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Wordy Wednesday

My furrends have been axing how life is treating me. As you can imagine, I'm kind of depressed over the nearly 7000 pets who have lost their staff in Japan. But then I'm happy when I see how many people have Chipped In to raise a lot of money. Some of you may know, there's another ChipIn to raise funds for Japanese earthquake animal rescue and support and they've raised well over $400,000. You can donate here. The money they raise will be used strictly for rescue, care and support of animals in crisis. The coalition is strictly no-kill.

Now on to my favorite topic, Ms Cathy Keisha. A few things have gone on around here I think you should know about. A few nights ago, I was sleeping soundly on the pillow next to TW, where I always sleep. (BTW, don't believe the rumor she's passing around that I—heh heh—snuggled next to her on the pillow Sunday morning. No truth at all. Lies piled on top of lies.) Then she got into bed and things went downhill fast. OMC, she was fussing and fussing with her pillows. She sleeps with about 3 of them. First they were too high; then they were too low. When I'd finally had enough, I lunged at the woman and clamped my jaw around her wrist. Stop it woman, you hear! You woke me from a sound sleep and now you must pay. When she finally shook me loose, I was exiled—unfairly, of course—from her room. It's been 3 whole nights and I haven't been allowed back in. I'm thinking of calling PeTA.
Minding my own business before the fussing started. Pay no attention to the
 fake cat behind me, my nemesis HHGutt.
This next event involved Pop, so it hurt down to my core. Last night, before he turned out the light, he was all kissy-poo saying good night to me. Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, he hurled a grenade at me! Yes, you read right—A GRENADE! I'm lucky the Pacifist didn't know how to work it and didn't take the pin out or I wouldn't be typing this now. It hit hard and right in front of me. I expect a lot better from Pop so this really shook me. I've yet to retaliate but rest assure that when I do, the pin will be removed. [Editor's note: It was a catnip lemon, not a grenade.] I hope I didn't just hear something from the cheap seats!

Whoa! Aunt Pauline wrote this book!
That's my lot for today. I look forward to seeing everybody at the Honky Tonk Nipclub on Thursday and the SciFi Pawty this weekend. Don't forget an autographed copy of my Aunt Pauline's book, Star Commandos 01, is going to be given away at about 12:15 p.m. on Saturday. She's a really good writer who has many books to her credit. You can order them from her website. Tell her Keisha sent you. She's also a very good Mommy to her cats Katie, Jinx and Nickolette.

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  1. OMG you had me rolling about being "exiled from the room"....Cody was exiled last night (and the past few nights too)....he has been turning on the printer at 3am (wanting food)...I can't take it anymore! I am worried though...last night during his exile I found a piece of plastic wrapping from a washable cutting board I had bought...teeth marks were everywhere! He also had thrown up but it was clear....I think he got into it because he was angry we exiled him and he couldn't wake us up. I am watching him and so far he is eating well and hasn't thrown up since!

  2. Oh sweetie, you sure have had a tough time...a good NipTini and a bunch of friends will make it all better!

  3. Poor CK - TSB should be brought up for anipal abuse for kicking you out of "your" room, And, whatever got into PopS? Tossing a hand gernade - another case for animal abuse. I'll make you a special niptini tonight - a tripple one at that.

  4. I certainly hope you get your humans under control!


  5. OMC! You has been exiled? I would not has dat at all, nope dey couldn't keep me out even if dey wanted I would keeps dem up all night meowing to da world MOL! Maybe you should gives TW another bitey hehe. And your daddy and your lemon, what is going on? My poor sweet furriend I hopes dey start giving you lots of treats or something to makes up for it.

    Dat looks likes a pawsome book, great giveaway, see you at da #Scifipawty! Purrrrrrrrrrs

  6. You know, if you stop wif da bitey you probly won't be exiled, but i know you neber listen to me! You must be nice and all kissy-kissy (like me) den da hoomins fawn all over you! But i do hope dey let you back in soon so you can sleeps where you want.

  7. A grenade had more shock value than a catnip lemon, but I'm glad you told us what it was! I was scared out of my shorts and I don't even wear shorts!


  8. what we kitties have to put UP with! Shocking! Hand grenade! Terrible. Wait till you read what MOMMY did to ME tomorrow!


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