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Give it Up for CK!

Say what, Woman??
The woman axed me this morning what I'd be giving up for Lent. Say what? I answered. Certainly not nip or tuna. Let me turn the tables on you, woman. What you be giving up for Lent. Silence. Just as I thought. Then she said she'd already given up enough since it was revealed her cholesterol levels were, let's just say, a bit high. We won't even mention that her weight is climbing steadily toward Pop's girth. No more brownies, no half-and-half in her coffee, and no 4-lb chocolate Easter bunnies. I can hear a collective groan since many of you have been enjoying them vicariously through TW. Since I don't enjoy any of these foods, the cat will NOT be affected by this diet, much to all my furrends' relief.

Another thing I won't be giving up is biting on the peeps. Hey, they're the ones born into this CATholic religion, not me. I'll still be scarfing down whatever foods I like and whatever body parts I want.

Here are a few things that I wouldn't mind the peeps giving up.

  1. Going to baseball games. Unfortunately this isn't going to happen since they just got Opening Day tickets for March 31 and spent a bit too much, might I add. Night games are the worst because I don't get fed on time. Sometimes I have to wait until almost midnight!
  2. Reading the newspaper, since they tend to yell at me if I linger too long on a certain page. Cats through the ages love lying on the newspaper while their peeps are trying to read.
  3. The next one is tricky. They—TW in particular—shouldn't spend as much time on the computer EXCEPT when she's helping me blog, tweet or interact with my furrends.
  4. Long pants. They should wear shorts around the house to make it easier for me to bite their ankles and calves. Cotton is not tasty.
  5. Eating anything w/o some kind of meat. Sometimes they can go literally DAYS without eating meat. Since they only eat chicken anyway, cut out the peppers & potatoes crap.
  6. No more red sauce or pizza. If they want to order out, go with Chinese or Mexican so I can get a cut.
  7. YELLING AT THE CAT!! Understand that I AM PURRFECT!
If my peeps truly love me, I think they should be able to give up these things. What say you? What are your peeps giving up for Lent, if they're CATholic, or what would YOU like them to give up?

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  1. Oh, my human is guilty of #5 BIG TIME! She needs to remember that getting fresh, human-grade meat is important for us kitties, and the best way to get it is right from the human-grade plate!

  2. I agree they should give up those things for you, but all this talk about brownies and 4-lb chocolate Easter bunnies is making me hungry ;(

  3. I agree with each and every thing you said. Hear Hear! And glad you mentioned long pants as a no-no. I love biting ankles and calves!!

  4. Totally agree with you, especially about yelling at the cat. NO human is entitled to do this. It's their duty to speak to us respectfully, & do efurrything we yell them - WHEN we tell them, not when it's convenient for them to get around to it!

  5. You nailed evrything right on the head CK. Couldn't have said it any better myself. I don't put the bitey on the ankles tho - I go for M's arm when she reaches out to pet me - only if I'm punishing her for not playing with me long enough. She should know dat her job is to entertain me, even if I look like I'm not interesting.

  6. My mom gave up chocolate for lent-a HUGE sacrifice according to her! I, on the other hand, will give up nothing, as I already have to endure "diet food" because of sisfur Luna's weight problem. Try to take my treats from me and you'll find out what "putting the bitey on you" means!
    Great blog CK! Purrrs

  7. I think those all sound pretty reasonable! Hey, I gave up giving up darn good too! Little Bit doesn't have a permanent home yet, but she is safe...details tomorrow.

  8. Hi...we came to meet you cuz you are furrends with the make us laff and laff! We are just starting to Tweet, but mostly we blog.

  9. Oh Keisah, you are too funny. But you are so correct in everything. We should be able to linger on the paper as long as necessary. We agree with all your other rules too. You sure have everything straight and it was good to be reminded. Take care and have a super week end.

  10. Haha! Great blog as always. As for what my peeps should give has 3 legs and goes by the name Tiny Tim. ;)


  11. Sounds like a very reasonable list to me CK. I think my Human should give up ever leaving the house so she can be on call 24/7 for my tummy rubs.

  12. You're right, being a cat you shouldn't have to give up anything. We don't give up anything either since half our family Jewish and other half not religious. Love your humor CK!


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