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My busy day

Getting to know each other
Caturday, a new friend moved into our house. His name is Fraser. He's a bit eccentric—I guess all trees are. He doesn't say much and he drinks a LOT of water. He doesn't have a mouth so he just laps it up through his ass. Wait, the peep is trying to tell me something. I'm sorry, he laps it up through his TRUNK. Whatever. Uncle Vinny and Aunt Marta helped pick him out and drive him home. They're good people. Anyway, Fraser is 9 feet tall. Look at how small I look next to him! He's also very very skinny. Peeps said they needed a skinny tree so my cat tree would still fit in front of the window. Can you believe they actually—gasp—moved my cat tree from it's primo location.
My eyes can melt you!

Can you believe I was on tv? Pictures don't lie. You can see I am, indeed ON tv. Notice the old-fashioned tv the peeps have. Please do not judge me by it.

Anything breakable up here
Next, I had to inspect the decorations. Hmmm, looks like a new nutcracker thing. I say give the nuts all the crack they want.

Here's a bare spot!
Sunday was the main attraction: the decorating of the tree. It actually went very smoothly. No cursing or swearing. Of course, I helped. I did all the heavy lifting, so to speak and they did the easy stuff. On the picture on the right, you can see me helping Pop with the lights. I learned that all the lights on our tree are LED, including the star atop. Let's hear it for the peeps.

And, finally, here's the finished product. I can't show you the entire tree in one picture, because our room is too small to get back far enough so the star is cut off.
Ta-daaaa! And I helped.

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  1. Beautiful! Love your wall color, too. We have similar in this office & elderly CRT PC as well, + CRT TV in l/r. We love tradition!

  2. Your tree is very pretty!!! Santa is headed your way!

  3. Very cool! The humans could not have gotten that tree decorated without your help.

    I remember one year at the old house, our cat tree got moved away from the window for the Christmas tree. We were VERY put out!

  4. Dat is a great tree CK and you did a good job of decorating it and supervising the oomans. It's fun to lay under the tree too when it's all decorated.

  5. The tree is almost, ALMOST, as stunning as you!

  6. da tree iz nice, but not near az stunning az u! xoxo

  7. Do you climb your tree? I LOVE to climb our tree! The Girl won't put anything breakable on it because she finds me in it all of the time.

  8. What a beautiful tree & stunning cat!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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