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Mewsday Tuesday

BREAKING NEWS: Let's start with some breaking news. We go live to Pop's sink where Cathy Keisha has just taken her first drink of water in almost a year. Is it coincidence that I stopped drinking H2O right after the peeps broke my favorite water dish? I also ate very well today.

Speaking of water, look what the Poland Springs' man brought! Nope, don't
touch a drop of the stuff
You may have noticed the ChipIn on the right. My charity, A Call 4 Paws, came in 3rd on Sparkle's blog so she set this up. Feel feel to take your human's coffee or doughnut money and give it to this worthy cause. As the old song goes, Give A Little Bit, or as I like to say Give Till It Hurts. *Sharpens teeth* Contrary to popular belief, that isn't the rescue that I came from. That was Companion Animal Placement. They—how could I delicately put this—disowned me or something. Yes, they stopped taking my phone calls and answering my e-mail. I can hear a chorus of cat voices and they're saying, "How can anyone disown a wonderful cat like CK?" Pffffttttttt to them. Let them do their own ChipIn and publicity.

You may have also noticed that I've put a widget for my Wisconsin #Nipclub set on the sidebar. Most of these bands hail from the cheesehead state or were produced by Wisconsin native Butch Vig. R.E.M.'s first tour led them to Merlyns, in Madison, WI. There's some good music in that set, so enjoy. Thursday's theme is Canada so don't expect too much. I can already tell that its shaping up as Neil Young and a bunch of over the hill folkies. Hmmm, just like my peeps—over the hill folks. HAH!

I'm going to have Pop draw the winner of the rocket toy out of my Yankee hat later tonight and will announce who the lucky cat is by tomorrow. TW already bought a mailer so it shouldn't take more than a month to get it in the mail.

A week later and I'm still enjoying my Neko Fly toy, as well as my foam rubber rockets. TW pulled this still out of a failed video she tried to take. I'll be playing like crazy but as soon as she takes the camera out, I stand there, defiantly and stare at her until the memory card gets full. This was the final frame so I've started playing again. Notice the sheer joy on my face as I try to attack that Kragonfly. I've been known to have the same look on my face when I lunge at TW in bed; although I admit I haven't done that in a while. BTW, that box and bag in the photo are donations we have ready to give to A Call 4 Paws.

TW has decided that she's going to Blogspaw. She doesn't have money to get her hair cut but she's going to Blogspaw. She's got a ride and a roommate. I hope her ride is going to drop her off at the Poor House on the way home.

This really affects this cat because TW has never been away overnight before—at least since I've been here. Hell, I don't remember when she used to go to work; I only know that she leaves the house for an hour or so every day. For Cod's sake, I sit at the door and cry when she goes down to the mailboxes! She's worried how I'm going to react since I have separation anxiety. I may not eat the four days she'll be away. How do you guys deal with it when your peeps go away without you? What really sticks in my craw is that she's going to bring HHGutt as my representative! GASP! I'm going to start a petition stating that if he goes with her, that is a declaration of WAR with this stunning ghetto kitteh. I'm sure the WLF and Pink Angels will back me on this.

Well, that's all my news for today. Sit back and enjoy the music!

WE HAVE WINNERS. Yes, winners. Since we have extra toys, Pop picked two winners. The first is Bad Andy, of Bad Andy's Other Stuff, who wins the foam rubber rocket. I'm really glad he won because he just lost his brother, Jim, and misses him a lot. The other winner is Spitty-the-Kitty from Spitty Speaks, who has his choice of the other 2 disc throwing toys.

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  1. YAY!!!!! You are going to BlogPaws!!!!

    I am sooooooooooo happy! It will be great to meet you! (FINALLY!)

    I am worried about leaving Cody and Dakota as well. They have never been with their Daddy without me here...I have NEVER been overnight anywhere in the 4 years we have had them...pitiful huh?

    They should be fine because my husband will be here.

    Soooooooo happy you are going!

  2. That really is a big bunch of news, and the rescue chipins are really great! Oh my, alone? You really need to have a house trashing pawty!

  3. Oh CK - TW is so lucky to be going to Blogpaws. Just think - you'll get to meet so many of our pals. M sure wishes she could go to, but it's not going to happen. Take lots of pictures and share them with her - then she'll feel like she was there too. Now CK, I'm sure you will think of some creative way to get even with TW for leaving you - like drawing some of her red leaky stuff again! he he.

