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18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me

Hola! Saturday night we had a blackout at the condo. Several blocks were dark and it took over two hours to regain power. During that time Pop was all like "we might as well go to bed early since we can't do much else." TW was all "It's the end of the world! We're all gonna diiiiie!" I just rolled my eyes cos it was business as usual. Enough about me.

18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me

Now it's time to learn more about me. I'm gonna reveal things that haven't ever been revealed. Ever! The peeps don't even know how I'm going to answer these questions. Well, maybe they know the first one.

1. Favorite smell—Rotisserie chicken.
2. Last time I hissed—A few months ago, Pop was petting me during our morning bonding session. When he petted my left leg, I hissed and went for him. The peeps went nutz trying to figure out if I had injured it. Perhaps I just have a touch of arthur-itis.
3. Favorite pizza—Grilled chicken. Don't try none of that veggie pizza with me although the ground hog saw his shadow which means six weeks of veggie pizza in my future.
4. Favorite Flower—Catnip.
5. Favorite dog breed—Stuffed.
6. Favorite ice cream—I don't eat ice cream. Pop likes vanilla swiss almond and chocolate cookie dough both from Haagen Das. Nicky used to love vanilla ice cream with ham chunks. He said it was a delicacy. But this post is about me so screw them.
7. Pet peeve—Anyone who hurts or declaws a cat. Another pet peeve is brands that send me dog food.
8. Shorts or jeans—I prefer if the peeps wear shorts so I can better bite their ankles but they don't.
9. Color of your PTU—Beige.
10. Color of your eyes—Green. They were amber when I moved here.
11. Favorite food—Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna.
12. Least favorite food.—Store-brand cat food.
13. Favorite Holiday—My Gotcha Day.
14. Night owl or morning person—Both. At night I play with TW until one or two a.m. In the early morning, I bond with Pop while he shaves for work.
15. Favorite day of the week—Sunday. I spend the morning on the chair next to Pop. He's usually home all day unlike the other six days.
16. Do you have a nick name?—Baby Girl, Smoky Gray Diva, CK. Sometimes TW calls me Kittee, my shelter name.
17. Favorite music—Rap and hip hop of course. TW wishes I liked punk like she does cos that's all she makes me play when I dj.
18. Tattoos—I love giving my peeps tattoos. Their legs are full of my tattoos.

Come on … Someone do this with me. Let's have some fun and learn about each other. I appreciate everyone who plays along. TW had an entire month to get some kind of Linky up but she blew it. She told me the one she registered for isn't https so it causes a conflict. Yeesh, what a slacker! Lemme know if you want to play along so I can read your answers and learn about you.

18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me

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  1. I'll play along, but it may be a few days from now.

  2. Hari OM
    BOL...'stuffed'... hahahahaha... I have several stuffed dogs. They don't need feeding, they don't need walking, they don't need entertaining... yet they still give good hug! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Those were all good and hey, we just had some rotisserie chicken smells here too CK!

  4. It was fun reading your answers. I love haagen dazs, too! And Stuffed is a good dog breed hahaha :-)

  5. Somehow I don't think TW reacted to the power outage as you've described. And #5? Too funny.

  6. We think we need proof of those tattoos. LOL

  7. Some brands send you dog food?? Seriouslies??? And Tattoos. Yep, best answer EVER!

  8. Ok CK! Because we love you ours will be posted tomorrow!!!! Consider yourself lucky because we don't purrticipate in ANYTHING MOL MOL MOL!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. CK, I want to get a cat tat, but not YOUR kind of tat! I'd like to play along, but can I do this for five kitties?

  10. Ck....ewe ree deemed yur selv with number furst we thinked de blak out mezzed up de key bored sum how what with all that FOWL language ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  11. We enjoyed reading your answers, CK ! Purrs

