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Love For Daisy

Tomorrow is the Walk For Daisy in England. I'm going to introduce Daisy to any of my readers who may not know who she is. Her story is the saddest, sickest story of animal cruelty I've ever read about. I first was made aware of her plight by my furrends in the Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF). They were tweeting under the hashtag #LoveforDaisy and some of them had daisy twibbons. At first I thought she was another cat suffering from cancer or some other insidious disease and I felt for her. Then I read her story and felt even worse.

Meet Daisy.

From the comments on my post about the Hempstead Animal Shelter's abuse, I know some of my readers are a bit skittish so they might want to re-read my last post about the oatmeal. For the rest, I'm going to quote her story from her Facebook page so I won't be excused of sensationalizing it.

On Tuesday 3rd May a little Tabby Cat called Daisy was found with horrific injuries and close to death dumped near Teckels Animal Shelter. At first the staff at Teckels believed that she had been a victim of a Road Traffic Accident due to the severity of her injuries but sadly after examination by the vets it has become clear that this is no accident and this poor little cat was a victim of a deliberate and sickening sexual assault. She has been subjected to a violent and horrific ordeal. Not only was she taken from her home but she was then beaten and left for dead. She lost half her body weight in blood and suffered broken teeth, a fractured skull, a black eye, a dislocated tail which has now has had to be amputated but worse of all she was violently raped. Her poor broken little body was found by the amazing staff at Teckels who immediately got her into Vetinary care. The Police are investigating the despicable and utterly heinous crime and DNA evidence is present. Daisy was not an abandoned cat as previously reported she was and still is a much loved and cherished little pet who was just going about her normal daily routine at her home when she so violently and horrendously violated. The Vets and Staff and her loving owner are desperately keeping their fingers and toes crossed that she will be able to recover and resume a normal life after this un-believable and disgusting attack. Originally it seemed that she may have suffered such extensive damage to her little body she might not have been able to perform normal necessary toilet functions and to add insult to all the injury she suffered she might still have had to be put to sleep BUT that is thankfully no longer the case and we are all so pleased that she is recovering.

Folks, I cannot make this stuff up. The sad part is that this incident hasn't gotten the press or attention that it should have. I hope the Walk will give it the attention it deserves. This pervert needs to be apprehended and become some dude's bitch in the slammer.

How can you help? This list comes from my dear furrend @JessieJaney on Eldrid Elephant's #WLF blog. I hope she doesn't mind my sharing it here and trying to give it a slightly bigger stage.

  1. If you're on Twitter, keep adding the hashtag #loveforDaisy to get it trending.
  2. Add a daisy from twibbon, which you can get here
  3. Ax all your furrends on Facebook to "like" Daisy Cat's Page.
  4. Write to your local media. Copy/paste the full story shown above.
  5. Donate to her JustGiving account.
  6. If residing nearby, please join the Walk For Daisy. This flier will provide more information.

You can also copy the badge I've created and link it to her story. The badge pictures was taken from Eldrid Elephant's #WLF blog.

Would you like to comment?

  1. I saw that sad, sad story too, I agree with you totally. Capture and torture that evil human. Sicko. Purrs to you sweetest Daisy.

  2. Evil hooman! We better bite his **** off!

    Daisy, we luv you! We're your Purrime Ministerettes gonna make you the trendiest of trendy Twitter! XXXX

  3. So generous of you to let everyone know about Daisy so they can hopefully help. You're a really good kitty Cathy.
    luv you,

  4. OMG - That is the worst thing I have ever heard. I certainly hope they catch the demons who did this. They need to be tortured to know how it feels - prison is too good for them.

  5. Thank you for raising the profile of this atrocity with such an easy to understand page. This incident has shocked such a lot of people. My folks are meeting up with some of the other UK anipal tweeps on the Walk for Daisy tomorrow. Anything we can do raise awareness is appreciated. I hope they catch the perpertrator. Keep using #loveforDaisy

  6. Thank you so much for mentioning Daisy's story, this incident has shocked and saddened so many people around the world.
    My staff are meeting Mr_Pie's staff on the walk.
    You can read more about the walk on FB, just search for Walk For Daisy.

