Friday, January 18, 2019

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Fill-ins

Hola kitties! Welcome! Welcome to my world. I have some exciting news! My 13th Gotcha Day is coming up later this month and I set up a fundraiser on FB for the Union City Feral Cat Committee, which as you might know provides TNR, vaccinations, vet care and adoptions for our local cat colonies. They have no administrative costs. All money raised goes for medical care, meds and food for the cats. UCFCC receives no outside funding other than member fundraisers like this one. You can see some of their adoptable cats on PetFinderHere's the link to donate if you can. No amount is too small. Thanks to those who already donated.

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Friendly Fill-ins

Now to get to the business at hand, which is Friendly Fill-ins, Flashback Fotos and more.

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Friendly Fill-ins

#6919 from March 2016 is a rare foto taken on the ipawd which isn't dark and grainy. TW uses the ipawd under the cover of darkness to photograph me on rare occasions. Most of the ipawd fotos become art pieces. I'm having fun with a valerian fish toy that I was sent to review. It's fun and colorful and smelled oh-so-nice. Do I look surprised to see TW? This was the second foto she took and I was surprised to see her. Thanks to Aunt Pauline for choosing this pawsome foto.

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Friendly Fill-ins

I have my lasers trained on you in foto #791 chosen by the Trout Towne Tabbies. TW innerrupted my play session. I like to play on that rug which you can see in the foto above. This is a flashback from February 2010. I have laser eyes in every foto in this batch which consists mostly of closeups. TW had a feather in her hand and I'm all ready for action however I could do without the lights and camera coming first.

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Friendly Fill-ins

This graphic means it's time for the Friendly Fill-Ins, a feature held once a week at this time. Let's meet our hosts—15andmeowing and Four Legged Furballs. They think up the fill-ins and I fill in the answers. My answers are underlined and in italics with further comments in italics. Each week my image relates to one of the fill-ins. This week it relates to number one.

1. Interactive playing and eating go hand in hand. It does. When I balk at eating the gut rot, TW sits down and we play with the feather under tissue paper and every time I catch the feather, I reward myself by running to the food and eating a few bites. In the image, I'm preparing my attack from the confines of Fort Keisha. Do you ever kick the rug up to trip your peep?

2. Running through the hall tunnel makes my heart happy. All roads lead there. I dash through one way and then TW shoots a foam rocket and I race back the other way. I could do this all day but TW gets tired easily cos she's older than dirt.

3. Don't be afraid to overstep boundaries cos that's the only way you'll know how much you can get away withA very wise cat once said that. Oh wait, that cat was me just now.

4. If BITING was a sport, I would win hands down. I don't think I have any competition.

I took one of the other fotos taken at the same shoot as 6919 to create my art. I'd already made cartoon art from this foto but wasn't sure if I used it. This time I did a watercolor.

Flashback Friday: Fundraising & Friendly Fill-ins

This is my entry in the Caturday Art blog hop which is hosted by the lovely Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and her mum to provide a platform for anipal artists to showcase their latest digital, Photoshop and original art. No talent? No problemo. There are hundreds of one-click apps for desktop or mobile devices that will turn your photos into works of art.


Summer at said...

Binga is a master at #3!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

You are going to be 13?? I am going to be 15 in June. I guess we is Senior Catizens now, but we both have a lot of joie de vivre and plenty of crankiness too, don't you think? You look adorable with your orange fishies. And I promise we will do the fill-ins tomorrow. I even made the Human go copy them tonight so I can plan! XOXOXO

Eastside Cats said...

Oh boy, CK...that art is gorgeous! Would make a terrific jigsaw puzzle, just sayin'

Brian said...

I love your art and your answers too CK! Hey, we went by and donated a little.


CK your art is always masterful, as are your answers!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

984 pawz up ta aunt pauline for pickin a FISH FOTOZ...CK ya look stunnin in both... fish N fish lezz....N ya look stunning in yur art werk peece two...bye de way, mackerull iz knot a loud ta reed number 3


Three Chatty Cats said...

Love the artwork! It looks like you're smiling!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Your art is lovely, CK!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

You look sweet and innocent in that first picture, CK! Obviously there's something very wrong ;)

Tamago said...

That valerian fish toy looks lots of fun, and you made such a beautiful art with that photo! About answer #3, you are really wise cat :-)

pilch92 said...

Great choices, I love the photo of you with the valerian toy. I love the art too. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, I always enjoy your answers. I knew your #4 would be biting :) I think it is very sweet of you to have a fundraiser to help kitties in need. That sounds like a wonderful rescue. Have a nice weekend! XO

Yvonne said...

I love your artwork and the photos. Also great fill ins. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

CK! Your post is outstanding!
You photos are great! I love that valarian fishy about
ND then using it for your Caturday Art -WoW!
And I love your fill ins..especially about the biting! Queen Penelope tells me that biting people is a good thing!

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Sounds like you have fun with TW ... maybe even despite yourself. When Bear {AND I!!!!!} was younger, we'd chase each other around. I have such fond memories of that.

David E. McClendon, Sr. said...

Very good answers. Have a blessed week.

Peaches and Paprika said...

Hahaha we had a great time reading your answers. I, Paprika, am a tunnel freak and I totally empathize with your wish to endlessly run back and forth through it. I too have problems with my humans. For some reason she doesn't care how much fun I'm having and just walks away. Hence we refer to your answer about testing the boundaries. I am looking for a way to stop the human from leaving me alone in my tunnel and that just MIGHT mean some, er, boundary testing...!

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

I like biting too!

Purrs xx

meowmeowmans said...

We especially love #6919, CK. And you and Ava are kindred spirits on your answer for Fill-in #2. She's like a THOE, all by herself!

Noodle Cat said...

You always have such great art!
Have a super Sunday...

Noodle and crew

The Menagerie Mom said...

Please forgive our tardiness in visiting, CK! This human over here is a real bust, and thanks to her we're having to playing catch-up. You shared so much fun stuff in this post, CK. You and that valerian fish toy sure make a cute pair! And thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! How did we know that you'd put that as your answer to #4? Purrs!