Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's Talk Litter Boxes

Let's Talk Litter Boxes

I teased you awhile back about the cheapo $6 litter box TW bought me a month or so ago. Let me tell you a little history before I tell you what a bust that box was. When I first moved here, I had a hand-me-down covered box. I didn't complain. Hard as it is to believe now, I was a nobody back then.

Through the years, I've gotten a series of boxes and they've always been covered. The cats of TW have had a progression of litter boxes, starting with a cardboard box filled with dirt when Faith was unexpectedly brought home. "Mom, can we keep her??"

Let's Talk Litter Boxes
My first litter box.

Faith graduated to a small plastic litter pan from Woolworth the very next day. Chizzy had a larger model of the pan. Nicky had a similar pan until … TW started finding turds scattered around the room and discovered he was kicking them out of the box to serve as hockey pucks. HAH! That's when she introduced him to a box which was uncovered but had a shield on the top.

Let's Talk Litter Boxes
The second litter box.

When they moved into the condo, TW got ritzy and bought covered boxes for him and Autumn. She wanted them to look upscale like they imagined they were at the time. Back in the day, this was prime real estate in the 'hood. It was those boxes I inherited when I moved myself in. As you can see from the models above, there was nothing chic and stylish about them. Through the years, I've had newer model covered boxes, always the no-frills variety.

Let's Talk Litter Boxes
My pawsome but too small box.

Eventually as my status of cool cat blogger became evident, TW did buy me some really cool boxes. Though they were pawsome looking, they were shallow and didn't hold much litter. Still they photographed well. TW tried to leave the door on one of them but that didn't work out for either of us. The failed experiment lasted about an hour.

Let's Talk Litter Boxes
The CATillac with the open sun roof.

Then came the CATillac of litter boxes. It was covered but had a sun roof. TW was reading a lot at the time about the pros and cons of covered litter boxes. After a few months, TW tried leaving the sun roof open. I loved it! It made the box seem so much bigger and was a compromise between a covered box and an uncovered box. I still had my privacy but could breathe. Even though I had two boxes, I started ignoring the covered box and exclusively used the box with the open sun roof.

TW decided to replace the box I didn't use with an uncovered box. She is incredibly cheap wasn't sure it would work out so she bought the cheapest one with high sides she could find. She ignored the lousy online reviews it got. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I loved that box! The peeps—not so much.

Let's Talk Litter Boxes
The ancient hand-me down box with the leaky box bottom left. 
While I didn't kick any litter out of the box like they were afraid of, there was another much worse problem. The box leaked. The top didn't fit properly and there was a space between the top and bottom. I pee high in the front right corner of the box; against the corner of the box. Every time I peed, half the pee would land on the litter mat outside the box.

Pop had a fit since the box is in our his bathroom, next to his big porcelain litter box. He'd go in there in stocking feet and step on a wet litter mat. At first my Pop—whom I thought loved me—told TW I wet outside the box. She actually stuck up for me. It wasn't my fault—it was the cheapo boxes' fault.

If you skipped from the second paragraph, I don't blame you. Now I'm stuck with a hand-me-down box from God knows how many eons ago. This may be the original box with the shield for all I know. It's not as deep as the cheapo one and somehow the peeps think I will use it. I wouldn't bet the maintenance on it.

Update: I can't lie. When nature calls, I have to answer even if the box has been used by the cats who came before. It's been christened.

Note: TW went online to look at Nvr Miss™ boxes but they wouldn't fit in the bathroom. Bummer. We've heard lots of good things about them.


brokenteepee said...

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Summer at said...

Wow, you have some history with litter boxes, CK! My human has several different ones here, including a litter box within a litter box (because the smaller box is easier to clean than the larger one, which doesn't need it every time).

Lone Star Cats said...

We mostly have closed ones, but Angelique has to have her own open one becuz she is a picky girl. said...

Cats have such different preferences in the litter box department. It's a good thing there are so many types of boxes and litters available. We are still using our big high sided open boxes that were bought for angel Tommie - our high shooter.
Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I have never had a closed litter box. When I pee outdoors I like to back up to the trees or hedges, but when I am indoors my mum says I am a good boy because I squat right down low. I am careful when I cover in as well, but Eric used to fling litter everywhere.

The Menagerie Mom said...

We have boring old plain open-topped litter boxes here. Well, except for Evan's toilet, which is actually a giant carrier with a towel in it because his paralysis doesn't allow for much litter box usage. But I digress. It sounds like you know a thing or two about litter boxes, CK. We sure do like the look of the one with the sun roof. What a view! As for that pee on the litter mat, this here human's parents have a kitty who loves to aim high, and he is notorious for landing some outside even those boxes with "no leak" claims. Anyway, the best of luck to you and your litter boxes, CK!

Brian said...

I don't think we would be fans of covered boxes. We do have lots of the NVR Miss boxes, they are nice, but Sister Seal can toss litter out of those too.

Carma Poodale said...

