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Legendary Cats: Foofie and Bootsy

I'm going to do a series on cats that lived with or on the same block with TW and Pop. The first one will focus on Foofie and Bootsy. They were both indoor-outdoor cats. Sorry we don't have any pics to show you. I don't think cameras had been invented yet.

Legendary Cats: Foofie and Bootsy

Foofie belonged to a neighbor, who used to chase all the kids who tried to play on the block. He was an indoor/outdoor cat, whose staff would come out every night and call him to come in for supper in a shrill, high-pitched soprano voice. "FOOOOOOO-FEEEE" would echo through the hood. One night he must not have come because she was calling him in the middle of the night. "FOOOOOOO-FEEEEE!!" Once when we had a rainstorm, TW swore she saw him go floating past her bedroom window but we won't get into that.

Bootsy was a black cat with white feet who belonged to the next-door neighbor. He had the biggest head ever on a cat. It was people-sized. Too bad we don't have any photos. He belonged to a Ho with two children. I mention this because Bootsy took after his Ho Mom. He made it with every female cat in our hood. For five years after he died, every stray cat on the block looked like him, except for the big head part. The funny story about him was that the younger of the Ho's two children used to eat the cat food that she left on the porch for him. I guess she fed Bootsy better than she fed the kids.

Legendary Cats: Foofie and Bootsy
Next week, I'll write about, oh, I'll let it be a surprise. How does this affect Cathy Keisha, you may ask? Only that CK is much more stunning than either Foofie or Bootsy. Pictured is, who else, the Queen of Stunning.

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  1. LMTO! (Laugh My Tail Off! to the Illiterate, or Fleas, in the audience)

    Daddy grew up in the 'Hood, in Pomona, Ca., long ago, and says he can probably guess exactly what happened to "FOOOOOOO-FEEEE", why it happened, and what part of the Community was responsible.

    Daddy knows from "Funny" Names and the issues that can cause, having one himself.

    Any Cat with a name like that was bound to end up in bad circumstances eventually. ;-D


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