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Tuna-less Tuesday

If you think this is a strange title for a blog on Monday, wait till you hear my sad story.

I've already written about how clumsy and accident-prone Pop is. He's always hitting his head and getting concussions. He'd just been to the doctor with post-concussion syndrome last week and the doctor gave him strict instructions "NO MORE ACCIDENTS!"  Cut to Friday. When the weather is clear, he and his friend take 3 mile walks during lunch hour. It's good exercise for them. Friday they were walking near the WTC construction site and Pop stepped in a pothole. He couldn't catch himself and went down. When he tried to get up, he noticed there was something seriously wrong with his arm. He went to the ER where he was diagnosed with a Radial Head Fracture. In layman's terms, he has a broken arm near the elbow. They put him in a sling and sent him home.

This hasn't been a very good month for my peeps. TW already had been diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis and had gotten colitis from the antibiotics, which is why I haven't been leaving comments on your blogs. She was a mess—coughing and wheezing. She thought she would have a relaxing weekend and then came the call from Pop.

The peeps have a very small carbon footprint. They don't own a car. During the week, TW does all the small day to day shopping. She buys what we eat during the week. On Saturday, Pop does the big shopping at the Pathmark. He buys the stuff she can't carry home—litter, water, soda and cat food. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Pop wasn't going to be carrying that stuff with a broken arm. It is with that knowledge that TW set out w/Pop and the cart to Pathmark Saturday afternoon.

Pop is fiercely independent and wanted to do as much as he could at the supermarket. One of the things they bought was 18 cans of my Fancy Feast grilled tuna. It's my favorite flavor. Duh! They had a coupon for $1 off 18 cans and Pathmark was doubling coupons. TW bagged the tuna and Pop carefully placed the other items into the cart.
Am I upset???? What do YOU think? My tail is even puffy!
Flashback to around 6 pm Saturday night.

TW: What happened to the cat food? I can't remember if I took it out of the cart and I don't see it anywhere.

Pop: Whaaaa? You had to take it out of the cart. I remember putting it in. *looks at empty counter*

CK: *ears perking up* Huh? Where's my tuna?!? WHERE'S MY TUNA, WOMAN!?!??!?

TW: I bet we left it hanging on the bag rack.

CK: Bag rack? How could you leave something so important on the [censored] bag rack. There must be a mistake. My mistake is trusting you to buy my food!

Pop: How could we do that?

CK: It's easy! You're ANCIENT! SENILE! *hyperventilating* OF ALL THE STUPID [CENSORED]

Pop called the store and, yes, they had the tuna; but unless the peeps could pick it up before they closed, they couldn't hold it for them. No, they wouldn't lose their money. Yes, they'd lose the tuna. Well, my peeps are old and sick and they weren't about to walk another mile and a half back to Pathmark—not even for me. All my kitty ears and brain registered was that the peeps had their people stuff so screw the cat. The cat apparently isn't important enough for them to hike back and collect my Fancy Feast. This is so wrong and unfair!

So the sad fact is that we only have 3 cans of tuna left in the house to last 5 days and TW may or may not go back to Pathmark before next weekend. She could get it around here but she'd have to pay twenty cents more and,apparently I'm not worth it. Yes, we have other flavors in the house but tuna is my FAVORITE! I DON'T WANT ANY OTHER FLAVOR! I WANT MY TUNA!

I'm going to go lay on Pop's new cotton/bamboo blanket. It's my new fave spot to sleep, only today I'm going to sulk—until it's time for my tuna.

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  1. Oh no, your poor Pop and poor TW! Even worse is the disappearing tuna, but I'm purring that all will work out okay!

  2. you poor baby!!!! If I lived there I would go and get your tuna NOW!!! You have every right to sulk you poor thing!!!

    I feel so bad for your Mom and Pop, all of the horrible things they have been through recently. I am hoping for better days ahead and that they both feel better soon!

    I can't imagine having to lug all of that stuff home with NO CAR....OMG! I will never complain about grocery shopping again!

  3. Sound like your Pop should be Indoor Human, He should be lock in till he get better ! I purrs lots of lots of purrs for him.

    And I hope you can get more cans of Tuna so soon

  4. That's it - I'm coming to rescue you!! I'll send M to the store now for Fancy Feast Tuna (and she'd better bring back some for me too!. Sit tight - I'll be right over, so pack your bag! (Note from M - excuse Mario, he can be rude sometimes - we really do feel bad for Pops and TW. They have had more than their share lately Kathy, so be a good girl and go purr in their laps instead of sulking).

  5. I'm trying, trying, TRYING to teleport that tuna to you!!

  6. CK, you need to retrain those humans of yours! The right thing for them to do would have been to rush out immediately and picked up your food! Broken arm, whatever, doesn't matter. You need to eat, and you should get your favorite food! Sheesh.

  7. Do you think you'll live until this weekend? Gosh, I sure hope so. If you get hungry enough will you eat something else? Sometimes we get people tuna if we've run out of canned food. You poor thing. Hope TW and pops are back to their old selves real soon.

  8. What a purrfect comedy of errors....well, not so purrfect - you didn't get your TUNA! *holds paws to the heavens* AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH

    oh, and yah - take better care of your peeps, they need your sweet help. XoX Hugs to you & your peeps.

  9. Mommy was late getting here and she just read about your tuna crisis. As a cat I see your priorities are right. However, TW and your grandpa need some fine nursing care. Mr Puddy got mommy laffing (and I don't kbow WHY on earth she would!!) at his commet that your grandpa shpuyld be lock indoor human.

    I already know you got you fancy Feast, Mommy had a dollar off coupon too and used it on my chicken hearts and livers, my chicken and my chicken and tuna. Those, sliced, are my favorites.
    xoxoxo (be good to your humans) xoxoxo

  10. Oh theese is such a sad story...CK if I lived in your neighbourhood, I woulda swung by with my Clooneymobile to gets your tuna for ya...Purrs to your Peeps for healing and recovery.


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