  7. All decent, loving people out there are sickened by such horrible 'in-humane' abuse. God bless you Daisy and I hope that love and care can in some small way make up for the terrible, awful hurt that has been done to an innocent creature.
    G x

  8. My human and I were disgusted and horrified by Daisy's story when we first read about it a few weeks ago! I am so glad she is healing, and I wish the sick, evil culprit was apprehended already.

  9. This story is just horrifying. My mama is in tears. She knew something awful had happened to a kitty named Daisy but she was scared to find out the details until now. Thank you for raising awareness and telling us how we can help.

  10. MY momma knew but read it again in honor of this precious lady cat. It brings her to tears. That is one of the most evil persons that I am sad to call a human, alive. Hideous and heinous.

  11. Saw this at Admiral's blog and Daisy's story is just incredibly sad; we are purring and praying for this precious baby...Our Mommy could not say enough bad things about this evil, hateful person, but hope he gets what he deserves...Hang in there, gorgeous Daisy...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. That is horrible! We are purring and praying for poor Daisy. I hope they catch that sick and evil human, and punish him SEVERELY.

  13. We are purr-aying for poor little Daisy! How could anyone be so evil as to do that to a poor pussycat? We would like to tear him to pieces!
    Our human Mummy said she would like to cut off various pieces of his anatomy and feed them to the d-o-g-s, except she wouldn't like to make the d-o-g-s sick.
    Daisy, sweet Daisy, we send you love and kisses and we are purring for you all the time.

  14. Sickening! I hope they catch that bastard and give him the punishment he deserves! If it was up to me, he would be castrated with a rusty pair of scissors - without benefit of an anaesthetic!

    My furry babies and I will pray for Daisy.

  15. My Mom knows about rape and this is not the place to discuss it, but this made us want to do something for Daisy. This should never happen and it was hard for us to respond because the first thing was not fit to print. Hope she continues to get better and the person gets fully punished.

  16. This is Horrible !!!! I hope that evil human got his karma in double !!!
    Warm Purrs for Poor Daisy. Rest in Peace

  17. Mom read this story with much tears running down her face, she holds us cats so close after reading the story. I hope he gets caught I hope he does meet up with many prisoners that are sickened by what he did & cut him up into little pieces slowly while others cheer them on. That person has no right to live. Daisy we are so happy that you are doing much better & hope you can trust humans again.

  18. When I think I have read it all, another horrific story is printed. This is the sickest story I have read and I can not think of a punishment that would be severe enough for this poor excuse for a human.

    I agree with Spookyshorty, this...what do you even call him....does not deserve to live. Put his man part in a meat grinder and we can all have a opportunity to turn the crank and listen to him scream.

    We are purring, purraying and sending healing light for 'lil Daisy.

  19. That is disgusting! To think any human would do such a thing is ... is .... Poor Daisy. What she has endured.

  20. I am in shock. Cathy, I'm one hundred percent with you on your comments regarding the sicko who did this. Hope he gets that and ten times worse.

    We will be saying special prayers for Daisy and doing what we can on Twitter, too. Hugs to Daisy and those caring folks who helped save her..

  21. Daisy's hoomans probably see the abuser every day and have no idea how sick he/she is. The abuser's family sort of knows but is in total denial. But I bet every one of the neighborhood kids know which of their classmates is a budding sexual sadist/serial killer.

    I first heard this story weeks ago and I am sickened that the authorities haven't figured it out yet.

    The thing is, the kid has been working up to that level of savagery, and up until now his/her victims have never been found. There will be more, and in a few years there will be humans.

    There is no cure for psychopathy. None. There isn't even an effective treatment. The abuser needs to be caught and put in a small, dark room with no human contact for the rest of his/her life.

    If it were up to me he'd be euthed. Lethal injection uses drugs that veterinarians consider too painful to use on pets.

  22. That is unfathomable and IS the most horrible thing we've ever heard. Our biggest prayers to Daisy for her healing and recovery.


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