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A Stunning Keisha Exclusive—CK in Crisis!

Warning: the images in this post may NOT be pretty.

To recap my last post, I was stuffed into the PTU against my will and brought kicking and screaming to the evil v-e-t. Once there, I was shot up and abused in front of my peeps who did nothing to stop the insanity. Now I was safe at home BUT was I really safe? TW dosed my food with Prednisone to add insult to injury. TW was about to regret her actions.

The following morning (last Wednesday), I woke up at the usual 5:45 and got TW up for breakfast. I turned my nose up at my food and walked into Pop’s room. There really wasn’t anything unusual about that. I don’t like refrigerator food even if it’s been warmed up beforehand. TW still didn’t know that The Cat was in crisis.

Do I look as bad as I feel?
TW’s first sign of how bad I was feeling was when she heard Pop say before he left for work “That shot took a lot out of you, CK.” She decided to amble into Pop’s room to check on me. I was sitting in my mauve thing. I was purring and when she went to kiss my head, it was red hot. I was burning up! She left and came back several minutes later. My head was still very hot and I was like a wet dishrag. My breathing was fast and audible though not open mouthed. I hardly had the strength to sit up. She brought in the inhaler and dosed me although not as good as the other night. She was panicky and put a call in to Dr. D. The next time she checked on me, she decided to put some soothing classical music on to calm me. Hey Woman, you expect me to listen to this junk? Where’s my rap music?

Throughout the day my head was hot and I didn’t touch any food. When she brought food or water into Pop’s room and showed it to me, I licked my lips and swallowed like I was nauseous. Last time I got rabies and the other vaccine, I was lethargic for an entire week but nothing like this. TW honestly thought she killed me this time by giving me the Pred after I’d gotten the shot. TW said I looked like I was on smack because my eyes were half-shut and squinty and I had trouble lifting my head. I didn’t even have the strength or desire to bite! She was right; I was nodding like her junkie friend.

The stuffies all look concerned, don’t they?
Dr. D called and told TW not to give me the Prednisone for a few days. She checked in later that evening and has been keeping in touch via Facebook messages. TW was told to give me Pepcid for the nausea but I still had enough strength to keep her from opening my jaws. I’m a fighter who’s not going down easily.

When Pop came home, I perked up and started to nibble my FF tuna. I also lapped some pumpkin soup to keep me hydrated. I started showing signs of life.

Thursday, I gobbled up my half can of food for breakfast and wanted to run around but TW wouldn’t let me. I ate another can of Fancy Feast at night and was pacing around. There is improvement. My side isn’t going in and out as fast.

By Friday, my breathing seemed easier and I was still eating. TW dosed me again with the Pred—for my own own good if you can believe that—although she doesn’t like taking drugs herself or giving them to me.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a sneezing fit. I sneezed a few times Saturday but Sunday was much worse. Can’t this little ghetto kitteh catch a break? I just want the sickies to be gone. Dr. H said TW should wait before giving me an antihistamine cos it may knock me out and they won’t know if the cold is getting worse or not. Please continue including me in your prayers, #pawcircles and healing purrz.

If you don’t know already, this year is a very bad year for allergies and asthma. Even my peeps have been hit hard with allergies. It’s called a pollen vortex. Everything is blooming at once since the harsh winter lasted well into spring. We’ll just have to ride it out and hope for the best. I hope the sickies stay away from your house.

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  1. You poor sweetheart. I've heard allergies are a nightmare this year too but so far haven't been bothered personally. We'll keep purring for a speedy recovery for you!

  2. * worried *

    CK I dearly hope that you come through this OK. The whole of Europe seemed to be sneezing when we visited! Get away from the US you pollen vortex!!!!

    Get well soon, I don't want my fave Ghetto Cat sick OK?

  3. Aw, my sweet girl, it hurts my flinty little heart to see you all stretched out and seepies like that--although if I didn't know it was from being sick, I'd say you still looked purrfectly adorable. I hope you are eating and drinking, and sleeping good sleeps, and soon will be feeling lots better. Love you! XOXOXO

  4. We are purring and purraying like crazy for you, CK. Our Mommy says it has been a horrible spring and the vortex has hit her hard, too.

    Hope you have a better Monday.

