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5 More Questions

I was tagged again to play the 5 questions game. Normally, since I played already—not to mention only 1 of the 5 furrends I tagged answered my brilliant questions—I'd say "$h*t on you." But I was axed by my special BFF Herbie_cat, who's been a little behind because of his illness and then his big move, so I won't be rude. Here goes:

1. When it comes to food would you consider yourself more a fan of savory or sweet?
Definitely savory. When Tuna Katt and I go out to eat, I almost always order Fancy Feast Savory Salmon Feast, although their Elegant Medleys Wild Salmon & Egg Souffle also delights my palate. Tuna prefers a simple helping or 2 of Friskies Tuna & Egg. My Tuna is partial to tuna.

2. If a genie came to you and granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
That's a hard one. My first inclination would be to go all Pollyanna and say world peace, kill shelters only for humans, and free food for animals the world over but you know that's not me. My first wish would be to stop animal abuse and find good furever homes for all shelter and feral cats. I'm not talking about giving cats to jerks who marinate them in the trunks of their cars either. My 2nd wish would be to win the lottery so TW and Pop could both stay home and be there at my beck and call. We could also afford a bigger apartment where I'd have tons of room to run around and a cleaning lady to actually run a dust rag over the furniture and clean my litter boxes immediately after I use them. (There's a message for The Woman in there.) My 3rd wish would be for all Republicans and haters to MOVE OUT of my US of A. That includes Red Sox fans too. If you don't like Universal Healthcare, good luck trying to find a county that doesn't have it. Sarah Palin and her Tea Baggers can kiss my furry gray a$$ on their way out.

3. If given the choice would you rather read a book or see a movie? Why?
I'm a cat so I'd rather scurry up my cat tree or chase a coated rubber band or sleep. Pop watches movies but only after they come to tv or DVD. TW reads but she has the time.

4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you and your peeps would buy?
"Seats between the Bases!" Sorry, that's an inside joke. Pop is no doubt busting a gut laughing right now. Prolly a bigger apartment, with a full NYC view. Then they'd finally get a flat-panel tv, which they'd already have if TW was working. If the lottery pay out was big enough, TW would prolly try to buy the Yankees! HAH! I just want an i-phone and i-pad.
I DARE you to put that on my head
5. What one place would you love to travel to more than any other? Why?
The Burba. To see my wonderful BFF Herba and his siblings, especially little Tiny Tim. I could eat at his Drive-In and put my smells in his new house.

Now, I should be axing 5 questions to 5 others but since I already did that with such a high success rate, I'll pass. Hope you have as much fun reading my answers as I've had typing them up.

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  1. Oh Caffey, you are so funny and SMART! Totally agree wif your 3rd wish on question #2! You da best!

  2. Cathy u truly make me laugh and laugh. U just have a way with words. And ur answer to the last question just made me feel even warmer & fuzzier than I already am. U can put ur smells in my house anytime, but I insist that u ignore that annoying Tiny Tim!! ;) I'll be answering ur 5 questions this very weekend most special BFF!

  3. It's good to see that you've got your priorities straight, Baby Girl!

  4. Put the hat know you want to

  5. loved it! Still laughing.......but...don't you know that "Fancy Feast" is crap????!!!!! Sure all kitties like it but it is pure and unadulterated crap!


  6. Cathy - your posts are always a stitch to read and we end our day with smiles on our faces. he he - by the way, I agree with you 100%.

  7. We really enjoyed your answers!!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius


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