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Wednesday Word—Questions

OK, Woman. I have questions and you better have answers. They better be the answers I want to hear too!

Why can’t I blog every day?

Why don't you play with me more?

What did you buy that stupid water fountain for?

How come you only get rid of MY stuff?

How come you don’t play with me more?

Did you remember my Gotcha Day is coming up?

Am I getting a new cat tree?

Whatchoo doin’, Woman?

and the most important question:

Can I bite you … hard?

You can’t blog every day because you don’t want filler. You want substantial blogs and, frankly, you’re just not that interesting. Say what Woman?? That is NOT the right answer!! Try again.

I can’t play with you more because I’m typing your blogs. It takes time, you know. I can either play with you or type your blogs. Where are you getting this [censored] Woman? Maybe if you didn’t sleep so much, there’d be more time!

It was suggested that maybe you’d drink water if you had a fountain. Besides, that’s the fountain you wanted. We even put a fish in there for you. As if! I told you not to waste OUR money after I rejected that first fountain you bought. I didn’t like the fish either!

We get rid of some of our things also. Don’t I give sheets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels and cleaning supplies to A Call 4 Paws too? That’s a question, Woman. I’m supposed to be axing the questions. For every hunnert of my things, you get rid of one of your own. Case closed.

I answered that one already. I can either play with you or visit your friends. If you tried harder, you could do both. All my furrends' humans can do both PLUS they work at real jobs.

Yes, how could I forget? Another question, Woman! What did you get me? You’re getting a Tickle Pickle, remember? I was supposed to get that for Christmas. I suggest you go online and order something else. STAT!

No. You got one for Christmas. You play on it daily. That’s NOT a new tree! That’s my Tree of Pain that you gave away. It was refurbished and returned. Now you’re giving away my other favorite tree. The one you haven’t been on in two years? I LOVE that tree. I’m always on it! And, need I remind you again, I’m axing the questions.

I’m typing your blog for Wednesday; the one where I answer your questions. Of course you wouldn’t be playing with me.

No! Of course not! Heh heh! Gimme your finger, Woman.


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  1. We were soooo hoping to see that bitey at the end!

  2. Mol... you tell that woman CK! But hope that you went kinda easy on the bite ;) Maybe the two of you can come to a compromise?

  3. Those were some pretty tough questions, CK! I kind of think you softballed the question you asked my human.

  4. CK you crack us up. Fangtastic Q&A. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Ok CK, I love you! You're awesome! Star does that whole bite the hand that pets you too.. can I ask a question? Why??!!

  6. This cracked us up, too. Loved the back and forth. Great questions...same answers (excuses) that most humans give! :-p

  7. Well, those were darn good questions CK! Were you satisfied with the answers???

  8. Good questions, CK! We hope that was just a love bite at the end though. You can't go biting the hands that have thumbs. What will you do when you need a can of food opened?

  9. These are great questions! I love your fish in a water fountain :-) Very cute. But I guess you don't like it as it is fake!

  10. you have inspired mom to write a blog about the same thing! good going. But, will she play with us?

  11. CK, I totally forgot to ask Mom any!!!

  12. CK....ree gardless oh de out come oh any oh yur veree good questshunz, yur gonna get a bogus evasive answer for each N everee one, if ewe even GET an answer frum de get her eyes when her answers....if her "looks" shiftee...her bee lyin.....

  13. Great questions ! They are more interesting than the usual human's evasive answers they get... We know it (even if we totally miss that Cat's Questions Day, shame on our mum !). Purrs

  14. You've got one sassy owner there! However, don't bite too hard, that might backfire you know! She wouldn't be able to type your blogs at all!

  15. Well... That last photo kind of summed it all up for us! Good questions, good answers and you got a bitey. Everyone should be happy now, right? Right?

  16. CK, you are take really expressive pictures. he hed I can almost read your mind. M says she feels kinda bad for TW, cuz she does try for you and does lots of stuff.(Now I'd better have a talk with M cuz she's getting lazy too).

  17. Awwww you're not "biting", CK - that's a "love nibble"!


  18. We cheated, we let our readers answer the questions MOL!!

    You don't use the fountain CK - but they are awesome!!

    Harvey Button

  19. CK, those are some hard hitting questions! I hope you didn't bite your human too hard!

  20. C.K., you are one lucky kitty. We saw a lot of questions from kitties today but not too many answers. You may not have liked the answer you got, but you did get them. And you did get to put the bitty on your mom. SCORE! Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  21. CK we are dropping by to thank you for being one of our top commenters for 2013 at Dash Kitten. We appreciate it very much and think you are something special.

    Thank you.

    Miranda, Silver and Harvey.

  22. Great questions...but poor Mum - hope you only gave her gentle bite.

  23. You're sure a tough customer, CK! You sure keep TW on her toes.

  24. Wes did not like our Mommy's answers either!

  25. I don't think those answers are much good, CK. Put the bitey on her--hard.

    Say, I'm a little--more than a little--offended that you didn't think my butt was cute.

  26. Oh CK, you were in fine form for theese day for sure and really put TW through the paces!

  27. Well CK, your human made an effort to respond to your questions BUTTT are you satisfied with those responses? If not, I do think a major bitey is in order. Really.

    Hugs, Sammy

  28. Those are great questions and she actually answered them!
    But my favorite part is the "ouch!" picture!

    Naughty Noodle

  29. Okay. I'm over it now. As long as you *do* think my bluebutt is cute.

  30. CK wow got a fish color me green I love watching Tanked and a real fishey swoon. What great questions you axed.

  31. CK , now I think you have been way to hard on poor T.W !
    After all she is just a human *mol*

  32. Bite hard? Really? That was a trick question, right?


  33. No mercy from the Stunning Cathy Keisha!
    ... I should copy and paste your questions for Glogirly. She's got some answering to do TOO!
    ; ) Katie

  34. You are one difficult task master Keisha, fur sure
    Nice Bitey by the way

  35. Hmmmm! We could see the Bitey coming!!


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