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Camera Shy

For some reason, the woman decided to take a lot of pictures of me last weekend. Every time I turned around, that stupid camera was flashing in my face.I hate that MFing thing! It's not that I'm camera shy, it's that [censored] flash! It hurts my sensitive eyes but does she care? Whether I was playing, eating, sleeping, there it was! She even took pictures of my feet, for crying out loud! Yo! I know I'm stunning so quit with that instrument of torture. I felt like Naomi Campbell. I guess that's why I wound up slugging Ma in the eye. It didn't hurt me one tiny bit. She wasn't too mad because I didn't have my claws out or it would have been another trip to the ER. Surprisingly enough, some of the pictures even turned out to be in focus. Score one of the woman!

Here are some of the pictures she took.

Can you tell how cool I am from this pic? I'm just chillin on my cat tree, my new fave spot to hang.

Goddamn it, woman! Can't a kitteh catch some zzzz's?

I'm posing here. This is an exceptionally stunning one.

Can't you see that I'm playing w/my Pop! C'mon, scat!

Yo Bitch, get that camera outta my face while I'm nomming. Yeah, I know I'm on the counter!

These feet are made for kicking and that's just what they'll do if'n you don't LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

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  1. Oh dat flashy box drive me crazee too!

  2. Oomans are so silly with the camera sometimes. But, I'm happy she did take lots of pictures of you.


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