  12. Great answers CK! I agree with you on #5. I hope your leg is okay and not painful now.
    I have answered them myself. I hope it is okay for a human to do it.
    1. Favorite smell—Bread baking
    2. Last time I hissed—I don't hiss, but my medication makes me fly off the handle very easily sometimes. I wish it didn't.
    3. Favorite pizza— Pepperoni and peppers with plenty of chees. Definitely NO pineapple!
    4. Favorite Flower—Rose
    5. Favorite dog breed—Stuffed.I have to agree with you on this one.
    6. Favorite ice cream—Double chocolate
    7. Pet peeve—Anyone who hurts or declaws a cat. I agree on this one as well.
    8. Shorts or jeans—Jeans. You wouldn't want to see me in shorts!
    9. Color of your PTU—I don't think they make them big enough for me.
    10. Color of your eyes—Hazel. Depending on the light they sometimes look more green.
    11. Favorite food—Ribeye steak.
    12. Least favorite food.—celery
    13. Favorite Holiday—Christmas
    14. Night owl or morning person—Night Owl. I don't know what early mornings are any more.
    15. Favorite day of the week-. I am retired so they are all the same to me.
    16. Do you have a nick name?—Yes, but I'm not telling.
    17. Favorite music—All sorts Rock, heavy metal punk. There is something in most genres that I like.
    18. Tattoos—No. I always intended to get it done but never did.

  13. Oh MeOW CK, we luv these. And, we luv learnin' more 'bout our furiends. We'll have to wait till next Tuesday to do ours. We have our Service cat posty n Furiday and we've got somethin' special planned fur Blest Sunday, so...we'll be purrticipatin' Tuesday. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Here's our linky CK.

      Luv ya'

      Dezi and Raena

  14. Nice to learn more about you CK. I do wonder what the ground hog seeing his shadow has to do with you having veggie pizza instead of meat? One of my cats will do this tomorrow, I need to see who did the first 2.XO

  15. We always like learning more about you, CK.

  16. Now, I do understand about wanting chicken on the pizza thing. But Rosie and I have recently discovered that the veggie pizza is still good (minus the veggies). If you can grab a little piece of the cheese and crust, it's not really so bad.

  17. Tisk, tisk to your Pops for touching your sensitive leg. I hope he learned his lesson. My Dexter is a tattoo artist too. He doesn't mean to be, but he has huge talons. You are great at answering these question lists. It is always so boring when I fill these things out!
    -Purrs from your friends at

  18. We are just loving these facts about you, CK! We bet you are a very creative tattoo artist. Now, all the kitties around here are readying their answers to share on our blog next week. If you don't mind, pup Astrid would also like to try her hand (er, paw) at playing along.

  19. We enjoyed learning more about you, CK! So interesting that your eyes changed color since you've lived with TW and Pop!

  20. 1. Favorite smell—mama and papa
    2. Last time I hissed—never
    3. Favorite pizza—Only the mozzarella
    4. Favorite Flower—Catnip YES YES YES and arugula flowers
    5. Favorite dog breed—Whatever Mya and Marcus are.
    6. Favorite ice cream—vanilla and chocolate left on a Magnum stick, not much, in short.
    7. Pet peeve--I have no peeves about pets at ALL.
    8. Shorts or jeans—PAPA'S JEANS. I LOVE THEM AND SLEEP ON THEM ALL THE TIME (er...when he is not in them).
    9. Color of your PTU...what's that?
    10. Color of your eyes—Changing depending on what camera mama is using.
    11. Favorite food—raw steak, wet food and low-fat kibble. I had to say that cause mama is reading over my shoulder.
    12. Least favorite food. Scotch!
    13. Favorite Holiday—Aren't they all holidays?
    14. Night owl or morning person—Hey, I'm a KITTY, not an OWL!
    15. Favorite day of the week—What's a week?
    16. Do you have a nick name?—Louloukins, but don't publish it, haha.
    17. Favorite music—of the Spheres!
    18. Tattoos—what are they? Should I look for them? What fun? Love, Loulou

  21. I like your fun facts about you. CK we always thought you're a cool kitty and this list proves how you keep it 100% real! I like your favorite dog breed and your nickname Smokey Grey Diva, it show the peeps do respect you!

  22. What a fun thing to do. I will have to join in fur sure! Ooh, I see that you like chicken pizza - Mom's never brought home pizza to me with chicken on it! "Smokey Grey Diva," I luv your signature green eyes! They're like the finest jade. -Valentine (& Mom)

  23. Favorite answers: 5, 8, 18 (still laughing). You deserve a bouquet of catnip, CK.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  24. I like stuffed dogs too but we don't have any around here.

    Cougar Kali

  25. We did it! Check out Little's answers to "18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me" at

  26. We took up your 18 fun questions! Check us out today for ourrr answers! Thanks for the fun idea and we enjoyed hearing more about you!


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