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The Cruzar has landed!

Two days ago, I wrote about how the woman had misplaced the thumb drive with my priceless photos on it. After searching high and low for it since February, I'm happy to report that there has been a sighting. And it was quite expectly just where I told her it would be. Hey, stop looking at me funny. Are you excusing moi of taking it just cos I knew where to find it? I want my mouthpiece!! Anyway, we now know HHGutt to be responsible. His fur was all over it. Ok, his paw prints. Ok some DNA my bois placed there.

To avoid this happening again, the woman has decided to not only store the images on the Cruzar, but to also use an online photo storage site. This way, unless she forgets the password—ha ha, we know she never forgets passwords—the images should be safe. I guarantee you, I'm going to make up the password so at least I will remember.

Here is one of the stunning images on the thumb drive. I'm posing with my nip banana. Notice the fat blob that somewhat resembles a cat trying to get in the picture. He better not have eyes on my banana if he knows what's good for him.

As far as señor Hernía Hernández Gutierrez is concerned, of course he isn't being punished. I have, however, taken the opportunity to buy him a one-way ticket to Arizona.

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  1. We're glad the photos were located so we can see more wonderful pictures of you!

  2. Oh, Keisha! What a great photo!! You remind me of my darlin' Indy. She had about the same coloring and loved to pose with her toys just the way you are! Terrific!!

    Marilynn -- and Grace & Company, too

  3. So glad that the photos were found. You're so cute and my 2 year old granddaughter just said Meow to you.

  4. Yay! Glad to hears dat da thumb drive has been found and I luvs dis pic of you wif your NIP Banana!


  5. I knew HHGut had to be involved! Why doesn't the woman just get a portable hard drive? They're kind of hard to misplace.


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