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Bird TV is Being Cancelled?!?!?

The other night my peeps had to go to a condo meeting. They hadn't been to one of those in years. Apparently they got bad news. Or, quite precisely, the cat got bad news. Let me lay it out straight for my furrends. I think you can take it.

When I was adopted into this "luxury" condo, we had a beautiful view out our window. I used to spend countless hours on my cat tree, watching Bird TV and I also love to watch the cars going by on the Lincoln Tunnel helix. I called it Car TV. They look like little toy cars and I always imagined that I'd catch one someday.
My window. That red is the sign at the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel.
Well, the peeps told me that the building directly next door—a one-story factory—had been bought and the new owner was adding 3 more floors. Let this sink in. Unfortunately my peeps have their priorities totally mixed up. They're worried about things like the apartment being dark—even in the middle of the day—and their property resale value plummeting. Pop won't be able to do his own traffic report in the mornings by just looking at the Lincoln Tunnel traffic out the window and they'll be no New Year's Eve fireworks' display in the warmth of our home. BFD!, says Cathy Keisha. This ghetto cat is worried about the real issues here. Bird TV will be cancelled if we are facing the wall of the building next door. Car TV will also be cancelled. Say what?!?! I paid my cable bills and I want what I paid for! I know my rights! I will take this all the way to the Supreme Court, if I have to!!
Whoa! This roof may be ugly but I get good reception for Bird TV.
Soon all I'll see is a wall with frosted windows.
The next topic of concern for this kitteh is "what about sun puddles?" I'm very upset to say it looks like I'll be saying adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci to the few sun puddles I now have. Our apartment faces North and East so I get my sun puddles early in the morning and by noon, they're gone. Now I have to wonder how the sun puddles are going to find their way through a 13-foot space between my building and the one that going up. Will they be able to creep through for me?

Here's the current view from our window—the one the peeps are concerned about.

TW is calling realtors to find out if the resale value of our apartment is going to take a hit. Anyone with a cat looking at this place will no doubt have to pass it by. No Bird TV + no sun puddles = No sale.

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  1. Oh no! Our Bird-TV is going strong, and you're welcome to join us!

  2. OMC!!! This can not be true! Come to our Condo to watch Bird TV, we don't have Car TV but we do have 'lil Bean TV especially in da summer when they are all out at the pool!!

    We should all get together and Picket..We have Rights!!!!

  3. This is terrible news! The apartment is not going to be fit to live in. Sure, there are artificial sun puddles and even artificial bird TV (can you credit it?) but they are just not as good as the real thing!

    You are always welcome to come watch our bird, lizard and squirrel TV, but I know it's not the same as having it at home. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  4. That's AWFUL, CK!!! You should get a full refund - and a new view!

    Although we SHOULD have good Bird TV here, it's actually pretty boring - we get more, un-fun Dog TV - so I'm afraid I can't help.

  5. Baby Girl, you need to get to Massachusetts, STAT! We got Bird and Squirrel TV, and if you're feeling nosy, you can listen to the guy next door fight with his girlfriend ;-).

  6. Ohhh Keisha that is just horrible news!! Hmmm maybe it is time for your Mom & Dad to move? Your current view is just breathtaking and are in the heart of the city aren't you? I feel so bad for you!

  7. Oh noes!! Dis can't be! You must protest my furriend! Maybe TW and you can sabotage dere plans or something. Not fair at all! We has plenty of bird TV in the front and back of our house, you is welcome here any time my furriend.


    *if you needs a pair of claws for back up let me knows*

  8. That's the worst news! Man, I hope there's something your peeps can do - that is too beautiful of view to loose! So not cool .... stoopid new building owners, guess their not trying to make friends. :(

  9. Oh NOES! I wish you could come to Tennessee where *I* live. I have lots of channels of Bird TV, Squirrel TV, Deer TV, even Car TV. PLenty of sun puddles. Lots of interesting sounds..come on over for a long visit.

    (I have a kazillion toys to share too)

  10. Oh CK, theese is bad news, sorry to hear about that. Do you thinks you can get a refund on your cable TV? I don't know what to do about the sun puddles though...


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