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Report From the Front Lines

Can you spot me now? This reporting work is hard!
This is Stunning Keisha, your Roman reporter, coming to you from the A Call 4 Paws Cat Sanctuary in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. I'm here to find out just how hard life could be for these 60 or so feral kittehs that were taken off the mean streets of Jersey City, NJ, by Linda Perez and her staff. These kind animal lovers drive through the city with a car full of cat and dog noms looking for strays. Once apprehended, they are taken to Bayonne Veterinary Medical Building where they're spayed or neutered and given a thorough exam. The social ones are put into foster homes until they're adopted and the feral ones are sent up the river to this 4-acre community, where they nurse them back to health and try to rehabilitate—er, socialize—them so they can be adopted. This is more luxury hotel than jail.

For those who don't know, I started out as a feral cat from those same mean streets. I wasn't taken to a resort like this. I was shipped to a kill shelter. A rescue then brought me to a no-kill shelter. I was thrown into a cell and never properly socialized. When I was adopted, my peeps couldn't pet me. I would attack at a moment's notice. My peeps think I must've been abused on the street because I still cower when a hand is raised to pet me. This upsets TW since they've never tried to hurt me.

Linda has provided us with these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. As you can see, these cats are treated with tender, loving care. They have a human who lives rent-free at the sanctuary, who's sole job is to take care of the darlings. The cats live in four heated houses. They sleep on bunk beds and cozy cushions. Whoa, this IS band camp!
Crowd into the photo. I'm gonna make you famous!
What I found were happy cats who were glad to tell me their stories. They told of how much they appreciated living in the lap of luxury while still keeping it real. Some are hardened Alleys; others are wishing for furever homes. That little calico on the top bunk on the left wanted to sneak a ride home with me! Many were reluctant to talk about the crimes they had committed back in Jersey City. I did find out what goes on in the bunks, stays in the bunks. Just for the record, I would like to know which [censored] stole my wallet.
What goes on in the bunks stays in the bunks.
Really, do these guys look feral? Look at the one in the wicker bed!
Now comes the messy part: To keep up this level of care and rehabilitation, Linda and her staff need money. That's why, with the help of @TheNascarKitty, I started this ChipIn. She needs funds for the veterinary bills and for the upkeep of the Sanctuary. There are taxes, gas and electric bills and water bills to be paid, as well as the cost of buying food, litter and all the necessities to keep cats happy and healthy. The sanctuary also needs donations of cleaning supplies, paper plates and other housekeeping items. Really, do any of you want to see these cats living on the streets again—panhandling or washing your car's windshield with a dirty rag—just because they may be deemed anti-social? Many of these Alleys will resort to selling nip that isn't organic and robbing delis and Chinese delivery men. That's why the peeps and I have provided over $500 in donations of my slightly used toys, beds, scratching posts, carriers and cat food; plus the peeps old towels, blankets, clothing, etc. Before we throw anything out, we call Linda to see if she could use it. Judging from conditions here, everything gets put to good use.

I'm well aware that my furrends have their own charities and hometown shelters and are very generous. I've seen it during countless PawPawties. I just ax that you hack into your human's PayPal account one more time so these kitties won't have to go back to a life of crime to feed and defend themselves. Won't you please help Keisha's Kittehs?

ADDENDUM: Got an e-mail from Linda at A Call 4 Paws. She writes: "Thank you so much for exposing our furry friends at A Call 4 Paws Sanctuary. The generous donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help more of our less fortunate furry friends. We'd also like to share with you that the cat inside the basket was adopted out to a beautiful permanent loving home last week. Thank you, Ms. Keisha!!!"

And thanks to everyone who's donated. You can make a difference. We're so happy to get that little bit of news. Time to do the "Happy Dance."

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  1. They sure sound like a wonderful place, we'll help a little bit. Thanks so much for sharing your story too, I had no idea sweetie.

  2. What an amazing place-thanks for sharing the story of A Call 4 Paws Animal Rescue! And also for sharing your story too Cathy! Your hoomans are wonderful - I hope you let them pet you now!
    Pawhugs & Purrrs
    <3 Lily

  3. This is a pawsome place! It is more like rehab than prison. The Animal Control Facilities - now, THAT is prison!

  4. this is an amazing facility....I will see what I can do.......
    I love that they have a human there living rent free that takes care of the cats. Wonderful!

  5. done!! Sorry I couldn't do more but I had very little in my PayPal account xoxo

  6. What a great place dis is CK. Times are tough for the oomans of the world right now, but I hope they find it in their heart to give a little. I shuddeer to think what would have happened if dey hadn't rescued you. We would not have met! I will ask M to take some of my kibble money dis week and give it to your shelter.

  7. This is really a very lovely Sanctuary I wish all the cats had it so good as here.
    You are wonderful to rescue these kitties & I love the bunkbeds Glad these kitties have a wonderful place to live in.

  8. This sounds like a great place - and what great pictures. It looks like they are very well cared for. Love places like this! Thanks so much for sharing and helping spread the word about them. :)

  9. Good for Linda. It looks like a fine place for feral cats to go to be socialized. I think most can be turned around if given enough time. You can't blame them for not trusting what with how you see cats being abused and abandoned everyday. I wish her all the best. Hugs, Deb=^..^=

  10. Oh those dear babies. What a pawesome home they have.


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