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CK's observations

Stunning Keisha not looking pleased about food rations
In my short time on this green Earth, I've been making some observations of instances where we cats come out on the short end. For instance, the peeps eat as much as they want whenever they're hungry. We, on the other hand, get our food measured and rationed. [Ma: Cathy, you always have hard food in your dish even though I've been told not to leave it out.] Whoa! Who let the woman in here. Out of my diary, woman! The nerve of some people.

For the most part, the peeps' food looks to be inedible kibble, except for the yummy chicken and tuna they don't have nearly enough. I say, let's ban bananas and peanut butter. Yuck! Does any cat really LIKE bananas and peanut butter? They smell yucky and look even yuckier. How the peeps force them down their throats is amazing to me. In the few instances where peeps eat something that looks like fun, they won't let us near it. The woman bought these little red grape things. Would she roll one on the floor and let me chase it? NOOOOO! Then she cries that I never play on my own.

Anipals, tell me what peeves you most about your peeps. I know we're all glad we have peeps; but, let's face it, they do have some annoying habits.

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  1. If you came to my house, you could play with grapes on the floor because I always drop at least one when I'm in the kitchen, LOL!

  2. What peeves me the most (aside from I'm not allowed people food) is when Mom comes home late and my dinner is late. I know I have kibbles all the time and I'm not starving, but the stuff from the can is better and I hate waiting for it.

  3. My peeps get really upset when I lick the top of the parmesan cheese container. I LOVE the grated parmesan cheese that peeps sprinkle on food. I LOVE it. Did I mention that I LOVE it? And when that green top is flipped tongue just can't help itself. It ticks me off that I get in trouble when clearly it's there fault for not closing the container right after they use it. As soon as they leave the table to take their dishes away...whamo...I'm up and licking that top!

  4. Mum rations my catmilk yet she drinks her own bodyweight in coffee!! How's that fair?
    She does let me have as much food as I like cos I need to gain weight, so I get her up REAL early to start feeding me....then walk away & ignore the stoopid catfood. I WANT TUNA.

  5. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
    Davinia & Indiana

    We think our mommy should let us sleep on her pillow. why do we have to sleep on the one next to her or behind her pillow?

  6. I think I should get unlimited cookies. And bacon. You can never have enough bacon. But Mom hogs it all for herself. HRMPH!

  7. I would have to say what bothers me the most is that camera she is always sticking in my face...but I guess that is the price of fame.
    your pal,

  8. I hates it when my peeps leaves da house, dey should always stays here wif me!

    Brofur likes bananas! MOL hehehe


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