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A Kodak moment

Today I'm here to let you know the inspiration for my blogs. In my house, these blogs write themselves. There's always something funny going on, usually at the woman's expense. Here's the latest episode in As the Woman Turns.

Since she's been home, one of the projects that she's undertaken is converting the 1200 pictures she's taken of me into lo-res to make it easier to put them in my blog and on the web. Not only that, but she's also Photoshopping the images to lighten or darken them and remove some "clutter." We all know what a great photographer—and housekeeper—she is so why would she need to alter them? She's also decided to save hard drive space on the computer by putting the original hi-res pics on a thumb drive and removing them from the computer. I think my furrends are smart enough to know where this is going. I see you tittering and giggling already.

I was originally blue in this one! MOL!

Today's question is: so where is this thumb drive with the first 100 pics or so? The answer is … who the hell knows! The woman has "misplaced" it. Instead of leaving it out in the open on top of her dresser or in her jewelry box, she put it away "for safe keeping." In other words, my hi-res pictures are gone. Vanished into the ether. And the computer hard drive is filling up again cos the woman doesn't have another thumb drive.

Look at that! You can see me now!

This is especially galling since the numbering is off on the lo-res images, which means there are some stunning images that are lost forever; that can never be replaced. I hear you gasping and I'm gasping along with you.

Please send some suggestions as to what you think happened to the thumb drive. Did it walk away? Is HHGutt behind this unspeakable crime? Is the woman simply senile? Yep, these blogs just write themselves.

Would you like to comment?

  1. My mama da same way, she puts fings away so she doesn't lose dem, den she forgets where she putted dem! hoomans!

  2. OK now, takes a deep bref. It has to be somewhere. Thumb drive thingies does not spontaneously combust. At least you has them on a thumb drive somewheres. My mom did not put pics from April 09 - November 09 on the thumb drive, the pooter crashed, and all pikshurs was gone for furever to pikshur heaven from the hard drive. So have faith. They bees somewheres. (Your mom did not photoshop it out of the clutters, did she?)

  3. My mom keeps her thumb drive in her purse. Crazy woman.

  4. Oh noes! It has to be somewheres and Shawnee said. She probably puts it in a nice hidey spot and forgots where dat was, happens to my momma all da times too MOL


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