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Dona Nobis Pacem (Change Your Climate)

Hola Kitties! We are again participating in the annual BlogBlast 4 Peace. This is the 13th year for one of my favorite blogging events. I've been doing my part since 2011. Mimi Lenox, the founder, wanted to know what would happen if the entire blogosphere posted about world peace on the same day using the same title—Dona Nobis Pacem. It hasn't changed the world—yet—but it's provided some creative and wonderful images of peace. The theme this year is Change Your Climate. If you've been listening to Greta Thunberg, you've heard some powerful truths about our environment; our climate.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Change Your Climate)

I'm not meowing about cats. As usual we're not the problem. I'm meowing about humans. Cats are not the problem. Cats don't drive cars or burn fossil fuels. We're happy with an earth-friendly cardboard box or paper bag, some nip grown in our Garden of Eden and fishy food pulled from our oceans. 

Pollution is threatening our food chain and our very existence. We have to ax ourselves how much mercury and poison is in that fish that's in our dishes? What harmful chemicals are being fed to the chickens and cows we eat? Which brands are putting diseased animal carcasses into our food? Is our nip organic or is it loaded with harmful pesticides? Can we get window whiffies or is the air full of car and truck emissions? And what of our feral brofurs and sisfurs struggling on the streets who are drinking from puddles of acid rain? If you don't think pollution affects your four-legged friends, you are sadly mistaken.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Change Your Climate) is a great resource to learn what you can do. They
have links to some of the better green websites.

We in the condo thought we were being so Earth friendly. The peeps don't own a car and walk everywhere they can. They recycle religiously, washing out every bottle and can, including cat food cans and discarding every piece of plastic with a recycle symbol.

Our town isn't being as Earth friendly. All the plastics we meticulously wash are being re-routed to the landfill. Our town only recycles plastics labeled 1, 2 or 3. This means we can no longer recycle yogurt containers or the trays the peeps hoity toity food comes in that we wash out nor any container marked 5.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Change Your Climate)

All this makes us sad. It makes us both sad and mad that:
  • Sea levels are rising faster than in the last 3000 years. 
  • Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60 percent in just over 40 years. 
  • Two-thirds of extreme weather events in the last 20 years were influenced by humans. 
  • 120,000 square kilometers of tropical forest were lost in 2018. 
  • There’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than any time in human history.
  • We consumed all of earth's 2019 resources that can be regenerated on July 29. We have been overspending for almost half a year with dire consequences.
You can read the entire scary article here.

As always, as DJ CK, I've come up with some powerful music. I hope you have time to listen to these three. Two are by Pete Seeger, to whom I dedicated my 2016 peace globe.

Pete Seeger wrote: "We're filling up the sea/the sky/our mind with garbage. … What will we do when there's nothing left to see and nothing left to be but garbage." I hope you'll listen to this powerful song written in 1974 when we should have been addressing this problem. As it is still true today, money talks and as long as politicians and corporations can line their pockets with green, nothing else matters.

In 1972 Don McLean wrong these lyrics which close out the song "Tapestry." I've quotes these words before and I think even Greta Thunberg would approve of them. "Every fish that swims silent, every bird that flies freely, every doe that steps softly. Every crisp leaf that falls, all the flowers that grow
on this colorful tapestry, somehow they know. That if man is allowed to destroy all they need. He will soon have to pay with his life, for his greed."

Unfortunately these songs don't provide answers but I want to close on a positive note. Quoting from another Pete Seeger song: "One blue sky above us. One ocean lapping all our shores. One earth so green and round, who could ask for more." This song, plus the words of Greta Thunberg was the inspiration for my 2019 peace globe.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Change Your Climate)

I'm also joining the Music Moves Me blog hop hosted by Curious as a Cathy and a chorus of others. This month I get to be the conductor. November is Native American Heritage Month so next week I'll be sharing music from Indigenous musicians and those inspired by them. Thanks for sticking around until the end of this LONG post. Namaste. Peace out.

You can listen to my entire Mother Earth playlist with songs by R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs, Talking Heads, et al and covering several musical genres. There were tons of songs I didn't get to add.

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  1. I honestly don't know if humankind is up to taking the measures necessary to keep from self-extincting, and taking down countless other species along with it.

  2. Cathy,

    I think the greatest threat we have in this world is hatred. We're divided by color, sex, and religion. This is a barrier we all need to overcome to insure a better tomorrow. I think we should be responsible for the earth but I also think God created her to take care of herself naturally. Of course, that's my humble opinion and I surely respect yours and everyone for theirs. ;)

    Thanks for the great mewsic and for sharing the dance floor with the 4M crew this month as our honorary co-hostess - you rock, my furriends!

  3. I spent 12 years of my career with a company specializing in environmental law. We paid $$$$ to clean up the messes corporate America left behind. We all need to take more responsibility for the care of our environment.

  4. We are recycling less now too because the companies that pick up the recycle no longer accept many things.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Such a nice and hopeful goal. I try to my part but so many others don't and don't care. It is sad to see.

  6. I loved seeing Greta in your globe with the kitty. The children give me hope, but we adults have to listen and act. Thanks for your spot-on information..........this is a wonderful post.

  7. There is hope, I truly believe that there are more of us that care than those who don't. We can change things, we have to. Peace.

  8. Such a beautiful post and peace globe. I like how your playlist theme goes with the theme for Blog4Peace. We sure have a messed up world. So sad that more people don't attempt to fix it with small changes that are so simple.
    Sorry I didn't join the mewsic hop this week, but I will next week. XO

  9. We love your globe, your message and of course, your tunes CK!

  10. How I wish everyone (capital E) could read your words: powerful, succinct, moving and meaningful. Emotional without wastefulness. I tucked in only the 1972 quote by Walt Kelly ... how little has changed in so many years, but I have faith and belief it can change ... we can do this, and your words and hope speak to how. Thank you.

  11. Beautiful Peace globe, and beautiful words. That's a great post for today ! Purrs

  12. absolutely LOVE your message CK......sadly, when the President thinks the climate isn't worth worrying about.....well.........'nuff said.

  13. A lovely globe and powerful message.
    I also wash recycle everything I can, but whereas the recycling truck used to come and collect it, now it is disheartening to see the rubbish crusher truck does the collections and takes it to the landfill.
    We can do our part, but higher up it is all mere words!

  14. Great post, CK. I recycle religiously. If we all did our part huge changes would take place.

  15. What a great post! We need to do more to save our planet. After all, it’s the only one we got!

  16. Such a beautiful and powerful peace globe, CK. Humans really need to work harder to save our planet. It's our only hope.

  17. Cathy - These are scary topics. Scary times. Important issues that we must take seriously. I have such concern for our children and grandchildren. We can't live in a peaceful world full of smoke and fire and acid rain. Things have to change.

    As I said earlier, your peace globe is just perfect.
    Thank you for always going above and beyond on this day to promote peace. I shared your link with our resident peace DJ Diane on Facebook. She is looking for more songs to post. They are her "peace globes" and it's awesome!

    Peace to you and yours,

  18. Thank you for your thoughtful blog and music..

  19. This is a great post!

    We love how these young kids have brought it all to everyone's attention. We love Greta! Such a shame many choose to ignore the warning signs.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  20. Nice globe CK and great cats think alike, we used a quote from Greta on our globe.

  21. I truly am pessimistic about the human race surviving until 2100, climate change or not. As Cathy says, there is so much hatred, and on top of that, we humans have made climate change a political issue. Soothing songs from Pete Seeger and words of warning from Don McLean - years old, and we didn't listen then. Is it too late now? Alana


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