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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

My sweet furrend Mario Roever aka Mariodacat (pictured below) recently presented me with the Sunshine Award because my blog puts a smile on his face. I'm honored that he chose me for this award because the objective of this blog is to make my furrends laugh; however, these awards seem almost the equivalent of blog chain letters since I now have to pass it along to 12 other bloggers or I will have a year's worth of bad luck. HAH! Actually, I made up the bad luck part ... or did I?

I'm going to tempt the Gods and only give it to 6 other blogs because most of the other's I read religiously have already received it. Besides, I gave the Scrap Award to 10 blogs and only 2 or 3 ever mentioned it so [censored] to the rest.

My favorite blog is Albert the Cat's blog which are wonderful pearls of wisdom from the feline world as he aptly discribes it. I cannot wait for him to update each day and tell me the new adventures of he, his poncy brother and stupid sister. I must admit I'm a late-comer to his adventures since we just became Twitter furrends. A must-read.

Another good read is Christopher's Groove. He combines social commentary with the story of the little kitty Abby that was left with his human Mom.

I can't furget the cutest doggie on the planet, Busy Buttons Busy, Busy Buttons. She sure is one busy dog who enjoys playing with her squeaky toys and (allegedly) knocking over garbage cans and her tails, er, tales never fail to make me laugh.

Who can forget GeorgeTheDuck. com when you're writing about fabulous blogs? I love the photos and reading his insights about each one.

Siamese Peaches is such a cute little kitteh that I have to include her blog. It's mostly pictures but that little face is precious. How can you not smile when you see her?

The last one I'm going to give it to because my paws are tired of typing is Kitty Kitty. Isis and Denali's blog is a ray of sunshine every time it is updated.

There's something wrong with you if these blogs don't put a smile on your face. If I didn't mention your blog, it's either because you already received this award or I'm getting senile. Make that, the woman's getting senile.

Now for the rules. By accepting the award, I have to give "sunshine" to 12 other blogs that light up my life. Then link the nominees in the post about the Sunshine Award and let them know they were nominated by commenting on their blog. OK, I did the first part now all I have to do is spread the joy by commenting on the 6 blogs listed above. Remember to pass along the sunshine to 12 other unsuspecting furrends! And, if you don't within 48 hours of receiving my comment, your fur will turn orange and fall off. Not to mention, I'll stop following you. HAH!

Addendum to blog: This is in no way intended to offend Mario; it's to poke fun at these awards. I love Mario and his M and D very much and wouldn't hurt them for anything in the world. His blog is one of the most entertaining and likable on the internet.

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  1. Hello Cathy Keisha, I want to thank you for thinking of my blog, I'm so happy you like it. Sorry, I don't participate in awards, I appreciate your kindness and enjoy your blog.
    The sink photo is cute.


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