  5. I'm pulling for you CK! Love ya!

  6. I am sending LOTS of purrs your way, CK! I did notice there were a lot more kitties and humans sick with allergies and asthma this season. I was wondering if there was something like a pollen vortex going on. Please feel better soon!

  7. Oh, CK...our purr engines are roaring at full throttle. You just have to feel better, sweetie! Purrs to you and big hugs to TW.

  8. Oh no! I am sorry that the evil pollen vortex is attacking you. I am sending my best purrs for you to feel better very soon.

  9. Oh no poor you CK. We continue to send healing vibes and POTP. Take it easy and we so hope you get better soon.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Sheesh I guess everything is called a vortex these days... allergies are bad this year. Shiner's are hitting her too, but hers are manifested with the itchies and don't affect her breathing. Your vet sounds awesome CK! I wonder if they think you could benefit from being nebulized? Not that you'd put up with that anyways!

  11. We hope you feel better soon, CK! We have noticed the pollen vortex around here. The peeps are sniffly, too. We hope the pollen vortex eases so that you can breathe easier soon. TW is sure to keep a close eye on you.

  12. Oh no I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. Glad you began to eat at one point and I hope you keep eating and drinking. And I hope you can breathe well. Purrs and hugs to you.

  13. We are sending all our purrs for you to feel better soon Keisha ...all the way from down under so we hope they get to you :) hugs Fozziemum xxx

  14. We're purring hard for you!

    BTW, just as a note, when Nicki went on Pred the first time, in February, it was at 5 mg twice a day, a total of 10 mg. That's a standard dose given by vets, but it's also a HUMAN ADULT dose. Five days after Nicki started on it in Feb, he got terribly ill with a virus (which Derry also caught). Neither cat could breathe through his mouth and I was up all night, repeatedly, for a couple of weeks, steaming them in the bathroom (running a hot shower in the small space, using steam to help them breathe).

    Nicki's cold subsequently turned into a secondary bacterial infection and he needed 10 days of antibiotics. (He developed a terrible wet chest cough and was sneezing green.)

    The vets continued to tell me that the the dose of Pred was too low to lower Nicki's immune system, but no one ever will get me to believe it.

    So in February Nicki was on Pred at the full dose for 5 days, then I weaned him off, concerned that it HAD lowered his immune system (which it did--duh). Then he went on the ABs.

    After all that, his cough came back, but *this* time, regardless of the recommended dose by his vet, I started him on 2 mg (0.2 ml) twice a day, less than half of what was prescribed. I've tried that for a few days, and now am seeing if 2 mg once a day will be okay.

    In his case, the cough was not acute, though it WAS every day.

    So every cat is different, I know.

    I'm relating this because it's absolutely possible that the dose is lowering CK's immune system, hence the sneezing.

    And BTW, back in February Nicki started sneezing once or twice on the Wednesday, I remember, and again on the Thursday...and then Friday night he sneezed 16 (yes, 16) consecutive times, was okay for 45 minutes, then sneezed another dozen. It went downhill from there.

    So if you can, it might be a good idea to give CK a little less than the prescribed dose, depending on what that is. It's a matter of finding the balance between the lowest possible dose and keeping the asthma under control.

    Good luck, fingers (and paws) crossed.


  15. Dear CK, we sure know how tough this thing is to kick. Sister Sascha doesn't have asthma but has been fighting the sneezies for three weeks now. We are all purring and praying for you non-stop sweet friend.

  16. MOUSES! You've got the sickies and you've got them bad but...


    I just know it. I know it in my heart of hearts. I'm settin' up round-the-clock purrs with my furfam for you, as I type. Mason is first and she's producin' some really good ones. Can you hear 'em yet?

    The healin' purrs should be arrivin' at your door in four... three... two...


  17. Sending lots of purrs! Maybe you need an air cleaner? Like a filter? Maybe that would help!

  18. Oh dear CK, I'm purring for you sweetie and M has you in her prayers. You just has to get better. Yes, Catin The Fridge is right - you need a HIPPA filter. They really do help. Get well soon.

  19. Oh! I feel so badly for you my poor friend! Please get well soon - I am purring very hard for you!

    Purrz N love,

  20. OMC wow that is a rough time for you. Sending purrs and prayers, you gotta get better. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. We are all thinking about you CK and have fingers, toes, hooves and paws crossed that you get better.

