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Ask CK: You Got Questions? I Got Answers

Ask CK: You Got Questions? I Got Answers

Welcome to another edition of Ask CK. Some have wondered where I got my mad radio skills. Many, many years ago before you or your humans were born, Pop had a weekly radio show. I was born to be in the public eye. While I do have other topics to address like why TW insists on giving me my FF tuna in the wrong dish (#senile), I've kept the lines of communication open with my readers and we had some really personal questions today.

You're the first caller on Line One today, da tabbies o trout towne. Turn down your radio or you won't be able to hear my answers.

due ewe troo lee N joy watchin burd
whatz de price oh de fare in de holland & will it get ya two a pet stor
how due ya stay sew stunning
what ever happened ta tuna.....KNOT de tuna that lives heer;.. due ewe noe
is thiz seezonz merlot reddy yet
when ya getted yur star in holly wood did ya get any paw toe graffz
ina 26 hour day; how many hourz da ya need sleep
cat grass or cat nip
star warz or star trek
fall ore spring
haz ya ever snuck outside

Truthfully the burd I enjoy watching the most is the rotisserie chicken in my dish.
Believe it or not, that depends on the time of day or what kind of vehicle. It can range from $9.50 for motorcycles  off-peak with EZPass to $126 for trucks with five axles paying cash. If you're riding in a regular Troutmobile and paying cold, hard cash, you're looking at $15. There are pet stores, shelters and pet boarding places within a half mile of the tunnel on the NY side but not that many on the NJ side.
I stay stunning by biting my peeps. Human skin contains all kinds of oils and vitamins that you can't buy in any stores. It also helps that I have fabulous genes much like Dai$y.
Tuna is living somewhere in the condo community, perhaps 413 which used to be Bummy's unit. Of course the real Tuna from CAP was adopted and has a forever home.
Nope. No new Meowlot this season.
No paw toe graff could be as fabulous as mine, so the answer would be no.
About 10 or 12. I have to be awake pestering snoopervising TW when she's awake and in the condo.
Cat nip
No. I might if TW's foot wasn't a size a hunnert.

And now a word from our sponsor CK Meowlot.

Ask CK: You Got Questions? I Got Answers

And we are back! Our next caller is from Canada! Go on, Shoko Neilson, ax me anything!

Oh want me to ax you bout anything CK? You sure? I can be pretty blunt. Mom says so anyways. Promise I'll be nice. Where do you sleep CK? I bet mom that you sleep with pops. Some pretty smooth treats are riding on your answer. Only one question...ok.

I actually sleep on the pillow next to TW's head. Why do I sleep there? TW is allergic to cats. I sleep with Pop when TW locks me out cos she's being bad. We'll call your bet a draw.

Ask CK: You Got Questions? I Got Answers

I'll take a few more. Pilch92 15 and Meowing, what's on your mind?

How long have your folks been married? Are you getting your Pop a Father's Day gift? Why do you still bite TW after all this time?

That's a lot of personal questions you got. Have I ever mentioned Pop and TW being married? I got Pop some new socks cos I like to bite his feet and make holes in the old ones. I actually bite Pop lots more than TW cos there's no consequences to biting Pop. TW yells at me and won't play with me the rest of the day. Pop forgives me right away.

Speaking of personal questions, Three Chatty Cats has one. You're on the radio. Fire away!

Hey CK, got a kitty crush on anyone?

Heh heh! Buzz Lucas was my first true love. We met on Twitter at a #PawPawty. He thought he was too old for me but I knew he was just right. I used to have a huge crush on the beauteous Jessie Janey but she already had a girl friend. Since then I've been linked to many male cats. I don't want to start naming them here cos I'll leave some cat out and get into trouble. Of the cats I haven't conquered yet, I wish I could have a go with Brian. He's such a handsome kitty and so kind too. I have such admiration and respect for him. Don't expect any wedding bells for this ghetto kitteh cos anipal marriages freak us out.

Ask CK: You Got Questions? I Got Answers
Talk about embarrassing, I was having a date with Buzz with Spitty popped
out of the transport tunnel.

Our last caller of the day is Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles. Do you have a questions for me?

Hmmm...if you could choose new owners who would you pick?

I'd like to be the FCOTUS. First Cat of the United States. I'd whip Bo and that other woofie into line and trust me, no one would be shutting the government down. Not. on. my. watch. 

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have this time. Don't forget to tune in. Have a great day and keep the entertaining comments coming.

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  1. Oh boy, double date? MOL Somehow I'm betting there was some hissing at the mismanaged date there!

  2. Hello Darling. . . Well, at least my name got in there somehow. Very wise not to start naming a list though. *I* did that once and, hoooo boy, BAD idea!!

    I love your Q&A! Here's one for next time: Have you ever put the bitey on a Human that wasn't Pop or TW? (but anyone at Stabby Places doesn't count)

  3. I really do hope that the next inhabitants of the White House have a FCOTUS, even if it isn't you, CK! Of course, if it WERE you, it would be all the better! I mean, enough of this dog stuff. Great answers, as always!

    1. SERIOUSLIES! We need ta stump for a FCOTUS!!

  4. You're too handsome to be on the radio. You should be on TV. #starquality
    That's Purrfect

  5. You are so sweet to get socks for your Pop! I bet he loves them!
    LOL at the image of you and Buzz Lucas. You should have locked the tunnel, hahaha :-)

  6. ck : we waz glad we could toon in ta day
    fora nother round oh ♫♫♫♫♫♫♪♪♪♫♫♪♫♫ sew tuna
    ♪♪♪♫♫♫♫♪♪♫♫♫ sleep with pops ♫♪♪♫♪♪♪♪ sockz buzz

    we will keep de questshunz ta a bear mimimum
    frum now on ta allowz otherz sum air time two

    sew; haza ever seen a bear in yur building ?


  7. You made me blush a bit CK, but that's okay!

  8. We didn't know your Pop used to have a radio show. What kind of show was it?

    And wow, we had no idea that the the tunnel could cost that much for big trucks. It has been 16 years since the head peep went through there and paid the toll.

  9. You would make a brilliant First Cat!!! I wonder if the Trump family is in the market for a pet? ;) ;) ;)

  10. MOL Great findin' out more about ya' CK. Me always luvs a tell all. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  11. I loved these answers to the many ?'s anipals had. Our fishy friends sure do ask a lot of ?'s. You sure gave them a bucketful of answers. MOL I have never understood why peeps...celebrities, wear toques or as you Americats would call them, knitted hats. It is very warm in southern California and yet these ding dongs are wearing toques. Their heads can't be cold when it's 85F. I just don't understand. Can you clarify this stupid act of peeps? Maybe TW knows. Mom is perplexed.


  12. MOL! Good questions...and even better answers, CK!

  13. Great answers to all those questions. Sorry I got too personal there, you know what happens when one assumes :) That was nice of you to get your Pops new socks.

  14. Thanks for answering my question, CK. And oh my, I guess that was an embarrassing date! Hope it ended well.

  15. You sure are honest, CK, and I like it. Great answers! (But can I ask just one more question? Would you ever consider aiming a little higher than FCOTUS? Like, I don't know, going straight for President? Just curious...)

  16. Oh these are great questions and answers. Now my mum doesn't let me on the computer very often I miss so much. I have a question which is similar to one you already answered.
    How many mancat special friends do you have? I know Spitty tops the list but am I in the top half or the bottom half? I am waiting with paws crossed!!

  17. We can always count on you to tell it like it is, CK. Awesome answers!


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