My ma is as thrifty as TW but when it comes to litter boxes, she learned quickly not to be so thrifty. Our kitties only get the finest that Big Lots has to offer.She bought cheap litter to until Dae Dae came along. Now she buys good litter and is always on the lookout for better litter. We found the SLIDE is the best we have ever used but now the kitties have to get through their 2 buckets of litter before ma will buy more SLIDE.

I don't bother with that litter stuff, I poop outside.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We have never had a covered box. We are not sure we would like it ether!

Tamago said...

Oh my, leaky box is no fun! We have two open boxes and one partially-covered box. It's been years since my boys got them. I don't remember how much they were but I'm sure they were not expensive. Fortunately no leaking so far :-)

Colehaus Cats said...

That's a lot of box history! We don't think we'd like a covered box because certain sisters like sneaking up on some of us while we're going, you know? We want to see 'em coming! Our Mom keeps promising to make us a high-sided litter box from a big plastic box that she says she'll cut an opening in, but she's been saying that for years. We're mostly high-pee-rs, too, and understand completely about your leaky box. Ugh.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

CK, you were NEVER, NEVER a nobody. If people were too stupid to see your worth, that's on them and not you (as much as you look down on TW ... she IS smart enough to see your value). Sounds like you're the Goldilocks of the litter box (UGH ... that rhyme was unintentional). I think cats often like what they know ... just like people. Bear has never had a covered litter box ... or the shield. It sounds like most of yours have been covered or shielded. I hate the tracking mess and kicked up litter ... but Bear doesn't like boxes, so I doubt he'd get used to the closed in space. Only a couple times have the sides not been high enough for his spray. But there's one more thing I've learned ... that as cats get older ... those high sides make it harder to use the box ... even though it failed, I like the one with the cut out in the shield ... that's the perfect compromise!

pilch92 said...

I have two kitties that end up with leaks outside the box, I just keep a puppy pad near it. Why did your Pops step so close to your private box, it is his own fault he got wet feet.

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

CK we cannot believe how many litter boxes you have gone through! OMG!! Cody has a litter cabinet (the kind that looks like furniture), in my bathroom, (he and I share a bathroom lol), and one litter tray inside of it. He has had that for years and only one other one prior to that. I think Cody is much smaller than CK. He doesn't mind an enclosed box/cabinet at all and I love it! catchatwithcarenandcody

Anonymous said...

I'm using the litterbox my Mom had bought for Sammy during his last year before he went to the Bridge....he couldn't squat by then so the box had to have HIGH sides. Mom got a plastic one with super high sides and a "lower" area on front for me to step into the box.....I kinda like it. It works for me just fine. One thing is for sure - we have to like our toilet situation or ELSE. If this one you have isn't workin' for ya - make it plain you don't approve (if you get my drift).

Hugs, Teddy

da tabbies o trout towne said...

CK...just sayin....but like in fotoz two......yur image iz price lezz....look how tinee ya iz ♥♥♥

N while knot eggz act lee like a never mizz....ask TW ta check inta a "korner" use it 360 degreez side wayz AND have me front hang out while de bak doez itz thing ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

The Indulged Furries said...

Our first kitties had a box like the first one in your post. It was great. The upper part overlapped the base on the inside and it was perfect for Felix, who pees like you do....up the side of the the pee ran down the box and didn't leak out the joint.
I've used a very deep litter box ever since I've been here. My only mishap is when Mom tried one of those ultra-light litters and I stepped on the edge of the box and tipped it over. So it's heavy, clumping clay in a deep, uncovered box for me!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

We have one of each but Mudpie prefers the uncovered one. I still love the decorated one you got from Petco :)

The Island Cats said...

The mom doesn't even have real litter boxes for us. We use plastic boxes that are supposed to be for sweater storage...not peeing in! said...

oh no Amarula saw the litter box with a sun roof and now she insists on getting one! Otherwise she is threatening to use the bathtub!

Mr Puddy said...

My style has to be Open !
Yeah I know but sometime, I gave mom a hard time. * Giggle *

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

We use mostly NVR Miss. Why wouldn't they fit? They aren't that big just high.

The Swiss Cats said...

I have two covered litter boxes for me alone as Zorro does all his business outside. Cool, hu ? I got one to review, but the other one is from Angel Loupi... Purrs, Pixie

Three Chatty Cats said...

First off CK, I don't think you've ever been a nobody. Second, wow, you have quite the history with litter boxes. I like that sunroof one. We don't have covered boxes, but one is inside one of those fancy pieces of furniture type things. So that's kind of covered (or enclosed anyway). They use it just fine.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you get mew boxes occasionally CK. Kittens only know how old our boxes are and how many kitties have used them befur. We did get a new litter box fur Christmas this year cuz mommy had thrown away da lids when sis Lexi got sick and needed more room. When Raena arrived and thought aggravatin' me in da litter box was a good idea, mommy decided we needed covers again. We got a triangular corner box. It's nice and roomy and works purretty well. Uncle Pete got it from amazon. Good luck with your pawdee box issues. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena