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Stylish Blogger Award

Another day, another award. Such is the life of a stunning cat like myself. My good furrend Mariodacat of Mario's Meowsings has bestowed this honor upon me. How can I refuse such a generous and good-looking man-cat?

As recipient of this award, I'm supposed to—stop the presses! this little kitteh does what she wants NOT what she's supposed to—I'd LIKE to link back to the person who gave it to me and then tell 7 things about myself that you don't know. Trust me, this will be hard cos if you're a hardcore reader of this blog, you know more about me than my peeps.

  1. I have a cute, little kink at the end of my tail.
  2. I love to support animal charities and causes but my peeps aren't having the best of times financially. What little money they have, I make sure they lavish on me.
  3. I come from the ghetto by the mouth of the Holland Tunnel. Since this is Black History Month, I intend to celebrate by making my own "Put the Bitey On the Whitey" month. Pop almost needed stitches yesterday morning to close the bite I put on his wrist. hee hee
  4. I don't drink water. I stopped suddenly last August. This gets me more stinky soft goodness so I get liquid.
  5. I don't scratch the furniture or rugs.
  6. I'll only eat dried catnip and only if TW pulls it off the plant for me.
  7. Pop is the only human who can pick me up. He's also the only one I'll purr for.
Finally, I'd like to pass the award off to 7 other bloggers. OMC! I feel like I have God's powers thrust upon me! What do you mean, I exasperate, woman? "No, Cathy, I said exaggerate" Woman, for the last time, stay. out. of. my. blog!!! I apologize for the scene TW just made. Without further ado—or interruption from the cheap seats—the winners are:

Now don't I look like a Stylish Blogger?

Mews and notes: Thank you to everyone who's contributed to the ChipIn for A Call 4 Paws. I hope we'll reach our goal. I'll be posting some pictures from the sanctuary very soon.

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  1. Congrats fur sure, you sure are one stylish lady! I sure enjoyed reading you list too!

  2. you are stunning and deserve the award. As usual, we're leaving your bloggy laughing our heads off. Wish I had half the sense of humor you have.

  3. Concats on your award! You certainly do look like a stylish blogger!

  4. CONCATULATIONS and OMC was I ever surprised to see us on your list of SEVEN!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

    We just did a post about the award a week or so ago so we won't be posting another (we do what WE want to also MOL!!! I know YOU of all kitties understand!) but we are BEYOND GRATEFUL and sooooooo appreciative!!!! THANK YOU!!! don't drink water? Do you get enough liquid from your wet "stinky goodness?"
    xoxoxoxo Thanks soooooooooo much again!

  5. Thank you so much oh stunning one! I am very honored and will nag my mom to get our post up soon. Really, no water???

  6. Concats on the award! I can tell by the facts that you are a hardwired wildkitty - cool!

  7. You are very stylish! And way too funny!! We LOVE kitties (I even get in my kitty's' cat tree to show them how much I love them)

  8. Way to go, you are super stylish! And so is your Blog xoox.

  9. Concats on the award!!!! and your 7 things are pretty unique !

  10. Hey I put the bitey on the whitey alla time. Mommy!

  11. Hey sweet friend, just saw your note and wanted to let you know that Sweet Praline got good news, YAY!

  12. OH!I came by to say hi again and read Brian's note about Sweet Praline! YEA!!!

  13. Congratulations on your great award. We like learning more about you!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Concatulations on your award! And "Put the Bitey on the Whitey" made us MOL! And you look very lovely in your background picture!

    Clarissa & Co.

  15. Congrats on the award! We think you totally deserve it! And oh we loved reading about you - we think Put the Bitey on Whitey is a funny idea! And we are like you with the scratching for the most part - we don't really scratch the furniture or rugs (well, most of us don't - we won't talk about the others).


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