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Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently presented with this most prestigious award by Mariodacat. Now I wasn't sure exactly what "versatile" meant so I went to my Funk & Wagnells—yeah TW is THAT old—and did some research. This is what I found out:

  1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.
  2. having or capable of many uses: a versatile tool.
and 3 other definitions having nothing to do with me so we're too lazy to retype them. Number 1, though, definitely sounds like me. I switch gears like a well-tuned caddy from serious posts to funny ones.

7 facts about myself:
1. My hooked tail
2. My little white bikini
  1. I have a cute little hook at the end of my tail. The peeps don't know if I was born with it or abused as a kitten.
  2. I never roll over on my back but if I did, you'd see my markings resemble a little white bikini.
  3. I LOVE Mexican and Chinese food, which could be why I have this so-called irritable bowel thing. Peeps say no more spicy food for me. I say, we'll see. I can make their lives miserable cos I make the rules around these parts.
  4. I won't play by myself. TW has to play with me and I'll harass her until she does. I'd rather play with common household items that my nip toys. I love bread ties, straws, and I can spend hours chasing a CD like a frisbee.
  5. I belonged to the Alley street gang before I was sent to the shelter. I was in 2 shelters before the peeps adopted me.
  6. I can see the NYC skyline from Times Square to Yankee Stadium from my window. I love to watch the Lincoln Tunnel traffic as well as the birds outside my window.
  7. 6. Our view. TW liked the way the sun reflected on the building.
  8. Most of my Twitter furrends know me as kind, sweet and lovable; but, believe it or not, I can be downright mean and nasty. Sometimes when I jump on TW's bed at night, I terrorize her so bad she has to sleep on the couch. When the lights go out, I know I have the advantage because she can't see in the dark like I can.

    Now that you know all about me—or do you?—I have to pass the award on to 3 deserving bloggers. Lemme put some names in my NYY cap. And the winners are:
    1. Yoda Heltman's Barking Out Loud. He has a wonderful blog, which even plays music for you.
    2. Attie Cattie, who recently started dating Lautrec, her one true love. She lives with Baby Audrey and Booshi Bunneh and has some great recipes.
    3. My new furrend Father Tom, the church cat. I don't know too much about him, except he is a Maine Con who's the resident cat at Temptation of Christ church. Seeing as I'm headed straight to hell, I figure it wouldn't hurt to have some divine intervention.
    That's it for me for now. I've got some exciting adventures lined up for y'all, if I can get TW to do my bidding (and typing).

    Would you like to comment?

    1. Iknew your were versatile all along. You can go from absolutely funny to dead serious even in a bloggy post. For what it's worth, I don't lie on my back either, and I don't play alone. A peep has to play with me and of course they have to do all the work except chasing something. I think I might go over and introduce myself to FatherTom cuz I could use some help getting saved too.

    2. I enjoy reading your posts and I'm tickled to pieces that you nominated me for an award. I try to be versatile, but you never know. Mariodacat, it's nice getting to know you, too. Neither of you should worry about hell. I'll put in a good word--from my meow to Heaven's ears!
      Am I supposed to tell you seven things about myself? Goodie!--here goes:
      1. I pee in roman numerals.
      2. The housekeeper spoils me rotten.
      3. Sometimes I talk too much, but I never tell a lie or a secret.
      4. I love to hear confessions.
      5. I read and Jack Reacher is my hero.
      6. Father Jack put me under his vestments once and we both said Mass.
      (until somebody noticed the tail).
      7. I'll do anything for a laugh or a good time with friends.
      Thanks for thinking of me!

    3. Concatulations on your much deserved award!

      The view from your window is amazing!

      I would love a view like that!

    4. Congratulations on your award! Hooray for you! :)

      And may I just say...that is an AMAZING view you have of the city! MeWOW!


    5. Concatulations on your award! Zoe doesn't lie on her back either, she's always in a guarded position. I also think you have a great view of NYC! You one very lucky cat to have such a nice home.


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