Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Washday Wednesday

Depending on who you listen to, I've either raised the flagpole or I'm playing the cello. I'm ignoring my smousy toy, that's for sure. What do your peeps call it?

Director, where's the [bleeping] director? We need a close-up of my form. Yeah, come in for a close-up. Lights, camera, action!


  1. WOW - you really have the moves girl!! When I refuse to play around here, M mumbles something like "I should have gotta dog." hissssss - can you imagine!!! Now who in their right mind wouldn't prefer you and me over a dog!!

  2. Wow !!! May be you are the first cat in CBD who asks your mom take a photo while you are bathing !!!!

  3. I just call it thorough bathing!

  4. Yep-a-roo, we just call it normal!!!

  5. let's put it this have a really, really good idea of what I am like (as evidenced by some of your hysterical comments to me both on the blog and on Twitter) so you do NOT want to know what I would call it!

  6. Hahah great move...clean them all girl ;)


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