  4. Amazed to think hear that anyone could even think of disowning you - their loss!

    Concats to the winners - hope they have a lot of fun with prizes :-)

  5. Concatulations to the winners! Your human will see my human at BlogPaws! Well, if she can figure out what she looks like (hint: she looks nothing like me!). I'm so happy you added the Call 4 Paws ChipIn to your blog - I hope they get lots of donations!

    When my human is out of town and her boyfriend isn't, he feeds us, which kind of sucks because sometimes he forgets to watch Binga and she steals my food. When they are both out of town, we get a sleep-in pet sitter. I like one or two of them better than my human! Or at least that's the idea my human gets, because I don't act like I missed her when she returns.

  6. How could a rescue disown you CK they are supposed to make sure to take care of all of us. It is good you found an adoptive rescue that really helps out that could use the donations.

  7. I WON????? OMC! I never win!!! I think I want the Sky Prop (or Pop?) unless you think I would like the other one better! Oh heck, I don't care--send me ANYTHING! I'm so excited!!!

    Also, and I say this with the utmost affection and respect, you look INSANE in that still from the video! I wish I could see the whole thing, MOL!!!

    I had some other things to say but now I'm so excited I forget. I don't see an email address where I could send your Human my address? Maybe your Human could email me at & then I'll send it?

    Oh oh oh! I remember something else now--"separation anxiety"--Chill, girl! You'll be FINE! It's good to get a little break from the Humans and all their drama once in awhile. Plus, she'll feel really guilty about leaving you so you'll really score Big Time in the present department when she returns. I'd hold out for a new tunnel & maybe an Ess if you don't have one. Heck, there's LOTS of stuff!

    Thanks for picking my name!

  8. Whoa! You haven't had water fur a year?!!!!?? What you been drinking instead? Is Hank's Bacon Beer getting rich off of you? ;)

    Fantastic action shot of you!!! You is one fierce kitteh!

    Hope your human has oddles of fun at Blogspaw, 'cuz when she gets home I'll bet you have the dug the trenches and the battle plans drawn! Remember, hold your fire until you see the whites of her eyes...

    I won? oh my heck, really?! Really, REALLY???!!!!??? *fist pumps the air* YESSSSSS I'm so excited ~ whooHOOOOOO NEW TOY! Thank you for having this fun give-away/contest/drawing! *HUGSandSMOOCHES*

  9. Oh noes! I checked my pee mail and there is nuffing from you! Not even in the Junk folder (though I felt I insulted you by even LOOKING in the Junk folder--as if your pee mail could ever be that!)

    Maybe you could try one more time? If it doesn't work this time, I will try giving you a different pee mail address ;-) FANKS!

  10. Glogirly would LOVE to go to BlogPaws. Alas, she seems to think that "paying" work is more important. Whatever.

    As for your separation anxiety anxiety...don't worry about a thing. You can run around the house naked, banging pots and pans. You'll actually have tons of fun. Just make her THINK you are lonely and sad. Play the guilt card.

    ; )

  11. Oh YES, I *do* think you would enjoy a crinkly ball like this one. In a rare moment of intelligence, the Human purchased it for me at PetSmart a while back. It is made of some raffia-type material, and it is crinkly ambrosia! Sadly, she has not seen this particular item recently, but there is surely hope. Meanwhile, the older and more ratty it grows, the better I like it.

    Also, sometimes she puts it in a jar with some valerian root for a few days and then it is absolutely intoxicating!

  12. Congrats to the winners. Lucky kitties get some nice toys. We are sorry that you might be alone for a while. But we think you will be all right.We don't like to be left either. Hope you have a really fun day.

  13. concatulations to all of the winners! I get down when mom leaves and refuse to come out for the sitter. Makes mommy feel really bad because we're a team..till she goes away!!

  14. That (stunning) face has made my day! And it was rolling downhill before that pretty fast.

    Thank you!

  15. Concatulations to the winners of your prizes! My mom's going to be TW's traveling ride & roomie. She leaves me at the Lounge when she goes away, I love it there, but can't wait to get home to my sofa after a day or 2. You'll be ok while she's gone and when she gets back, she'll have lots of goodies for you (but play it cool for a couple of hours... works for me!).


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