Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday CK Style

Wordless Wednesday CK Style

Since the beginning of time, I've been a rebel. One of the ways I rebel with this blog is I don't do wordless and I don't do Wordless Wednesday. Oh, I'll link up to the blog hop but it never, ever is wordless. I need to be heard loud and clear and if the WW people don't like it, they can go elsewhere but they already do that.

Today bloggers are all worried about their SEO and PUD and Bast knows what else and to go wordless would ruin everything they've worked for all year. The new Wordless Wednesday is a few pics with a few words about the pics. I could do that if you pretend this long intro didn't exist.

Snap! I do that on Friday! I call it my Foto Frenzy. My not-too-wordy pic and caption Wordless Wednesday starts here. What, I've already used too many words? Well, just kiss my gray, furry —!

Wordless Wednesday CK Style
Picked by Shoko (Canadian Cats)
From June 2014

I've been looking over the nine fotos from this shoot and decided that the main purpose was … well, there just wasn't a purpose. TW may have been trying to get some nice shots for lead fotos or maybe she was just trying my patience to see how long I'd put up with her and the flashy box. I'll tell you, she got exactly three where I looked toward the camera. I was on Pop's bed to relax, not pose. I'm concentrating hard at not looking up.

Wordless Wednesday CK Style
Picked by Meowmeowmans
From April 2013

I always talk about going into my office UTB and TW wanted a few fotos to illustrate it. Of course she doesn't bother with the facts—this isn't the bed where my office is. When I'm in my office there's no way, she could take a foto. I burrow into the box spring and hide in the complete dark. I believe the reason I was sitting here was cos TW and I were playing and there comes a time when the boundaries between reality and play blur and I think she's really chasing me. What starts out as a game where I zoom through the condo and she follows me turns into "OMC! she's after me." I know for a fact she feels terribly guilty when this happens. Heh heh.

My WW is finished. Happy hopping to others who aren't as wordy.


The Island Cats said...

We like how you say it like it is, CK. We don't worry about that SEO and other stuff and say as many or as few words as we like.

GLOGIRLY said...

I WISH Wednesdays were wordless...but when you live with the likes of Waffles, well there's just no such thing.

Did you know I used to have an office just like yours? I'd hand out inside the box spring for hours while Glogirly freaked out looking for me. Sadly, my office had to stay in Minneapolis. I'm working on a new one though underneath the lounge chair in the living room. ; )

GLOGIRLY said...

Oh, and I forgot to leave my name.
It's Katie, in case you didn't already know.
; )


Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That FB post you're referring to cracked me up too. Whatever happened to the idea of a fun, simple blog post now and then? Some people need to lighten up and not make everything so complicated :)

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

We think we missed an interesting FB post. Whatever it was, don't you ever stop being you, CK. We like that you tell it like it is. P.s. we love going into the boxspring, too.

Robin said...

I like your style, CK! There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a rebel. You have to keep things interesting in life. Your photos are super cute. :)
-Purrs from your friends at

pilch92 said...

I don't know what SEO or PUD is which is probably why my blog doesn't get a lot of traffic. Nice photos. You shouldn't get in the boxspring,you don't want to get caught on springs.

Anonymous said...

Oh CK, you crack us up. We're way too chatty fur wordless Wednesday, so we've never even bothered to link up. MOL Every time mommy tells us to keep it short, it seems we have more to say than usual. MOL anyways, we don't know why anypawdy bothers with it. After all, what kinda comments are ya s'posed to get? All we know to say is somethin' like, lookin' good. Dat ruins their SEO too. We don't really unnerstand dat and we've never heard of da PUD (we think ya' made dat one up-mol), so we've just kinda given up. We'll just keep doin' what we do, and our furiends will stick with us and da rest, well... anyways, you do look pawsum as usual. And, in respawnse to your comment on our posty we said...

It almost is CK. But mommy's been usin' human light therapy fur years and luvs it. So far da results we be seein' are great. Just as good as any supplement, and no side effects, no throw ups or refusin' to eat. And yes, it's even safe fur Raena, who really luvs it. We both do, but Raena's a big baby and would purrfur to stay in mommy's lap 20/7. MOL Anyways, good luck on da give away. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

The Indulged Furries said...

Personal style is very important and it's good that you're sticking to yours, words and all.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Guess we're rebels too. We can't do wordless. In fact, we can't do one word posts. So you aren't alone, CK.

Summer at said...

My human worries a bit about the whole SEO thing. Not enough to add any words to Wordless Wednesday posts (which I don't always do - sometimes I have words). But there are some weeks I like to give my human a break and not have to do all that stuff. So I just let her post pics.

The Florida Furkids said...

It's good to be a rebel!!!

We wanted to thank you for the kind words you left for Cousin Trooper. He was a super ManCat and we will miss him.

The Florida Furkids

Tamago said...

It's great to have your own style! Love foto #4126. You look concentrating on not looking up really hard :-)

Brian said...

You are just the best at being you CK, don't ever change!

Shoko Neilson said...

What a great picture we chose! This is you CK...totally being a spaced out you. I know that look. I get it often. When we post on Wednesdays it's usually called Wordy Wednesday. hehe


Unknown said...

CK darling! mes too has trouble with Wordless...after all my blogs title DOES include "The Thoughts and Mewsings of the Cat from Hell" and well, yous can't has thoughts or mewsings without words!!!!
So yous just talks up a storm Grrl Furrend!
And mes must say yous is purrticularly STUNNING in all your photos today!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

If you want words on Wednesday, go for it! We love reading about you!

M Dawson said...

No way can I do wordless. It has nothing to do with SEO, I just blog, like you to, for causes, for information and to make a point WW is not, sadly, on our agenda.

Sorry WW.

Kitties Blue said...

The lead photo is a true winner. C.K., you get to do exactly what you want. It's your blog, you can be wordless or wordy. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.

PL Keenor said...

Great picture. Intro? What intro?!

That's Purrfect

Anonymous said...

What's wordless? We've never done wordless - it's impossible....not that we have anything earth shattering to say but even a photo needs a word. I don't know what SEO or any of that stuff means - I've never worried or thought about building a blog audience or how many followers we have...I started the blog for fun and it's stayed that way. It always will. Period. Love your photos today though CK - stunning as usual.

Hugs, Pam (for Angel Sam and Ted)

Colehaus Cats said...

We like your wordiness, especially on Wednesdays, CK. And we don't know or care for those other words like SEO or PUD or XYZ. Give us our MOL and everything will be right with the world.

Unknown said...

You crack me up. Like you, I've never been great at keeping my opinions to myself--on Wednesdays or any other day! So I link to the wordless thing with my blather. I like it better that way :)

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

Three Chatty Cats said...

CK, if you ever went wordless, I would definitely worry! I'm glad you tel it like it is.

Unknown said...

say it like it is and just keep on keepin' it real