Monday, September 19, 2011

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

Another week has gone by and TW hasn't done anything blogable. I'm thinking of firing her and finding someone who will give me some great blogging material. Anyhoo, for lack of better bloggable material, let me post on Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week.

For those not in the loop, Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet was launched three years ago after a disturbing study showed that approximately 95% of shelters and rescue groups have a harder time finding homes for certain pets, such as seniors, big black dogs, black cats, adult cats or pets with medical problems. Now I don't consider myself a less-adoptable pet, but certain peeps might.

My mug shot
When the peeps went to adopt me, the staff told them that Moggies—otherwise know as alleys, tabbies, domestic shorthairs—are the most overlooked cats at adoption events. Everyone comes in and immediately makes a beeline toward the Persians, Maine coons, and any cat that looks exotic. The peeps were no different. TW spied a gray and white long-haired girl named Ashanti she took a liking to, while Pop was coddling a 10-year-old Maine coon. In the end, they compromised and took an exotic-looking moggie—Me. As we found out this year, I've got some Russian Blue blood in me, but I'm still a moggie at heart. I do believe, though, that Gunther, the Maine coon, would've come home with me, if his sign hadn't said that he wanted to be an only cat. If truth be known, the only reason they were at that adoption day event, was to adopt me after seeing my profile on The sign on my cage proclaiming that I was a Biting Cat didn't deter them one bit. One thing they didn't count on was how misleading that sign was. "Play biting" really meant feral. For the first year, the peeps had me, they couldn't pet me more than 3 strokes before I went for them in a big way.  I bit as hard as I could and scratched as deep as I could. Yet, I followed them around like a (ugh) puppy dog and let them sleep in their bed with me. Anyone else might've returned me, but the peeps were determined to domesticate me. To some extent, they have and they haven't stopped patting themselves on the back for it. At a moment notice, they'll coo "You are sooo worth it, CK." Then I'll turn around and bite them. I blow hot and cold. Sometimes I'll purr and rub all over Pop and let TW furminate me. Other times, I frustrate them by leaping at TW with claws and teeth bared. Pop will never return me to the shelter—no matter what. I can't say the same about TW, but I'd have to bet she wouldn't

Isn't Maggie adorable?
There are other kinds of Less Adoptable Cats out there too. Take Maggie, a gray and white domestic short hair that A Call 4 Paws has for adoption. Due to circumstances out of her control, Maggie only has one eye; but she's luckier than her sister, who's totally blind. Linda has Maggie's sister at her house while Maggie is living at their cat sanctuary in Pennsylvania since there's curently no vacancies at Linda's house. Maggie and her sister have a ton of love to give if some kind sole will give them a furever home. All Maggie axs for is a chance to prove that she's a normal cat in every way. For more information on these adorable cats, email or call 201-736-6625 and inquire about them. Wouldn't you like to take home a blue-eyed cutey like her?

I'd like to end this post by giving THREE BIG CHEERS to @Staffpurrson who was adopted by MadelynTheCat, who's very sick with heart disease or cancer, and the all-black SerenaTheCat. Both are senior cats. You rock!

MadelynTheCat was helped to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She had inoperable lung cancer that spread throughout her body. RIP, sweet kitty. Our thoughts and purrayers go out to Staffpurrson.


  1. People who take on "troubled" kittehs have a special place in heaven for sure. I was definitely a :less-adoptable" kitteh--black, feral and a giant PITA. My Human didn't really know all that when she 'dopted me so she doesn't really get the credit for it....but on the other hand, she didn't return me when it turned out I was not 'zacklee what she expected from a warm, furry creature. Ha ha ha--she got what she got!

  2. What a great idea to have a Adopt-A-Less_adoptable-Pet Week !
    Hope a lot pet´s will get a new foreverhome this week !

  3. That was a great post. We love Spitty's comment. All the cats here are less adoptable but our Mom still loves all of us. I betcha, the fancy cats are not any more lovable than the black ones, or the feral ones or the old ones. Take care.

  4. I agree, big cheers to @Staffpurrson fur sure! That was a wonderful post CK. There really aren't any less adoptable pets, just less informed humans!

  5. Looking at Maggie and learning about her sister too breaks mom's heart, cause if she were very very VERY rich, she would cause all sorts of wonderful "ranches" to be everywhere with only kitty loving people to staff it and pay it all hersef. She loves cats so much.
    Fanks you for coming to see me and senind me oves and comforts while I am in the hospital. Mommy left her iPod there with me to type this on. xoxoxox

  6. Although I mainly know him through his angel kitties, Mulder and Scully, I think @Staffpurrson is a pawsome dude. I agree - Maggie is adorable. How could someone NOT want her???

  7. loved this post and to the ones that TRULY adopt the "less adoptable pets" they are "angels here on earth"

  8. AIR CONDITIONING???? We don't got no freaking AIR CONDITIONING. We're tough out here-when it's hot we just SUFFER!

  9. Oh Maggie is so adorable...I hope she and her sister will find forever home soon.
    Until I started blogging, I did not know black dogs and cats are less adoptable. Long time ago I had a black dog and the color was never an issue. She was such a sweet dog and I loved her very much.

  10. What a wonderful post. My dream is for all the less adoptable pets to find furever homes.

  11. Hi CK! Yes, I'll tell you tomorrow what I WANTED though it's not very exciting!

    PS The verification word is PANDA, the Human's second-favorite animal :-)

  12. You made a wonderful blog GF, and that is sure right about @Staffpurrson. His Madelyn passed yesterday as I'm sure you kow.

  13. CK, I would LOVE for you to come over and help with the disemboweling. Maybe around 2:00 a.m. PDT?

  14. I'm bummed my Human put the kiboah on the disemboweling. But you're a true friend for offering to assist me in that endeavor.

  15. We sure hope Maggie finds a wonderful forever home. She sounds like a sweetheart.

    Purrs to Madelyn's family.

    Thanks for a great blog, CK.
    xo Katie


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