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Adopt the Internet Day

Today is Adopt the Internet Day in honor of's 15th anniversary. As a rule, I don't do these kinds of posts because it's like preaching to the converted. I imagine my readers have all the animals they can afford or want. I know most of them from Twitter. TW gets so sad when she reads about a beautiful tabby that needs a home but also a bit angry that she is being made to feel guilty for only having me. If anything did happen to me—and it won't for at least 25 more years—she might be more inclined to rescue a death row cat. Every cat my peeps and Grandpeeps have ever had has been a rescue, of one kind of another. They've always had moggies—never a designer breed—although Faith did have characteristics of an Abyssinian.

Everyone by now knows that I was a Petfinder Pet, which is why I'm making an exception to my rule. Although I wasn't on death row, I had been when Companion Animal Placement rescued me and brought me to their no-kill shelter in Hillsborough, NJ. My peeps picked my stunning picture out of literally thousands of cats looking for furever homes in NJ alone. Here was my Petfinder profile. I was #4418277. There are still thousands of animals looking for homes on They come in all sizes, colors, breeds and ages. To do my part in Adopt the Internet Day, I've picked out a couple of special furrends. One is from, listed by A Call 4 Paws and the other is on death row in Manhattan.

Benny w/o the Jets
The first one is Bennie. You can see how many animals have been on because Bennie's number is 17801359, which is one digit and 13 million higher than my number. It's even higher than Derek Jeter's yearly salary. But I digress. I picked Bennie because he reminds me a bit of Brewskie Butt and because his size reminds me of TW's beloved Nicky. He's an orange and white mix domestic medium hair kitteh. Even though he's in a somewhat cushy frosted [sic] home, he longs for a home of his own, with his own peeps to dote on his every whim. His profile reads as follows:

This big, beautiful boy needs you.
Bennie is a sweet ginger and white medium-haired cat. He is about 2-3 years old and quite large, weighing in at 17 pounds! He is very affectionate and loving, and enjoys playing with toys. He gets along well and plays with the other kitties in his foster home. He has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. If you are interested in meeting Bennie—and who wouldn't be?, please get in touch with Brian and Beth at 201-333-5531 or

The next cat is Majestic, which is a proper name for her. I picked her because she could be my man-cat Tuna's twin sister, she looks so much like him. Majestic is currently on death row in NY. She is a spayed female, gray tiger Abyssinian mix. Here is Majestic speaking, in her own words, translated by yours truly.
Majestic wants YOU!
My name is Majestic, and I'm a 2-year old girl-cat. My human friends say that my name sure fits me because I look like a little queen! I am a friendly girl who loves getting to see my human friends—I come right to the front of my cage when they stop by, and I'm in 7th heaven when they give me head rubs. Please consider helping me find a forever home where I can truly be the queen of my castle. I came into the shelter as a stray, and I've been waiting since 2/8.

For more information on Majestic, visit Animal Care and Control of New York City—Manhattan. Ask about animal ID #A888358. Her "DueOut" date is tomorrow, 3/16/11.

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  1. Hi CK - you certainly chose two charming kitties to promote. I dont' usually post abour these kinds of things either, because I feel others do a great job of it. TW shouldn't feel guilty when she feels all she can handle is 1 kitty at a time. My peeps have always had only one kitty at a time. M would love to get another one and I'd love a playmate. But, she strongly feels they can't afford another one, and certainly the kitty would out live them (I will probably too). Being a pet owner is a big responsibility - TW just takes the job seriously and is doing an outstanding job at that.

  2. Those are such sweeties and I sure hope their forever home is looking for them right now. Hey, I used to not do these posts too until we found Dolly via Twitter, which originated from a blog post...and I've actually know of homes that were found because someone saw my post and passed in on to just the right people. Ya just never know these days who will read the right thing at the right time. Thanks for featuring two great ones!

  3. What a gorgeous collection of kitties, I do hope they all find homes especially Majestic!

  4. great kitties to feature! And might I add, you are quite the stunning lady yourself!

  5. I have to agree with you about "preaching to the converted"....I am usually the same. I think this one was super important and glad that you pawticipated! I always feel guilty too that I can only have two pets where I live. 2 of mine were rescues and one was bought! We tried to get a Sheltie through a rescue but there were none at that time in our area. I am ALWAYS feeling guilty about that!


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