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Alleys vs Toms: A long, hot summer

Many of my furrends have been axing me about my cryptic Facebook posts regarding the Alleys and Toms. Ok, nobody has actually axed but many are curious, after all, we are cats. Ok, 2 furrends seemed interested when I mentioned it.

Years ago, I lived out in the streets of CommuniPAW Avenue. This was before I was captured and put in jail until the peeps bailed me out. It was a rough 'hood, full of the usual gang violence and warfare. Picture West Side Story done with a rap/hip hop soundtrack. It was kill or be killed. Female felines were expected to represent the gang that our boyfriends belonged to. In my case, that was the Alleys. Tuna, my BF, is an Alley leader. He works with Jamal, Lamont, Georgie, etc. to clear the streets of Toms. He was ruthless and he still is. I'm proud that he's in my posse. Even prouder that he's my mancat.

Tuna has been working with the Arson Squad for years—the best in the business. You want someone burned out, he's your cat if the money is right. You always know his jobs because they go to 3 or 4 alarms. He makes a good living.

Jamal in the "big house"
Tuna will light your fire
Don't mess w/Henry
It had been a quiet winter when the sky lit up orange 2 weeks ago. The Toms torched an Alley hideout in JC. Then another one went up 2 days later in UC. Word went out that PeeWee was dead in one of the infernos. I can't relay specifics but Henry, bless his soul, has been picking them off back on the 'Paw. Two nights ago, Tuna did his best work in a long time. Made national headlines. Those smokey Toms were running in all directions for their worthless lives. The Alleys will win this war. Expect a long, hot summer in the hood.

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  1. Dag CK, you got yourself one roughneck mancat! Like I told you before, if you need some back-up, let me know. Topaz has a score to settle with the Toms 'cause of what they did to her cousin, Junebug.

  2. Boy - you has a rough gang backing you up. I don't want to mess with any of those dudes. he he - I like messing with you tho - you is purdy girl.


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