Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Everybody asks me what I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Quite a bit, it turns out. Of course, I'm thankful to Companion Animals Placement for rescuing me from the kill shelter.

Giving Thanks

I'm thankful to TW and Pop for finding me and giving me a roof over my head and a place to hang my smousy toys—and for knowing who's the boss around here. I'm thankful to Pop for not letting TW return me just cos I attack her all the time. Other things I'm thankful for: my cat food (even if it's not nearly enough), people food (why don't they ever have roast of beef?), my sharp teeth and claws (me? I wouldn't bite you, Woman), my furriends on Twitter and now Facebook, TUNA!, the kisses that I get every day (awww) and being a cat (so I don't have to go to work and can sleep all day). Most of all, I'm thankful that my Maker chose to make me THE WORLD'S MOST STUNNING CAT!

Giving Thanks

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