  22. We even have all the Angel kitties purring for you, so you will certainly feel the love coming to your aid!
    Angel brandi (Nurse to the Heavens)
    Mommy Carol

  23. Precious furriend, dear CK please please feel better. I hope you never ever ever get that shot again forEVER!
    Purring my hardest for you. Mom is even trying!!!


  24. all wayz de blessings oh R rockin awesum pal Frank, but yur mom bee rite in one thing....rap aint gonna soothe de beest rite now...what cha kneed iz harp mewsic...plane nothin else added two it harp mewsic...noe joke & burdz bee damned.

    tell pops ta kind lee stop at de hard ware store ore a place like best buy yada yada N get a port a bull air purifier for ewe...filters never go bad, they can bee moved frum room ta room N yur peepulz poison will bee filtered outta de air az well :)

    bee well, de list oh customerz for CK merlot iz growin by de minit


  25. Dear CK we are all still purring for you and so sorry you've been feeling so bad. We hope this allergy season will soon be over so you will feel so much better.

  26. I sending even rumblier purrs to blast the pollen away Keisha! I hope you feel better soon, prednisolone can be awful to take sometimes.


  27. You poor thing. We're purring that you're back to your "old" self in no time!

  28. Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that you have been sick, CK. We know how much it sucks to be sick, so we really hope you feel better soon. Glad to hear you are improving. We will be sending lots of prayers and purrs your way!

  29. Oh CK this sooooo broke our hearts! We hate seeing you feel like this! Mom and Dad's allergies have been acting up and mine are too, CK please, please feel better soon! Love, Cody

  30. Ut oh, is Stunning Keisha recovered enough to demand revenge for this treatment?
    I sure hope so!
    Very best wishes to TW!

  31. Iz hates they sickniss dear CK. I duz haz to takes teh pred efurry other day n sumtimes efurryday but Iz lucky cuz I duz likes it tayste. Maybe if you try an takes it an only duz a tiny bit of skratching n maybe it will halp. Luvs an purrrs, Pandy

  32. Aw, man, CK. We sure hope you're feeling better soon.

  33. Kisses of get-well for you! :) xoxoxoxo {{{hugs}}}

  34. Sending healing thoughts to you. Make sure your caretakers take care of themselves too.

  35. Aw :( purrs barks and hugz for you!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  36. None of us have inhalant allergies but both of our pawrents do, and Mom has been particularly miserable. We are very worried about you C.K. We have been purring, but we are going to start one of our 24/7 purr-a-thons and will not stop until you are 100 percent well again. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  37. Sending lots of purrs and healing vibes to you CK! Get well soon!

  38. CJ and Mia are sending healing purrs your way!

  39. Hello my sweet little love, The Human went back to work today so I couldn't check in on you as often as I wanted. I hope you had a better day, and a good dinner, and some good sleepies tonight. XOXOXOXO

  40. CK I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling with this cold/asthma/icky stuff - it's simply NOT FAIR. I don't like knowing that you're in distress and not feeling your perky self. It makes me you don't want me to be sad right? Then PURRRRLEEEEEZE get better soon. I know there's not much you can do on your own - you need the help of the evil vet and your humans....but just let them do what must be done. We need you back...ASAP!

    Hugs, Sammy

  41. we are now officially panicked. My BFGF cannot been feeling so down for so long; I know you can push this cold and asthma away...and yes, Mom Linda is having a bad time with her asthma which only came on her about two years ago but is having a great time catching up for all the years she was never bothered. purrrrrrrrs for you my dear furriend

  42. we are now officially panicked. My BFGF cannot been feeling so down for so long; I know you can push this cold and asthma away...and yes, Mom Linda is having a bad time with her asthma which only came on her about two years ago but is having a great time catching up for all the years she was never bothered. purrrrrrrrs for you my dear furriend

  43. Get well soon CK! Have you asked your Vet guy if Lysine will help you?
    We're purring for your quick recovery!

  44. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Our Mumsy has a terrible time with allergies, and this year has been awful! That pollen vortex sounds about right :-| We hope all you guys get to feeling better soon!

  45. Poor CK. Allergies are crazy this year -- mostly for the humans, but we've been sneezing more, too. We are purring and praying for you, dear friend. We love you, and hope you feel better soon.


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe (and Mom and Dad, too)


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