Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Don't say anything, but there's a cat behind me who looks just like me.
Double your pleasure, double your fun … it's Keisha x 2. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most STUNNING of them all?

I think I owe my dear readers a light-hearted post this week and the peeps didn't do anything stupid, except when TW took the rice out of the cabinet to get to something behind it and it opened when she picked it up to put it back. But I've written that one so many times before. … The Woman had an epiphany last night while reading Homer's book. Suddenly she loves me more than life itself and has been playing with me and—gasp—she keeps trying to HUG me. Someone hide me before I get human's cooties. … Pop starts PT tomorrow for his elbow.


  1. Hello strunning one! Actually, you both are looking mighty fine!!!

  2. HUG?? But you know, we have to tolerate and stand all of these kisses and hugs and strokes and more kisses. It's part of our job. Pity me..my mom loves kissing my FEETS! She said she's not dead yet from kissing them and she doesn't care where they've been. If they have my cooties, that's OK. You going to Shayna's wedding?

  3. Oh Cod. Not the squeezing and kissing. We'd rather have our nails trimmed.


  4. Ugh! Hugging blows! Thank cod Homer's book did not have that effect on my human.

  5. That's good book then : )
    My mom love that book too.


  6. Two beauties in the same house - it will never work! he he - one Stunning Keisha in a house is enough.

  7. MOL, i kinda likes my mommeh's human cooties. but she has done teh rice thing too. it is fun to play wif all teh rice but then she gets mad. (Pee-Ess, i finks bof CK's in teh mirror is fabulous.)

  8. I like it when my mama hugs me! For a little while, anyway, then I've had enough and I stalk away. It just means she loves you lots and lots!

    I bet dat was funny wif da rice.

  9. Whoa! 2 Cathy Keishas could rule the world, really...Purrs to your Pop.


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