the door and cry pitifully until I was let out ) but I just allowed by day time not night time. If I do it, My pawrents just ignore me for my own safe because I'm easily to get into serious fight at night time but I never get a trouble with the garbage because garbage here is complicated for cat like me to open by ourselves.

  8. MOL! Nicky is my kinda guy! Very interesting historical post, thank you. xox

  9. The one who came before me, Robin, was an indoor outdoor girl and used to guard the trash cans. Many a dog has found her 5 1/2 pounds of fury on their backs..that taught them not to try to get into our trash. (seriously)

    No, me, the Admiral never fell out of a window. I've never been out since I was rescued as a kitten. .


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