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Presenting Cathy Keisha for #PreciousCat

GOOD EVENING CAT BLOGOSPHERE! THANKS FOR HAVING ME! Our program is brought to you by Precious Cat's Cat Attract Litter Formula.

CK sings to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (with apologies to the late, great Pete Seeger):

♫ I’m in the box, I'm in the box
I'm in the box, I'm in the box
In the litter, the clumping litter, the kitteh pees tonight.
In the litter, Cat Attract litter, the kitteh poos tonight.

Not all kittehs are good like me and use the litter box. Some cats don’t use it for such reasons as stress, environmental change or illness. Tonight I have a very special guest to discuss these topics. Would you please welcome to the stage my friend, Dr. Bruce Elsey! He’s been a feline-only veterinarian for 30 years. During that time he’s cared for over 8,000 cats and he’s here to help me sing about Precious Cat Cat Attract litter.

CK: Good evening Dr. Elsey. I’m honored to have you here tonight, especially after learning about your wife’s illness. I’m sending her many healing purrz. Later we’ll be joined by my cousin Fluffbomb, who will talk about his litter box issues. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you decide that you wanted to focus solely on cats in your veterinary practice?

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Dr. Elsey: I went to a conference and met a man who had a cat-only practice. I'd always enjoyed working with cats. It was a good fit. At the time there were only 13 cat practices in the entire country.

CK: Tell me a little about your first cat practice. I’ve never been to a cat-only vet.

Dr. Elsey: My first cat-only practice opened in October 1978 as a sole veterinary office. After a few years I brought another associate on board. The clientele understood the logic of having a feline only practice, one with no dogs to scare the cats in the waiting room. I felt it was important to focus my skills on one species as a way to become truly knowledgeable. The amount of new information that is continually becoming available is daunting and it will only increase.

CK: Tell me what led you to create The Cat Attract Litter Formula. With many cats being surrendered to shelters because of litter box problems, this seemed like a no-brainer for a cat lover.

Dr. Elsey: Yes. Vet practices, especially cat practices, hear from owners about cats that don’t use litter or that are spraying and that is a big problem for the owners. Many of these cats end up at shelters or are abandoned. Because of this I set to work on a litter formulation that would be more acceptable to the cat. I worked with local shelters and the clinic for testing and honed the formula and it’s been well received.

CK: I presume educating the humans helps. When Chizzy and his littermates was old enough to be litter trained, TW put them one by one in the box and scraped their paws. The first two cats knew what to do. Chizzy scraped and jumped right out of the box. When should one switch from The Kitten Attract Litter Formula to the Cat Attract?

Dr. Elsey: The kitten attract formula has a finer particle size which is better suited to the small size of a kitten’s paw. There’s no reason a cat owner couldn’t continue using the kitten formula on an older cat but it tends to track a lot more than the Cat Attract does. Cats like a litter that is as close to sand as possible, from a texture standpoint. The Kitten Attract litter is formulated with an herbal essence that is pleasing to a kitten. The switch to Cat Attract litter can be made once the kitten is around one year old. The Cat Attract formula has a different herbal essence that is found to be more pleasing to the older felines.

♪ In the litter, the dustless litter
The kitteh pees tonight
In the litter, Precious Cat litter
The kitteh poos tonight ♫

CK: When cats don’t use the litter box, is it because of medical reasons or changes to the cat’s environment like maybe a new brofur or sisfur?

Dr. Elsey: Cats have urinary tract issues, but it is a behavioral issue many times. Veterinarians don’t typically see a lot of purely medical infections until the cats are more than 10-years-old. If a cat is under 10 and has inappropriate urination or marking it will likely be a stress-related issue where environmental enrichment is a huge thing to look into.

CK: You told me something backstage before the show that I found very inneresting.

Dr. Elsey: … because cats are predators they should have about 3,000 square feet (per cat) to roam in and many cases cats are being asked to live in spaces that are too small for them. We put them in spaces with other predators–dogs, other cats and people–and this causes them stress. Cats should each have their own litter. They need playtime, to be brushed and  elevated spots where they can get away from others. All things that are stress reducing.

CK: Whoa! My condo is only 1000 square feet!

CK: My cousin, Fluffbomb, is a rescue cat who has litter box issues and he’s joining us now. How can my Aunt Karen, who’s had some success with the Cat Attract litter, get him back on track?

Fluffbomb: Hi, Dr. Elsey. I don’t always use my litter box and when I do, I never cover it up. Do you have any tips that might help my Mom help me?

Dr. Elsey: People need to scoop the box every day. Next, the box needs to be large enough; it should be one and one half times the length of the cat so he can easily turn around in it. Most litter boxes are not really that large. If you have multiple cats, you need multiple litter boxes; one box more than the number of cats in your home. Using a plastic litter box can eventually pick up an odor that the cats find objectionable and they will have an aversion to it. When it comes to health; we promote canned food because a cat will get twice the total water intake by eating canned food over dry and this will cut back on the incidence of urinary issues.

CK: Seems like my peeps are on the right track. I have 2 big boxes, that get cleaned morning and night—usually. TW is gonna replace my plastic litter boxes cos she saw how cute Fluffbomb’s new box is. HAH!

Dr. Elsey: Another item to address is that some cats will have a location preference for the litter box; placing it next to a washing machine or dryer or furnace that cuts in and out can be an issue as it could scare the cat while it’s in the box. Most cats, too, prefer open litter boxes over closed styles.

Cousin Fluffbomb loves Cat Attract cat litter.

CK: Another inneresting fact since I have a closed box cos Nicky used to throw litter and turds all over the kitchen. Then he’d play with the turds like a hockey puck. I keep telling my readers and Facebook fans that moist cat food is the way to go. Can you expound on that as it relates to litter box issues?

Dr. Elsey: I think a lot of problems with cats could be solved if they were on canned food; it may not be as convenient or cost effective, but it’s healthier for the cat and could add to the sanity of the pet parent! Also, kidney compromise is the number one reason for demise of older cats. Cats are in a chronic stage of dehydration their entire life when on dry food and that’s not conducive to normal kidney function. Consider a cat’s diet in the wild would be a mouse with a moisture content of 80%; canned food is 72-82% moisture, and dry food has 10% moisture. Cats simply don’t drink enough water to make up for the moisture deficit and this can have an adverse impact on kidney function. And that leads back to urinary issues.

CK: Way to tell ‘em, Dr. Elsey! Thank you so much for being a guest and sharing your knowledge with my readers. And now a final word from our sponsor, Precious Cat Litter.

♫ Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
In Cat Attract litter
Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
The litter is the best ♪

♪ She's in the box she's in the box
She's in the box she's in the box ♫


booklet can be found on the Precious Cat website that addresses litter box issues and offers solutions. This booklet is also included with every bag of Kitten or Cat Attract. Getting to the bottom of your cat’s behavior is the starting point to solving it. Thank you all for joining me and my special guests Dr. Elsey and cousin Fluffbomb. Stay tuned next month for a special giveaway of Cat Attract Litter.

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    Ps Fluffbomb is sooo cute but then any relative of yours would have to be glam to compete with you.

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