Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small World Order

As you all know—now that MaggieTKat has immortalized her in The Anipal Times—TW helps type my tweets, blog and FB messages. My Pop stays in the background and earns the money to buy my noms and toys.

CK comtemplates life w/o food
Last week was Pay It Forward Day and TW just happened to be out buying my cat food. I know what you're thinking—it's about time she was doing something for The Cat. There was a good sale on the food I'm currently enamored with so she was shopping at a chain that she usually doesn't step foot into. After she loaded her basket with my food, she decided to stop and see if she could find a certain food for one of my Twitter furrends, who shall be remain nameless to protect his privacy. You may think you know who he is. You may be right. You may be wrong. His human is having trouble locating this specific type of noms. TW was surprised to find Pastures of Plenty. She did what any good person would do and bought every pouch they had. May I interject here that my furrend has Excellent culinary taste.

We arranged to have his human come to our place to exchange the contraband, er, noms, since he lives relatively close to us. Little did we know, we were in for quite a surprise—and so was his human.

The food I USED to eat.
They began with a lot of talk about the "kids," with the furrend's human, of course, noting how stunning I was. Then Pop mentioned something about being off from work that day. Furrend's human then asked what Pop did. Pop began to regurgitate in the most technical terms he could what he did. It sounded something like this. "blah-de-blah blah-de-blah boring-blahrity-blah zzzz" Oh sorry, those were my zzzz's. I had no idea what he was talking about; TW had no idea what he was talking about. Furrend's human said "Do you work at XYZ Company? I thought I recognized you! I see you on the elevator all the time. I work for XYZ Company too." A light went on in Pop's head: "You work on the ____ floor near Joe Blow." What the heck is the chance of Pop working with one of my furrend's humans? All I can say is, XYZ Company better stay in business for another 20 years, at least; or I won't be the only cat back out on the mean streets, panhandling.


  1. dats so funny CK - mom haz also met hoomans who lives in da same general area, but no one who actually works at da same place!

  2. OHC - what a surprise. So neat to meet the ooman behind your friend and den to find out your pop & he work in same place. Small, small world.

  3. OMC, talk about small world. That's pretty amazing, and cool. So glad you could help out Furrend's human (who shall remain nameless even though I know who he is). If I dm you my guess, will you tell me if I'm right?

  4. What a stunning coincidence! The bigger you think the cat blogosphere is, the smaller it really is.

  5. That's quite the story fur sure! Guess that small world thing is pretty true afterall!

  6. Well it really is a small world huh? BTW, you think you got enough food stocked up there? There's two cats in my house and we don't have NEARLY that much. And daddy stocks up on all the BOGOs. You sure are one lucky kitty! luv you!

  7. My Mom says it's a small world and I think you just proved it!! I think it's fun to meet new friends and find out they are old friends!

  8. It's a small world and it's getting smaller everyday! FYI, I know exactly who you're talking about :-).

  9. As they say...it's a small world! That picture of all the cat food has made me hungry. xoxo

  10. well CK, i wears clothes a lot. i akshully likes it. when i gets a new collar or a new sweater i prance around and show off like a princess. also i fink clothes are great for warmies and snuggles, it just adds to the softness! Audrey is just learning about clothes, so she only wears them for a little while for pikshers or to get used to them, then my mommeh takes them off her. we wants to see if she likes it, like i does, but do not wants to push her into it.

  11. Yes, it is a very small world indeed, cool story. Looks like you has quite the stock level of Num-Nums goin' on...but you don't eats theese ones anymore? PS: Did anyone ever tell you that you looks like a "stuffed animal"(in your Christmas banner), I mean it takes one to knows one...

  12. Just popped by to say Hi,
    Found you while blog hopping, I am a new follower and would love it if you could follow me back too.
    You have a cute blog with lots of great photos.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas

  13. Dat proves it! Us kittehs are taking over da world! Soon ALL da workers will have kittehs!


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