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DJ Baby Girl's Rap

I wrote this little rap fo' y'all.

DJ Baby Girl's Rap

Keisha aka
DJ Baby Girl's Rap

I'm a pretty kitty from the inner city
straight from Communipaw right to your door
I scratch and bite, get involved in street fights
Hah I'll mess you up good
I'm a cat from da Hood.

An arm for an arm
I mean to do harm
An arm for an arm; I MEAN to do harm

I'm in da mood for some kitty food
So come do my biddin and I ain't kiddin'
Don't like to get dirty
I like to look purty

Don't like to be muddy; like to draw bloody
From the human slaves so they betta behave

Leave me be don't wanna pettin'
When I looks at you, you betta start frettin'
I scratch and bite and it feels so right
Hah I'll mess u up good
I'm a cat from da Hood

DJ Baby Girl's Rap
© Cathy Keisha 2009

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  1. Meowwowow!!

    THAT is brilliant!

    And speaking as a Poetic Pussy, who shares his own poems, and songs, on his blog, trying for years to encourge the muse in other Kitties, I know brilliant. ;-D

  2. WOW! BFGF!! I did not know you had such poetry in you! Pawsome!

  3. Meow love it❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love it! I still have two of your mix CDs from paw pawties!


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