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Christmas shopping

The peeps left me alone again yesterday to do their "Christmas shopping." I put that in quotes since they've done all their shopping for me online so what else do they need to buy? The peeps went to the local shopping plaza. It's not really a mall because it's outdoors and there aren't that many stores.  Once they walked the mile and a half there, crossing the dangerous highway, they decided to split up and meet 45 minutes later—I told you there weren't many stores—in front of 6th Avenue Electronics. Pop went in to "case" the Shop Rite, since there are rumors that Pathmark is going out of business and shuttering all their stores. TW went into Old Navy to shop for Pop. Who do you think finished first? If you guessed Pop, you'd be wrong.

Pop, no doubt thinking there was no way TW would shop that fast, took his time, checking out how big the store was and if they had 2-lb brownies. He took note of every flavor ice cream they had. TW knew how dangerous it would be to leave Pop alone in front of the electronics' store, so she shopped like she was on one of the those game shows, where you get to keep everything you could pick up in 15 minutes for free. It took her less than a half hour to fill 2 large shopping bags—and she didn't even look in ladies clearance.

I must tell you this about the peeps. Pop's wallet is so tight that George Washington cries if he has to leave his friends. He clings to the sides of the wallet for dear life. TW, on the other hand, slides that credit card so fast, sparks fly out of it. However, Pop wants one of those cool flat TVs so bad that TW knew she must stop him before he went crazy and spent the Christmas money. She HAD to beat him to 6th Avenue Electronics. She got to their meeting stop a full 10 minutes early and even had time to waddle into that Petland that moved in where Petco used to be. Wait a second, the peeps didn't tell me there was a store where they could shop for me in that plaza. Of course, she didn't buy me anything cos she had to hurry back to their meeting place before Pop did anything foolish.

Finally, to add insult to injury, they went out of lunch, leaving the cat alone even longer. Would it have hurt them to bring something home and share it with the cat? I think not.

Looking lonely and abused, I wonder when the peeps will be home and if they bought me anything.
Lastly, I'd like to thank my BuzzLucas for the wonderful Christmas present and noms he sent me. He is just so thoughtful and kind. I'm so lucky he's my main squeeze. I would also like to send thanks to my good furrend Fusa for the treats he sent me and the gift his Mom sent TW. A cat can't have too many treats. I'm thankful for the caring furrends I've made this past year and those who have sent me cards: @CrazyFusa, Jeego (@SeattleP) and @Herbie_cat. Merry Christmas and to all, and to all a good night.

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  1. I think TW should get Pop one of those thin TVs for Christmas. Imagine the excitement on Christmas morning. But the mental pic of dear old George Washington hanging onto the edge of Pop's wallet has got me laughing. Remember tho...George won't have to leave his friends for the TV. He's safe. Several Ben Franklin's will have to say farewell tho! ;)

  2. Wait - your humans went shopping and 1) one went to a pet store and did not buy you anything and 2) they had lunch and did not bring home any leftovers for you? That is practically kitty cruelty!

  3. I think you should call kitty protective services for kitty abuse - how dare they leave you all alone. George Washington's sticking to the sides of the wallet - what a mental image. LOVE it - you are so very funny CK. Merry Christmas

  4. *picks up da phone & starts punching numbers* hello ASPCA? i wud like to report a case of animal abuse! xoxo

  5. "lonely and abused??" while standing by such plush kitty towers, etc??? You are sooo funny!
    Loved the line about George Washington in the wallet not wanting to leave his friends! lol!!
    Have a fabulous holiday! xoxo

  6. Maybe they DID get you something but they're waiting for Xmas morning to give it to you. That's what my folks are doing. There's more gifts under the tree for me and Zoe than for them! Luv you CK, you are hilarious!

  7. You're as spoiled as I am. MOL.

    Pathmark's really going out of business? Mom can't believe it. She remembers when Pathmark opened and what a big deal it was. What can I tell you? She's old. Ha ha ha.


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