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TW's Big Adventure (or She'll Tumble 4 You)

A bunch of interesting things have gone on around here this weekend. The most interesting of which was TW's skateboard act in Pathmark Caturday.  She left Pop for a moment and was going to rejoin him in the ice cream aisle. There was no sign of him as she started down the aisle. Looking straight ahead, she broke into a fast trot. Next thing she knew, she was sliding, then flying through the air. A shopper tried to stop her; but she was moving so fast, she bounced off his cart. As she hit the ground, rump first, and rolled several times before finally stopping, she discovered what she stepped on. Was it some ice cream that had dripped on the floor? Was it a piece of cardboard from an ice cream carton? No, it was a CAUTION sign that was lying on its side! Had it been in its rightful upright position, she would have seen it and avoided it. Luckily TW landed on her bumper-car butt and bounced around like a pinball. Her ego was bruised, as was both her knees and a couple of fingers. She felt sore all over—not to mention shaken up—as they walked the mile and a half home. TW never fails to provide Blog posts for me.

As if this wasn't exciting enough, I received some presents in the mail! At a recent Pawpawty, I'd won a FURminator® from @Petiethecat. Actually, MaggieTCat won it for me. She's been a wonderful friend to TW and we really treasure her friendship. They couldn't wait to torture me with it. When Pop finally got around to using it, the peeps couldn't believe all the fur that came off me and I couldn't believe how good it felt. Just wait, though, until TW tries it out! Heh heh! In the video above, you can hear Pop whispering sweet nothings to me as he brushes me. For my part, I was purring. Luckily, I can't find any bald patches so I guess it's OK. Many thanks to Petie and his Mom and NipandBonesLLC.

Thank you Caren and Cody for my presents. HHGutt, aka
fake CK, looks on.
On Caturday, I also got a package from Cat Chat Caren and Cody. I must note here that I get FAR more packages than the peeps. TW met her at Blogpaws, but didn't really get to talk with her. She sent me some nommy Temptations and a mousie toy. She sent TW a magnet and bumper sticker and a note. Thanks and kitty kisses to them.

One last note from Blogpaws. Teri over at Curlz and Swirlz had axed both on this blog and over on Facebook for TW's name to make a swag bag for her. Being old, it slipped TW's mind when we wrote the Blogpaws review. We apologize for the oversight and offer our sincere thanks.

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  1. Humans are a constant source of amusement, aren't they, CK? Paws up for all the cool gifts, too!

  2. Ha ha ha @ Sparkle's comment!

    My Human says that the older you get, the less fun it is to fall down. We don't think your Woman is as old as dirt like mine, but we haz the sympathy for her anyway!

    You're send me treats?? How exciting! I'll be on the lookout for sure.

  3. I sure hope TW is OK and will heal up quickly. I'm so impressed how well behaved you are for your pops. I get brushed sometimes but usually just end up nomming on the brush!.
    Luv you!

  4. he he - Sorry I'm laughing at TW's expense again, but your description of her flying thru the air just send us into hysterics. We're so happy she didn't break anything and is okay except for a few bruises and a wounded pride. I'm impressed dat you allow your furs to be fuminated. M gets about 4 swipes in, and well - let's just say I put the bitey on her agian - hard too! Maybe TW had better not attempt to do dat for you if she values her life!!

  5. Poor TW, you need to get her one of those stroller things to ride in! Hey, you sure got lots of cool goodies in the mail!

  6. Poor POOR TW. I gave her a 10 on Twitter BUT it was pointed out by MaggieTCat that it was a 9 on accounta you, Cathy, didn't cause it by making her trip. THEN it would have been a 10. I had to concur, what with being a cat and all..and watching mama do the two step and more trying to avoid hurting ME when I was between her ankles and she didn't know it till she tried to turn around.

    xoxoxo You go, GF!

  7. That does sound like a terrible fall. We are glad that TW is not hurt too badly. It was kind of funny reading it. What a lot of great presents you got. Looks like it is your week. Take care and have a super day.

  8. I have got to get a furminator for cody! I keep saying I will and I never do it! That looks great! Loved the video!

    You are most welcome and I am glad that you enjoyed your stuff!

    I have been AWFUL myself about thanking will probably be next year before I get my act together to do it! (kidding!)


  9. CK, Even though we are BFFs (or more?) I'm afraid even treats are not enough to get me to root for the Yankees (::shudder::) an American League team.

    Sorry--it's a deal breaker. No can do.

    Maaaaaaaaaaaybe the Mets. In a pinch. Like if they were playing the Yankees in the Series. MOL!

  10. Holy Moly, glad that TW is ok. It looks like you was enjoying the furmination CK. It's awesome that you got all those cool pressies.


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